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Would You Like To Supersize That?

It has been a wild weekend in the world of TAI.  2 People are starting their week off rolling in money, TD after a great run of college b-ball picks and Troy Bohunk thanks to the generosity of our listeners.

Topics of the day include a sneak preview of whore week, TD shows that he can read both ways, McDonalds makes some menu changes, rare praise comes rolling in from Trainfan, and an insider source recommends you lay off the “roast beef” sandwiches.  Ketchup on a burger?  What are you, 12?

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2 Responses to Would You Like To Supersize That?

  1. Nicole says:

    How the hell does one donate money for Troy getting laid? It’s about damn time that man lost his virginity…

  2. brian says:

    Ah Nicole. Helpful even from Europe. We are taking donations via paypal. The account name is: brianmcomedy@gmail.com

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