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Tommy’s Prepares For A “Big Hurt”

For those of you who were shocked by Dutch’s Frank Thomas bashing, you haven’t heard anything yet.  Listen as he throws one of baseball’s darlings into the mediocre pile.

Other topics include, is Roger Federer the best tennis player ever, who watches cycling, the All Star Game, and for god sakes, let the fat kid at the end of the bench play!

If you still have time after all of that, mofobes checks in with a WSOP main event update, Brian predicts the NFC over/under totals, and a major announcement surrounding the future of the Monday show.

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  1. Trainfan John says:

    Scott J – Drop me an email and let me know who your buddy is – it would be fun to know and I probably have some souviner or another that I would beg you get autographed for me.

  2. asterion says:

    I gotta say, the All-Star game (while normally not worth watching) was worth watching tonight if only for Ichiro’s home run. Ain’t gonna see that too often.

  3. Trainfan John says:

    Time to crank up the wayback machine – but for those of you who remember Tommy D’s perplexion over what he saw in the light beam of the Luxor – I posted at the time that Criss Angel was filming an illusion. Here it is – just click the play button – Tommy – does it look familiar??

  4. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    That was pretty neat Asterion. The cop getting hit with the ball was unique as well. Dmitri Young is a bigger fat ass than he was as a Tiger.

    A Chicago meet-up? Call it FIB-a-pallooza. Have it at the Blue Chip and I might be able to make it.

    Okay, so I went back and listened and yes Dutch I stand by my statement that your Ripken take was your worst take ever…even worse to hear he doesn’t belong in the hall of fame.

    Streak aside, Ripken was the best American League shortstop of his era and that comes from a guy who worshiped Alan Trammel growing up. Of course in the world of Tommy Dutch, American League baseball is AAAA…somewhere between the Pacific Coast League but way below the hallowed National League. The only other guy in his era at SS who may have been better was Ozzie.

    You talk about Tony Gwynn being the quintessential HOFer, absolutely! I love Tony Gwynn and he had 3141 hits. Guess how many hits Ripken had. 43 more! 3184. Plus Ripken hit 431 homeruns. Gwynn hit 135. Ripken played the toughest infield position. Gwynn shagged fly-balls.

  5. Trainfan John says:

    Just for posterity – here were Brian’s NFC Over/Under picks:

    Seattle (8.5) OVER
    St. Louis (7.5) OVER (“way over” was the quote)
    San Francisco (7.5) UNDER
    Arizona (7.5) UNDER
    New Orleans (9) UNDER
    Carolina (8.5) OVER
    Atlanta (7.5) OVER
    Tampa Bay (7) UNDER
    Chicago (10) UNDER
    Green Bay (7) OVER
    Detroit (6) UNDER
    Minnesota (7) OVER
    Dallas (9) OVER
    NYG (8) OVER
    Philidelphia (9) OVER
    Washington (7.5) UNDER

    I’ll be tracking his progress over at TAI Friends Sports Discussion Forum: http://tinyurl.com/2qp85o

    I’m not sure how Atlanta is going to do with Michael Vick in the dog house – and I think the Seahawks window may be closing and the only way GB gets over 7 wins is if Farve gets into Time Machine.

  6. Trainfan John says:

    Fennville – I have no idea what a FIB-a-Palooza is – but we could do Blue Chip if we pick a Friday or Saturday. July is pretty booked but early and mid-August weekends are open.

  7. Scott J. says:


    That was a brutal rip job on Minnesota sports. Of course it was all true, a brilliant post.

    I grew up in Minnesota and used to live and die with the Vikings. I not only remember Joe Kapp, but his successors, Gary Cuozzo, Bob Lee, Fran Tarkenton, and Tommy Kramer. I may be missing a couple in there.

    My personal revenge list is topped by Drew Pearson of the Cowboys, his push off against Nate Wright on a “Hail Mary” pass, I believe, knocked out the Vikings best team, and their best chance to win a Super Bowl.

    At least the Vikings had some big wins, certainly better than being a Lions fan.

  8. Dutch says:


    If I would have seen that I would still be talking about how I saw Jesus!


    One tends to get a few more hits when you have thousands more AB’s

    I hate it that you made me look this up, but here’s their 162 game averages
    B.A. Runs RBI Hits HR SB OBP
    Gwynn .338 92 76 209 9 21 .388
    Ripken .276 89 91 .172 23 2 .340

    I hesitate to compare these two because of their different approaches to the game, but Gwynn was the greatest pure hitter I’ve ever scene. Ripken was a good hitter considered to be great because he played SS and was the ultimate professional. Listen to Weds. show to hear why I don’t give him credit for being a SS.

  9. brian says:

    By the way Train, not sure if you heard the question regarding your wedding invites, but did you know Steve in WP prior to the show, or was this a TAI hook up?

  10. Scott J. says:


    Great post on Minnesota sports. I grew up in Minnesota and used to live and die with the Vikings.

    Hadn’t thought of Joe Kapp in a while. How about his successors, Gary Cuozzo, Bob Lee, Fran Tarkenton, and Tommy Kramer?

    My personal revenge list is topped by Drew Pearson, the Cowboys wide receiver. His pushoff on Nate Wright on a Hail Mary pass knocked the Vikings best team, and best chance to win a Super Bowl, out of the playoffs.

    It could be worse, we could have been Lions fans.

  11. Scott J. says:


    Get to bed, its past your bedtime.

  12. Richie says:

    still bloody raining here maybe you should do some rain coats with This Aint Iowa on the back.
    38 days to go.

  13. Trainfan John says:

    Brian – it was purely a FRIENDS of TAI thing – wouldn’t you agree Steve?

  14. mofobes says:

    “One tends to get a few more hits when you have thousands more AB’s”

    Dutch, this seems like an obvious hole in your logic. You are saying that a player who had good numbers in “thousands more AB’s” than someone who you consider should be in the hall, does not meet the standards of the hall. Ripkin’s 162 game numbers aren’t too shabby and he played in 2632 straight games breaking Lou Gehrig’s record by 500 games.

    He played for one team his whole career, was an All Star 19 times and AL MVP in two decades – if that is not a hall of famer, i don’t know what is.

  15. knife says:


    FIB=Fucking Illinois Bastards. Its what our neighbors to the North call us.

  16. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    You are correct Knife…but if it wasn’t for your tourist dollars, Michigan’s economy would look more like Albania’s. There were easily more Illinois and Indiana and Iowa vehicles in Saugatuck this past week than Michigan vehicles.

    Good work MoFobes!

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