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Tommy Dutch: More Than Meets The Eye

Today on an anything goes Wednesday the boys handle a variety of topics from capitol punishment to robot fucking, and everything in between.

What sort of thing’s?  How about sharing a dime bag with your father in law, the latest addition to the Al Gore trophy case,  an OJ update and how Brian’s screwed up his forst day of work.  Fuck you cunt!

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95 Responses to Tommy Dutch: More Than Meets The Eye

  1. English Bob says:

    Whit, has the recent postal strike caused you any problems with your mail order bride?

  2. patch406 says:

    Check it out….The World Champion of Onine Poker Champion. The Void or some such shit was just d/q’ed by pokerstars and lost his/her $1.2 million first prize. Ouch. Probably some friggin’ sixth grader from Utah.


  3. English Bob says:

    Just two games left in the Rugby World Cup.

    The 3/4 place playoff on Friday between France and Argentina a game that not even the teams playing in really care about. France should win this one but who cares.

    All eyes will be on the final between England and South Africa. I feel this is going to be a close game even if SA did beat England 36-0 in the group game earlier in the tournament. The current line is SA -9.

    The England team aren’t playing pretty rugby, but it’s been very effective recently and seeing how Argentina caused SA problems I think there is a good chance of an England win as long as it’s still close come the 60 minute point. Especially as SA have shown they do tend to take there foot off the gas late on in games.

    Personally I’ve already got a ticket for SA to win the tournament so taking a note from KGB’s baseball posts I’ve locked in a profit by putting a bet on England to win.

    But if you’re looking for a pick on this I’d take England +9, SA are more than likely to win but finals are always a close game with teams worrying as much about losing as winning and 9 points is a pretty big margin at this stage.

    But if you want to gamble the odds on an England win are tempting.

    Current record 18-14-0

  4. pmac says:

    Fyregirl – great question

    As the other guys have said, I’d also definitely take a real woman any day. Although they are sometimes the bane of my existance, they conversely offer personality and emotions that a doll cant replicate.

    On top of that, my current squeeze has learned to play poker, watch rugby and NBA, drink pints and kick a football around which makes her pretty good value in my eyes.

    The doll might not talk back or argue about where to go on holiday but they also wouldnt be able to suggest a shag in the bushes when walking home late at night or a visit to a strip club just because she wants to see some titties.

  5. English Bob says:

    I’ve got to admit the whole real doll thing does give me the creeps. I think it’s that whole dead eyes thing. Just no right but I may have watched to many body snatcher type movies.

  6. English Bob says:

    pmac, So she likes drinks pints, likes sport, shagging in bushes and going to strip clubs. I don’t suppose she’s got a sister?

  7. pmac says:

    Bob – she certainly does and they are polar opposites. Little sis is married with two kids and lives on a farm in the country

  8. Richie says:

    wouldnt like to fuck one in the shower though, ouch

  9. Richie says:

    Whit would you have brown or red sauce with your butty? as that could confuse the shit out of her.

  10. Richie says:

    Hey whit what you done to our babe fyregirl?
    she wants to be your black widow spider.
    ouch your fucked man the black widow eats her man after sex.

  11. Richie says:

    then again i wish my wife would eat me after sex.
    or even after my birthday as that comes round more often.

  12. Richie says:

    arr bollocks nobody is playing catch you all later then.

  13. piercedrugby says:

    I am pretty sure Helmet would go with the doll, on account he has been caught a few times dressing up like Ernie while trying to face fuck a Bert doll.

    Tonights crap-tastic picks:

    NHL- Devils
    NCAA Rutgers +2

  14. brian says:

    Thank God the term “face fuck” is making a comeback. Far underutilized term in my opinion.

    Fyregirl: Red

  15. Hawkeye Brad says:

    BMo, you’ve been funnier than hell lately. No backhanded compliments this time. Just straight up f’n funny.

  16. Hawkeye Brad says:

    I want some input from anyone who is familiar with suites in Las Vegas or planning bachelor parties. Bigbadbob, maybe we can share some thoughts. I’m planning a bach party for a weekend in Feb for about 8-12 guys. In 17 trips to Vegas, I’ve never been there for a BP, so I’ve been doing some research.

    I booked a suite at Bill’s that is 900 ft2, separate bedroom, dining room, jacuzzi, 2 bathrooms, plasma TV, and a bar. It was $375/nit on a weekend. Does anyone know of a better deal for a suite? Pool doesn’t matter b/c it’s Feb, the most important things are cost, location, affordable gamlbing, and size. All we’ll do in the suite is pass out, shit, and maybe shower.

    Does anyone have any recomendations about suites or anything else that you’ve done in Vegas on a bach party and would highly recommend?

  17. mofobes says:

    from what i have heard the guy who won the WCOOP main event on stars was a british poker pro who was caught playing the tourney with 5 accounts, so they DQ’d him.

    also there is a huge cheating scandal going on with Absolute Poker. The story is crazy.


  18. mofobes says:

    hawkeye, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. we did a BP for about 20 guys at an end suite at the Alladin and it was $900 for one night and $1300 for a saturday night. you can’t beat bills for location and cost.

  19. pmac says:

    Fobes – i also heard that the WCOOP guy got disqualified. Bloody cheating Brits eh….

  20. cb says:

    Fyi – Joey Bishop last living member of the Rat Pack dies:

  21. brian says:

    I appreciate the compliment Brad, so I hate to shout you out but…didn’t you already get married? Either you’re in charge of a buddy who’s about to take the plunge, or you have the most understanding wife ever.

  22. Two_For_Juan says:

    Kansas City, Chicago, Atlanta

  23. Hawkeye Brad says:

    The BP is for a buddy, but I plan on partying as if it were my own. When it gets closer, I’ll plan on letting you guys, especially Fobes, know the plan. Just tell Mrs BMo you’re leaving her and the newborn home to go to an “event” that the LV COC is hosting. This new job will be great- you have a built in excuse to go out whenever you want.

  24. mofobes says:

    brad, all i can say is stay away from those stripper to your room ordering services. our crew got royally fucked (and not in the good way) by these extortionists. it was absurdly expensive and they just wanted more and more money to dance for bachelor, etc. i felt so sorry for my buddy, the best man, who had to deal with all the shit. we got 3 girls and one had to be sent away the moment she got off the elevator due to fugly status. i thought it was a bad idea from the beginning and the whole thing was a nightmare.

  25. jsaund22 says:

    Two_For_Juan obviously wants to keep his streak alive.

    The Falcons starting Byron Leftwich against the Saints? Not a chance.

    Course, I’m not really a football follower, I just remember watching Leftwich’s last outing and wondering how he made it through high school, college, and into the NFL as a quarterback.

  26. Lady Grey says:

    B.Mo and Tommy D. I must say that right around the hour and 4 min mark of this show you two weren’t doing too much to keep your lady listners around. However, I agree that Britney Fun should have been offering “monster cock” pills, then at least she would have been fun. I should also point out that bot of you two are very lady friendly 99.9% of the time. And it is the moments like min 64 of todays show that keeps me comming back, that a getting to see all these boys chatting all about how I am the perfect girl. (read comments 54 and 56, while keeping in mind that while I openly am not much of a sports fan, I do find fun ways to keep myself entertained while my man is watching the game, and he normally enjoys them enough that he forgets all about the game…it is win win really, and the rest of those things are oh so me…oh and please keep in mind that I was joking about being the perfect girl)

  27. TableMax wrote:

    “Planning a trip to Chicago and looking for stuff the girlfriend and I can do when I stumble across a show called [URL=http://leavingiowa.com/]Leaving Iowa[/URL]. I chuckle, think of the show, and start to move on when I see that the theater this is playing at is on Halsted….Since Halsted is Dutch’s territory, I figured I’d ask if he had a review for us.”

    Small world – I went to college with the guys who wrote it.

  28. patch406 says:

    Sorry about the lack of comments on the “prize” pack. The book is gorgeous. It was on the floor on the shitter when my wife asked me when I bought it. I said that I won that gem. She asked me about the victory and we went thru the items. Autographed when the fun stops brochure. Priceless. A couple of bottle cap toppers things with Mariner’s flare. One was the Mariner’s moose that looks like Marty Moose. Sorry folks park’s closed. My 2 year decapitated that in about 30 seconds. And finally I showed her this horrible piece of plastic “bling”. It’s think obnoxious huge necklace with fake shit all over it. It looks something from Canal Street. She said wait a second…it lights up. I said “what?” Sure enough…it has an LED light in the middle. Of course the fucker doesn’t work. We took it apart, it has a computer chip in the back and battery and everything. I’ll have to try and get another battery and see if I can get the badboy going.

  29. Aquaman says:

    jimmymac is a wise man. Elway is my Hero! His arm was so strong the ball would leave marks on his recievers. They called it the Elway cross. If Dan “run it 3 times up the middle” Reeves had’t been been his coach for 10 years he would have the passing record, instead of being 3rd. (I’m not a Reeves hater though 110-73-1 is a fine record for a coach.)Plus Elway has the greatest timed retirement ever. Instead of hanging on past his prime (Favre, Montana, Marino I’m looking at you.) He wins the superbowl MVP and then retires.

    I still get chocked up after his first win and Bowlen shouts “This one is for John!” Great sports moment.

  30. Steve in West Palm says:

    Take your winnings from the ISU/Texas game last week, and double it up on the ISU/Oklahoma game this week. Don’t let the 28 point spread cloud your decision. Oklahoma knows what the spread is, and they will cover.

    That’s my lead pipe chaunch lock of the week.

  31. mofobes says:

    patch, i take responsibility for that god awful bling. i received it as part of a gift bag from the rio. it had blue LED lights spelling out, “2007 World Series of Poker” there was no off switch and i didn’t want to run the battery down, so i took it out, unfortunately when i put it back in i think the memory got erased and the words were gone. sorry about that. i know you would have proudly sported that bejeweled bling if only the words were still scrolling.

  32. brian says:

    I feel like pissing some money away tonight, so…

    Rutgers +2
    Utah +3.5

    Record: 12-9

  33. mofobes says:

    hey KGB, i have a Caesars, which is also Harrah’s, ticket in my hand and am reading the back and to me, it looks like you have 1 year since it reads, “All non Pari-Mutuel tickets are valid for 1 year.” Sports bet are not pari-mutuel, so i think you are good. When i cash this ticket in, i’ll ask them and see what they say.

    i checked a GVR ticket which is Stations and they have a 120 day limit on all Pari-Mutuel, Race, & Sports tickets.

  34. mofobes says:

    Joe Torre refusing Yankee offer of $5-$8 mil for next year – “it’s about time” or “that is crazy” – discuss.

  35. Survivor tonight was a complete load of crap – what a ridiculous twist they tried to put into the game and it completely backfired – the show is going to suck until they can figure out how to get things back to normal. Next week both teams will be trying to lose – so much for back to basics this season.

  36. Scott J. says:

    Holding several Hilton NFL futures bets and they are good for 120 days

  37. colonel mick mars says:

    Joe Torre should have quit the second the last out was made, and during his post game press conference gone mike tyson on George’s piglet ass, ” I’ll f you till you love me you bitch ” (tyson 4:12) from the book of tyson.
    Joe is Rich, and it seems to me the best things about being rich is not having to grovel to a wealthy piglet like George.

  38. colonel mick mars says:

    I get props for quoting Mike Tyson, and for a spine tingling adventure down the hole of evil masculine insanity, you tube Mike Tysons tyrade during a press conference when he singles out a reporter and goes, ghetto medieval on his quaking ass. (Youre not man enough to last two minutes in my world, and the aforementioned classic I’ll f you till you love me bitch )

  39. Raisin_Bran says:

    Man, I know USF was #2 but it seems weird to me that the fans rushed the field… they were only a 2 point dog…

  40. Cebu says:

    R.I.P. Joey Bishop

  41. Roosterman says:

    Rugby union,

    Ok, 2 games left and a chance for me to get back to 50/50.

    Fra v Arg, I don’t expect to see france trying to kick field goals from the 1/2 way like they did against england. Also, i think there may be some payback from their pool match. So i’ll be taking Fra -11.5.

    SA v Eng , i agree with Bob on this one, both teams will be more worried about losing than going out and putting on any sort of spectacle. So i’ve gone the total points under -35.5. It should be a close game, but all the pressure will be on Sa to perform. If jonny’s got his kicking boots on, england are a big chance.

    Fra -11.5
    Sa v Eng under -35.5

    RWC 8-10

  42. pmac says:


    Couldnt agree more on both fronts.

    If the final has more than 35 points scored then it will be a game to remember!!!!

  43. Roosterman says:


    I’m worried that the final will be a dud. i have a scoreline of 12-9 in my head. I hope i’m wrong, this is the final, and it’s been a great world cup, so it deservses to go out with a classic game.

  44. English Bob says:


    The under on the final is a great call, kind of wished I’d thought of that myself, I tend to forget about over and under as bets.

    Couldn’t give a monkies about the Fra vc Arg game but I think you’re right about France wanting payback.

    One last thing on the final – I’ll be watching it at a friends house, as they’re having a nice new big screen TV delivered today. They’re kiwi and decided to get the set early so the could watch the All Blacks in the final. Ironically they paid extra for a early delivery, where as a delivery anytime in the next 4 yours would’ve been fine.

  45. Roosterman says:

    They’re kiwi’s, and they’re STILL watching the final?? Haha, have fun.

    Gotta give credit where it’s due, Dipper put me onto the under bet. It does seem way too many points for a final.

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