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Tony Bennet Strikes Again

Well, it’s been a while so I bet you think TD and B-Mo have plenty to talk about! Well, not really, but that never stopped them before.

Topics of the day include the Planet Ho Casino in full effect, why tournament blackjack blows, having a lazy old time in Vegas, Brian’s wife playing match maker with Dutch, and the Palms breaking in their new showroom with a top headliner.

We wrap it up with a preview of the NBA playoffs and a poker player that took a really bad beat.

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23 Responses to Tony Bennet Strikes Again

  1. Trainfan John says:

    Tommy Dutch replying to Tony’s statement a few shows ago about everyone in Austrailia thinking he’s a stoner:

    “I don’t know where they get that from.”

    Tommy Dutch – Opening today’s show: “Happy 420 everyone.”

  2. KGB says:

    Greatest gambling outside of vegas…

    I’m kind of partial to the BJ dealer in Budapest who couldn’t count to 21…9-7-6 was 21 to him…very profitable!…

    But really, there is no place but Vegas. I work 15 minutes from 3 major casinos and another 15 minutes from a 4th, and I go there probably once a year. 2 of them I’ve never been to. It’s just not the same as being in Vegas – what’s the point of going to a casino just to gamble? It’s the whole experience of being in that diamond in the desert where time stands still and vacation is blissful joy.

  3. jsaund22 says:

    Being from Atlanta where there’s no legal gambling, I have to put in a vote for the greatest gamble known to mankind — trying to get somewhere on time during rush-three-hours in Atlanta.

    From 4:00 until 7:00 every afternoon, you’re at best a coin-flip to get where you’re going on time. Most of the time, you’re drawing completely dead.

  4. mofobes says:

    damn, that was a tough poll. it is such a complicated issue, i was really on the fence.

  5. Buckeyekid says:

    I found the sponsor of Tony Bennett at the CCC Jazzfest in Cleveland ironic, fitting, appropriate and humorous, and in light of your show title, postable:


  6. brian says:

    Sorry Mofobes. I promise the next poll question will include an essay portion.

  7. Admin says:

    My picks for this weekend in the AFL

    Brisbane Loins – 18.5
    In there own backyard, against one of the easy beats, the Loins will run out more than 3 goal winners.

    Hawthorn Hawks + 8.5
    Always play well in Tassie, may not win, but will do enough and keep the end margin to under a goal.


  8. Scott J. says:

    my love it, hate it contribution:

    love it: The best in sports, gambling, fine food and drink, and entertainment. And all in the same building.

    hate it: The weather, too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, and often too windy. And although April and October are lovely, I prefer the constant 75 degrees, with gentle ocean breezes, of coastal San Diego.

    Thanks for the picks Tony, I see the Hawthorn Hawks are now +9.5 at Pinnacle Sportsbook. If only I could bet them, but big brother thinks it is immoral.

    Thanks for the show guys, entertaining as always. Good luck with your business venture.

  9. buckeyekid says:

    love it; As a visitor, always something new: something to see, a new place to stay, new place to eat, new women to , errr, look at.

    Hate it: Becoming more and more “corporate” while it seems to lose the personal touch.

  10. K Freeze says:

    Pride should be easy. Las Vegas is a town where if you want to feel better than the common man it is easy to find. Hotels have different levels of luxury, slot clubs have different levels — Harrah’s even has a lounge for their “diamond” and “seven stars” members. There is a constant sense of reaffirming the superiority of those who shop and stay in better hotels. Plus, even if you are less wealthy, who can not say that they do not see ridiculous people on the strip and mock them. (if the strip doesn’t work for you, see what you can find downtown.)

  11. K Freeze says:

    The NBA’s home court advantage is not dependent on seed. It depends on the team’s record. All the seeds determine is who plays who. While a division champ has to be seeded between 1-4 based on their record when compared with the other division champs and the top wild card team. They could potentially meet a 5 or 6 seed with a better record. The team with more wins gets home court, so a 5 seed can have advantage over a 4.
    For example, Miami is the #4 seed, Chicago is the #5. Because Chicago has 49 wins and Miami only 44, Chicago gets the home court despite the lower seed.

    The NFL and the NHL go on a strict seeding to determine home field/ice advantage. The NBA does not.

  12. Phil G says:

    I saw Wayne Brady at the V a couple of weeks ago. Being a brit I had little clue who he was very good. Most of the show is just improvised with a guy who works with him. He rounds it out with a few songs, the guy can sing pretty well.

    I originally had tickets for Gordie Brown (they were half price) but they replaced this date with Brady. It seems most people regard this as good fortune.

  13. Hawkeye Brad says:

    KGB- I couldn’t agree more. I’ve gambled in Indian casinos, riverboats, Atlantic City, etc. I feel like all of them are just depressing. It’s the spectacle of LV that makes it fun to gamble. In the long run, you’re probably going to lose money, so you might as well have fun doing it, and LV is the only place to do it.

  14. brian says:

    Good call Phil. I’m not really a huge improv fan, but I’ll take improv over lame impressions every day of the week.

  15. Steve in West Palm says:

    You’ve piqued my curiosity with your career change teaser during the podcast. I can only imagine what that change could possibly be… kayak salesman? Movie critic? Searchlight, Nevada police cadet? Carrot Top’s roadie? Oscar Goodman’s PR man? Mayor of Fennville?

    I’ll be anxiously awaiting to find out.

  16. brian says:

    Plays for Saturday:

    New Jersey +4.5 over Toronto
    Miami +5 over Chicago

    Both of my plays are for the same reason, while the Raptors and Bulls are superior teams, they’re both young and lack experience. This being the first games of the series, the jitters may get the best of them.

    Record: 49-33-4
    Managed to finish the regular season at 60% Not quite as impressive as TD going 158% during NCAA bball, but I’ll take it.

  17. Paigow Pete says:

    just catching up…………. on Planet Ho


  18. Paigow Pete says:

    oohhh…… more planet ‘Ho


  19. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Congrats to bigbadbob…I did something similar in September…surprised my gf with a trip to Vegas and got engaged out there. It gave me an excuse to go there another time last year

  20. Scott J. says:


    60% over 86 plays is superb. Do that for a couple more seasons and you can become a tout and start selling your picks. Probably beat 95% of them this season.

    Or maybe a tout podcast, any of those out there?

  21. brian says:

    Plays for Sunday:

    Cleveland -12.5 over Washington
    Los Angeles +10.5 over Phoenix

    Without Arenas the Wizards aren’t even a playoff team. Cavs in a blowout. I think the Lakers will give the Suns a run in game 1, come up short then lay down for the rest of the series.

    On a side note…I have seen money lines around town as high as +1100 for the Warriors to win the series over Dallas. I said the Mavs would win, and I still believe that, but considering Golden St. swept Dallas in the season series, there is definitely value in betting the Warriors.

    Record: 50-33-5
    Playoffs: 1-0-1

  22. Scott J. says:

    Cleveland -12.5 over Washington, Clev. 97 – Wash. 82
    Los Angeles +10.5 over Phoenix, Phoenix 95 – L.A. 87

    you the man!

  23. devildog says:

    hey there guys..

    I’m listening to the show for the first time in 2 weeks. On Easter Sunday my Dad had a bad fall, so I’ve been busy dealing with that, minimal email access since then.

    Looking forward to getting caught up with the shows eventually.

    Glad to hear Tony is recovered from his bout.

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