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Transformers: More Advertising Than Meets The Eye

As expected, Tommy took a beating from all of the Ripken lovers out there.  Listen as he defends his position, then gives his rapid fire opinion on the Hall Of Fame future of some of today’s greats.

Other topics include, Brian’s top 10 movies of all time, a botched job interview that may lead to a court date, putting superstition ahead of health, a kickass afternoon at the grocery store, and Tommy meets more hot chicks.  “It’s kind of a bondage site”.

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80 Responses to Transformers: More Advertising Than Meets The Eye

  1. Trainfan John says:

    I can get essentially the exact same price on the Venetian or TI for three nights in August (19th – 21st). Actually the Venetian is a few bucks less and I get $50.00 in matched table play. I’m bringing the new bride so it will be shows and dinners in the early evenings – and probably time for Train to roam free later on.

    So which should I go with ?- TD and Brian have them ranked 19 (TI) and 20 (Venetian).

  2. brian says:

    Hazzah! The shirts have arrived. I’ll have all of the preorders in the mail tomorrow and the rest should be out next week. I will email everyone personally when their shirt is in the mail.

    There were definitely some comedies that I love yzerman, and I could probably interchange them into the top 10 without a problem. My top 3 are:

    3. Caddyshack
    2. Coming To America
    1. The Jerk

  3. slashdogx says:

    Shit. Aquamans list causes me to realize I should have included Spinal Tap. Oh Well.

  4. whit says:

    Richie, I am not posting my list as i have at least two chick flicks in my top five.

  5. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Late Friday afternoon? I came downstairs to download the show so I could listen to it while I begin siding my house today.

    Gonna be a long day. Waves are pushing 6 feet and water is into the 70s on L. Michigan. Might have to take a break and use the Morey Boogie Mach 7-7 today. Life is freaking rough. Only 56 degrees this morning on its way to 75.

  6. Scott J. says:

    Over a month in and no missed shows (even a holiday show), a sponsorship, an in house store, and peripheral websites, the organiztion and dedication is impressive.

    Corporate America awaits.

  7. JimInTx says:

    My top ten Golf Movies

    10. Happy Gilmore – Only due to Bob Barker “The price is Wrong!”
    9. Caddyshack 2 – Have you ever putted with a wedgie?
    8. The legend of Bagger Vance – Charlize Theron stripping!
    7. The greatest game ever played – Just and incredible story
    6. Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius – Another great story
    5. Goldfinger – Connery as James Bond, Pussy Galore, Oddjob as a caddy
    4. Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf: Hogan vs. Snead February 21, 1965 at the Houston Country Club – One of the greatest rounds of golf ever filmed. Hogan hits all 14 fairways and all 18 greens in regulation. Absolutely amazing
    3. Dead Solid Perfect – Randy Quaid’s best role outside of Cousin Eddie
    2. Tin Cup – No explanation necessary
    1. Caddyshack – Gunga Galunga, Gunga Gunga Galunga

  8. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Alyssa Milano has her own blog dedicated solely to MLB. This chick couldn’t be more perfect. My vote is now split between Rees and Milano for Miss TAI.


  9. brian says:

    Not to mention, that chick bangs anyone in a baseball uniform. I think I can still squeeze into my old little league uni. Talk about squeezing a tube of toothpaste at both ends.

  10. brian says:

    Ok, so time to make the same mistake I make every time after a bout of beginners luck, which is to assume that I have now mastered baseball betting and press everything. 2 games in the NL today that I am eyeing:

    Phillies -140 over Cardinals

    Kip Wells’ 3-11 record and beefy era are no match for a Phillies team still in the hunt.

    Padres -103 over D-Backs

    I hear this Greg Maddox kid is gonna be a good one

    Record: +130

  11. Richie says:

    Spice girls the movie &
    Broke back mountain

  12. Richie says:

    Their whits top two films

  13. mofobes says:

    free at last, free at last, thank god almight we are free at last…to advertise brothels that is.


  14. brian says:

    Hello sponsor for the Wednesday show

  15. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    While you wait for the Friday show, go read Chapter 3 at http://vegasbook.ning.com . Part of Potter’s scam takes a detour and a new character named Mullethead enters the scene. Pulitzer type material here.

  16. brian says:

    Well, it looks like T-Bone is still hungover from his “homework”, so you know what that means…We’re taking Monday off! Woohoo! Suck it!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the show. We’ll see you Wednesday, and it’s gonna be a good one. Dutch and Fobes painted the town drunk again and this story includes a stripper with a rap sheet and a drunken phone call to a girlfriend. And you guys say we don’t do research.

  17. patch406 says:

    Take “monday” off eh? Looks like it was already causal friday.

  18. brian says:

    Plays for Saturday:

    Dodgers -125 over Giants

    I know this is a rivalry, but the Dodgers are the better team and the better team has never lost a game in baseball history. Or so my research has shown (Just kidding asterion).

    White Sox -106 over Orioles

    I’m back on the south siders today. Vasquez has been red hot winning his last 3 starts and Cabrera is very inconsistent. He can either be a strikeout machine or a gas can. Got a match?

    Record: +127

  19. brian says:

    Wow, former Las Vegas 51’s first baseman James Loney’s ugly stumble home in the top of the 12th actually may have stopped me from committing a hate crime.

  20. Admin says:

    Hi Everybody,

    Well I’ll have the show out today, sorry for the delays. I was snowed under with work which delayed Fridays show by a day, but the reason the show is even later, well lets just say I went on a Tommy Dutch/Mofobes like bender. After watching the saints pull off a great 2 point win I head for the St Kilda Social Club for a few drinks. A few drinks turned in to many and me along with a group of friends ended up being kicked out because they were shutting down. So leaving the stadium at 1am we head for the nearest bar that was still open, needless to say it was a long night. To cap this all of I get to the train station at lunch time yesterday, to find out it was 5 hours until it left. That’s all fine, but the train company is doing work on the line and it turns a 3 hour trip into a 5 hour hell ride.

    So thats the way it goes, show will be out today.

  21. dipperfc says:

    Sounds like a nightmare T but at least the Saints finally turned up for a win…….I had a night like yours on friday at Brookvale/Oval/Hotel…Manly Sea Eagles (my NRL team) won 34-4 DING,DING,DING!! then went drinking with my 2 brothers til 3am,I can imagine your hangover was as bad as mine, Glad I only have to listen to the podcast & not “get it together”.

  22. brian says:

    Is it too late to call in that hate crime? Fucking Sox.

  23. Trainfan John says:

    I really hope this wasn’t anyone of our Aussie friends:

  24. YoTime Joe says:

    Trainfan – couldn’t believe it when my sister was telling me about this story. I didn’t know the guy was running round in a tank. Haven’t heard from JR since this report so maybe???

  25. Roosterman says:

    Wasn’t me…

    What about them Roosters! ‘Supercoach’ Fittler to the rescue. We can still make the top eight!

  26. YoTime Joe says:

    Hey Roosterman – I nearly died. Get on them to win the comp. Finally showing some improvement.

  27. JR says:

    Theres more chance of me driving a tank taking out mobile base stations then the Roosters taking out the comp!

  28. JR says:

    BTW YoTime Joe, Dipper and Roosterman the tees are in the mail so hopefully we will get them by Friday!

  29. YoTime Joe says:

    JR – Sweet. We’ll have to organise a TAI Sydney get together in the very near future.

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