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Tommy goes on tilt at the sportsbook

How did Brian and Tommy meet? How did our sports picks go this weekend? Do they both end in tears?

We draw the line at gambling at a 7-11 or is it at the health food store.

Speak of the 7-11 it’s time to check out the Excalibur. Would we gamble there? Not likely. This place is value, $35 for a room midweek. Also on the upside it has family entertainment and a great place to eat, with your hands.

Back to politics on the “This Ain’t Iowa” maybe we should rename the show “The Gibbons Report.”

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4 Responses to Tommy goes on tilt at the sportsbook

  1. brian says:

    We totally forgot to address Steve’s 2nd question about Harrah’s monopoly. My apologies. As many of you know, if you get me talking about myself, it could be a long night. We’ll hit it 1st thing on Friday’s show.

  2. slim sally says:

    Hi guys. Finally figured out how to leave you a message. You would get lots more if it was more self explanatory. The show is terrific and I’ve heard all but one. By the way, Florida is a great state, too. Have either of you ever lived here? I’m going to be in Sin City in December and I wonder if you have any suggestions of things to do to get in the holiday spirit. Keep up the good work!

  3. Steve says:

    As a long time listener of All-In I’m not too surprised… in fact I should have known and reversed the order of my questions!

    Nice shoutout to 500 Hundy By Midnight. Not only is their show pretty good it’s taken from a great movie (Swingers).

    Looking forward to the Friday show.

  4. KGB says:

    We don’t need any Lansing podcasts!!!

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