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They drink and ride their ATV’s

Short show today, who are we kidding. So where did we get up to this thanksgiving? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Our listeners again show us that they’re more informed than your humble hosts. We give you the inside track on the Las Vegas property market. Not only do we give you the lowdown on the properties on and near the strip, we also let you know what it’s like in the suburbs.

We don’t travel down this strip on this show, we forgot to finish our review of Caesars. It’s all about the entertainment this week. Let’s just say we are unlikely to attend the shows even if the tickets were free, but Brian’s mother gives it two thumbs up.

Our sports picks this week are even more important than normal this week, well at least for one listener.

If you have the time go checkout Don Best Sports, look for Tommy on an up coming show. Hey while we’re pimping sites please checkout Behind the Bricks, Brian’s solo podcast.

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  1. KGB says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. I give thanks that I was smart enough to not follow my own pick on the WVU-USF total. All that I lost was my pride…

    How about a show on organized religion in the valley? An earlier poster mentioned something about his Mormon relatives in Vegas. It’s my understanding that there is quite the Mormon community in Vegas, and that it was Mormon bankers in Utah that really propped up the casinos in the 1960s/1970s. Doesn’t Steve Wynn consider Parry Thomas (one of those original Mormon bankers) to be his mentor?

    I’m still waiting on the Pahrump travel report and reviews of the cathouses. Be sure to speak English while you’re out there!

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