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Wynning in Vegas

Find out what we’re up to for Christmas. And while you’re here have a listen to the great story for patch406. Jamie Gold and Johnny Chan more than just good friends?

We continue our tour of the strip, this time it’s the newest joint in town the Wynn. Does it live up to the hype? Is there much to see? Can you get a bite to eat? Le Reve is it a Cirque show?

The battle in sports picking starts to heat up this week.

Tommy 2-0 Brian 0-1-1

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9 Responses to Wynning in Vegas

  1. patch406 says:

    Hey Patch,
    Nice work on that call…bagging on Tommy for calling the polar bears pandas and then you call the listeners “viewers”. Strong.
    Love, Patch.
    PS. Sweet Self Burn.

  2. patch406 says:

    A couple of notes on the Wynn. I stayed there soon after it had opened for my 5th anniversary. I’d say it’s basically the Bellagio 1.5. There are a lot of similiarities. Overally, the views from the Bellagio if you get a lakeside room are far superior I feel. The rooms at the Wynn are pretty tight. You get a plasma screen in the shitter so you got that going for you which is nice.

    However…I did eat at Alex. I have to say without hyperbole that that was the greatest meal I have ever eaten in my entire life. You could have yelled “dead man walking” and strapped me into the “chair” and I would have gone gladly. The place is amazing. It’s very high end and French. You need a jacket if you’re a dude and you need a platnium card as well. With cocktails and a bottle of el vino…the price is high. We went with another couple. My friend and I looked at the “bill” aka mortgage and he just said, “should we just make it 4 hundy each?”. That will leave a dent.

  3. Paigow Pete says:

    Okay, I’ve heard a lot of weird shit.. but Johny Chan Jamie Gold gay love rumors take the cake….. i shutter just thinking about it.

    ..but now that you mention it, Chan does wear those very flamboyent Gucci shirts….

  4. patch406 says:

    Maybe that’s the REAL reason he carries the “good luck” ORANGE around. A rainbow bumpersticker ain’t got nothing on an actual piece of fruit.

  5. brian says:

    Thanks for the tip on Alex Patch. That’s definitely the spot I’m going to dinner the night before I delclare bankrupcy.

  6. mofobes says:

    harrah’s is holding the gold/leyser money in escrow. as a matter of fact, when they appeared in court last thursday both sides petitioned the court and harrah’s agreed to move the money into an interest bearing account. just think at 6% interest, harrah’s has already made about $120,000 on that money in the last 4 months.

    also, the judge hasn’t yet made a decision, but had this to say about the case:

    “His actions(Gold’s), in the court’s view, do not give the plaintiff (Leyser)much assurance that the money would, in fact, be available in the event of a judgment in his favor. The likelihood of success weighs on the side of the plaintiff.”

    this should be fun.

  7. mofobes says:

    i just caught up with the shows, so it was too late to add to the TI show discussion, but just as an FYI. i earned a $20 comp from the TI poker room and used it on a very good meal at the Isla Cantina and Tequila Bar. the food was really fresh and very good with generous proportions.

  8. mofobes says:

    i am so glad i finally caught up, now i can contribute some useful info (i hope)

    la reve at wynn is not a cirque show, but is done by franco dragone, one of the orginal forces behind the first 10 years of cirque. he started his own company and also did the celine dion show at caesars.

  9. parrothead says:

    Any more info on how to get cheaper tix for Wynn’s LaReve show? Do you show up on the day of the show or what? Who or what do you ask for? Thanks much. Can you do this for other Cirque shows?

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