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Travel Time or Time Travel

Week one of our sports picks battle, who is going to take the early lead? Thanks for the info on the midget slot machine lady. Patch406 you are an addict, happy to have you on board.

Behind the scenes Vegas is a traveling, traveling to Boulder City on our first stop and on our second trip we’re traveling to Boulder City.

On the traveling theme we are traveling back in time to check out the Rivera. Old time entertainment, which means shows girls, hang long enough at the sports book you’ll see them for free.

Jump, jump, jump… not in Iowa and not in Vegas, but in New York thats another story.

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5 Responses to Travel Time or Time Travel

  1. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I have a January 2-4 trip planned and part of the package from TI is $15 dining credit. I have read mixed reviews about buffet, and seemed to remember somebody having a bad time at the coffee shop.

    If somebody gave you $15 for grub at TI, how would you use it?

  2. KGB says:

    I was downtown at Binion’s when the jumper was lining up for his swandive. I have to admit to staring with morbid curiosity. When the dealers came in from break to tell us about it, I wondered if it was my friend who ran up a rather large tab at a Gentlemen’s club the night before, large enough that Visa had to be called during the trip to extend his credit line.

    Brian you think you got shafted – I had the Over on Seattle/SF. It opened at 44, was bet all the way down to 37 by gametime due to the weather. I got it at 38.5. 24-14 SF. *&@#$! If you want some serious winners, check out my entry in Patch’s bowl pool and be sure to pick every game the opposite.

    B-mo and T-Dutch, I gotta admit there’s something strange about Christmas in Vegas. The whole holiest-of-nights-in-sin-city gives me some cognitive dissonance. Do the Christmas trees in casinos and blinking lights and garland (seasonal kind, not the kind they have up all year) at strip clubs give you a weird vibe?

  3. Big City Matt says:

    Merry Holiday, bitches!

    Here’s my question. I like to gamble, but have never played craps. I’d like to learn to play at a table, but don’t want to learn by losing three hundie in 24 minutes. I’ve heard that some casinos in Vegas have “training tables” in the morning or during the day where they teach all the bets to new players for little ($1-3 bets) or no money. Any truth to that? If so, where? And once I learn, what casinos have the most exciting craps tables for non-high rollers?

    Also, do you think that the person running the Christmas tree stand with donkeys is a graduate of Montana State?

  4. patch406 says:

    Good Point B.C.M.
    I got some calls from some dudes from Bozeman who wanted me to thank Bmo and TD for all the free advertising for the MSU Alumni Association Xmas Tree Stand.

  5. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Big City Matt,

    The lessons at Barbary Coast and Gold Coast are really fun and non-intimidating. I think you even play for free during the lessons. I think they still give out $5 match play coupons for attending. cheack either’s website for details. Lots of cheap games around town to learn on. Westin Causarina has gambler’s happy hour with dollar games in the early evening. Casino Royale has cheap games that get pretty loud and raucous. My favorite place to throw downtown is the classic Golden Gate. Always a $3 table and it is slow enough that the dealers will help you. Don’t be afraid to ask. Gold Coast almost always has a $3 game. I learned to play during a promotion at Silverton where new club sign-ups got $25 free table play. The phoney chips had to be played but you got real money when you won. With a little advice from a dealer, I parlayed the freebie into $85. Start basic with pass-line or if you want people to hate you…don’t pass line. Another good way to learn is by simply Googling “play free craps online”. Lots of fun sites to try different bets. By far my favorite game and much easier than it looks. Plus, if you stay basic you can play a lot lot longer than most other games like 21.

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