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Tommy Has A Loose Plan

Only one more week to go before we have some actual content for the Monday show, but for now you’ll have to deal with losing an hour of your life.

Topics discussed include the boy’s predictions for the NFL season, including the crowning of the Superbowl champs, Pacman hits a new low, a feel good story in St. Louis and another gambling scandal invades the sports world.

Don’t worry, for all of you non sports fans we also have another tale from the Binions bathroom, the latest Baby BMo decision, and Tommy Dutch’s childhood aspirations.  You wanna smoke some dope?

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61 Responses to Tommy Has A Loose Plan

  1. JazzyJay says:

    Yes Steve, brings a tear to the eye doesn’t it?

  2. Whit says:

    Dialysis…. Are you taking the piss!

  3. Table_Max says:

    Actually the VIP room at the Rhino is a smart decision if you want more than a couple dances from the same girl.

    Unlike most other establishments, they don’t charge a cover or drink minimum to get in the VIP room there, and with a little negotiation you can get the dances below market value. It always pays to buy in bulk.

  4. Raisin_Bran says:

    I would absolutely like to be involved in this NFL picks contest.

    I have more right picks in my life, than days BMO has wore pants….. And as far as the wrong ones, well those don’t count right??? I usually just take the one lock every week, I heard that is the way to do it. In all honesty I will be betting my picks as I go, just don’t tell the feds…

    Well sign me up if you could be so kind…

  5. pmac says:

    Im back from Belgium after eating and drinking myself extremely fat….

    Im def in for the NFL picks comp. I usually only bet on NBA and Aussie sports with a bit of Premier League soccer thrown in but im keen to do this Pick Em

    Happy to be official scorekeeper to if Tommy cant work out how to set up a spreadsheet or a Yahoo Pick Em league

    *** If anyone wants the Ron Shock Hell Story as an MP3 let me know as I cut it out of the show for Stu and have it hosted for the next 89 days.***


  6. Mungus the Wonder Horse says:

    Brilliant show guys – fast becoming my favourite Vegas podcast!

    You guys have any plans to create a forum on the web site? Could be cool.

    Cheers, Mung.

  7. AceRockollaUK says:

    Mungus the Wonder Horse – awesome name – whats the reference – or is it just the work of a twisted mind?

  8. Mungus the Wonder Horse says:

    AceRockollaUK – Thanks, it’s my given name, so you would have to ask my parents, but they are off on the TWOC tonight after scoring a bag full of crystal meth from Jan Leeming.

    I am having Vegas withdrawal symptoms… T-43 and counting!

    Cheers, Mung.

  9. EJKorvette says:

    Am listening to this show right now at my weekday job.

    Got back from eight days in Vegas (my eighth trip) Monday morning. I was at the event with all of the fat girls at the Flamingo. I have been going to this event off and on since 1998.

    I didn’t just attend the event, I won about two thousand dollars playing slots and some craps. Went to some shows as well, and spent time with my brother and his wife who were staying at the Wynn.

    Now I am trying to readjust after a routine of getting up at the crack of ten and then drinking and gambling for a week.

    Now, more info than you ever wanted about Jai Alai. It is originally a Basque sport. The players have only one name that they play under. You have to be right-handed to play it. The ball moves at more than 150 miles an hour. It is only played in two states, Rhode Island and Florida (where I live). The place where it is played is called a fronton. The fronton in Dania Beach in Broward County is falling apart. Out of the four pari-mutuel facilities in Broward County, it is the only one without Vegas-style Class III slots. That facility is now owned by Boyd Gaming. They were going to redo it into a really nice place, but will scale it down now that the other three “racinos” aren’t making enough money.

    Have fun guys,


  10. EJKorvette says:

    Just heard you pick Marshall over the Canes at home! WTF? You think the Canes suck now?


  11. brian says:

    Just against the spread EJ. I didn’t see anything in the ‘Canes last year that justify them being a 4 TD favorite over anyone. Welcome to the boards.

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