Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

We’re All Prostitutes

Whether you’re into girly drinks or topless ping pong, all you can eat bar b que or large cavernous vaginas, this show has something for everyone.

Tune in to hear about Brittney’s VMA debacle, a whore’s letter to the editor, the #9 Las Vegas property (complete with hot bartender), and a great place to swing if you can find it.  Now lets all have an AIDS party!

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  1. brian says:

    We missed you on the live show Fobes, although you may tell Granny Fobes to skip the replay. Her sex life was featured prominently in the intro.

  2. Mungus the Wonder Horse says:

    Bob, many thanks for the info re: AMEX. I have held an Amex Platinum for some years now but don’t use it nearly enough to justify the annual fee, but I seem to keep paying it. I have just called them and so far so good – A very helpful agent is now actually phoning around the casinos that I have specified for a good deal!

    Fingers crossed! I’ll let you know how she does!! 🙂

    I understand that if you hold the Amex Centurion, you automatically get treated like a high roller by MGM casinos but that’s out of my league!

  3. Mungus the Wonder Horse says:

    No luck with Amex. She appears to have tried, but I have found better deals online, although it’s a good resource to have. I actually got my first Amex after my second visit to Vegas. We wanted to see ‘O’ with friends and went to the box office at The Bellagio who almost laughed as they told us that it was fully booked for the next several million years. They gave us the option of standing in line for a couple of hours before the show just incase they had some no-shows. My friend who had a Platinum card simply phoned the concierge service and a few hours later he had four tickets delivered by hand to him – simply amazing!

    Right, I’m off to the pub with Mrs Mungs to talk about Vegas! xxx

  4. Mungus the Wonder Horse says:

    Oh, before I go… can anyone tell me how much a 70cl bottle of Grey Goose Vodka costs in Vegas/USA.

    I am getting quite a taste for it but it costs a bloody fortune over here in the UK – £29 per bottle which is about $60. Is it cheaper in a Vegas liquor store?

    Cheers guys.

  5. bigbadbob says:

    A bottle of Goose costs about $40CDN at our local liquor stores, and I think that’s about what you’d pay in Vegas.

  6. Mungus the Wonder Horse says:

    $40CND – Wow, cool, thats less than £20UK… Happy days! Thanks!

  7. Richie says:

    Hey bmo & Dutch have you had any of that manx white wiskey yet.
    What’s it like I’ve never had it before.

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