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ZZ Top Brings In The Young Crowd

Game one of the wiffle ball series is in the books and team TAI finds themselves in a hole.  Find out why Tom lost a pint of blood, Brian’s pants came in handy, and Fobes went from taking the blame to placing the blame.

Other topics include Bmo’s business out for the world to see, why Patch thinks he can make his own rules, listeners unite once again at the Bew Pub, a Vegas magician comes out of the closet, and the Peppermill’s days are numbered.  We were doing fine until our pitching broke down!

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4 Responses to ZZ Top Brings In The Young Crowd

  1. First and probably only – just listened: another fucking funny show the whole Mr Pants, pants change in the car bit was awesome

  2. Lady Grey says:

    IS anyone else having sound issues with this show?

  3. The show came through loud and clear on iTunes and on my Ipod. I would try deleting the show and trying to download again. Great show, will take my comments to the forum…

  4. Stu says:

    WTF??? I try playing the show on the site and it sounds like BMo and Dutch are sucking down helium!

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