Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Tommy Enters The Green Door

For everyone who feels TD has been too secretive about his life, brace yourselves, because Dutch tells all. From his relationship with fyregirl, his awkward “roommate” situation, and his maiden voyage into swinger’s clubs, we’ll never look at our Tommy the same way again.  (Momma & Poppa Dutch may consider taking this show off).

Other topics ( as if anyone cares) include David Copperfield’s tricks revealed, the Juice will stand trial, things not to say to a pregnant woman, and the college football conundrum solved by a douchebag waiting for a cheesesteak.  We did what we went there to do.

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One Response to Tommy Enters The Green Door

  1. baggydomer says:

    Team America, live it up while you can…Patch, Paul and myself (Morneau) are coming back next year to open another can of whoopass on you and I will pad my Santana-like strikeout totals (especially if MoFobes plays). This ain’t AA ball boys.

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