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The Wind Shield Factor

It was a wild weekend in Vegas to say the least. Complete with obscure deaths, new racey entertainment, lame bachelor.bachelorette parties, making a killing at low limit poker, brushes with celebrity, stepping in dog shit, and homeless people in disguise.

As though that weren’t enough, the boys break down the Station Casino chain. They feature crappy cover bands, but at least they offer amazing opportunities to locals…or do they? Plus Brian devulges a deep dark secret.

Finally, Tommy and Brian make their picks for tonight’s national championship game, and a trully “shitty” This Ain’t Iowa segment.

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  1. devildog says:

    Your right on the order as well BMo..

    Richard Jefferson Rnd 1–#13

    Gilbert Arenas Rnd 2–#2

    Michael Wright Rnd 3–#10 (apparently didn’t play a minute)

    Loren Woods Rnd 2–#17

    Now if you can just tell me what you know about Bryan(spelled as God intended it)Bracey.

  2. trainfan says:

    Looks now like there is a clear, well thought out plan to fund the Michael Jackson Giant Robot – and I have a feeling I know where all of Tommy Dutch’s College Basketball winnings are going to end up:

    “LAS VEGAS – More than 1,100 Jackson family items are set for auction in Las Vegas next month, but a representative for Michael Jackson says the pop star is considering legal action to stop the sale.

    “Mr. Jackson was not aware and he is extremely upset that his memorabilia was included amongst the memorabilia that is being auctioned off,” said spokeswoman Raymone K. Bain.

    The Jacksons Auction is scheduled May 30-31 at the Hard Rock hotel resort.”

  3. trainfan says:

    How much for the glove?

  4. devildog says:

    All items $1, Just beat it!

  5. devildog says:

    Trainfan- my apologies for the lame attempt at humor.

    Any Barry Manilow auctions out there..?!

  6. brian says:

    Just wanted to update everyone that the bar for listeners visiting us in Vegas has been raised to epic proportions. I had to leave after 2 hours of hanging out with dipperfc to do boring married guy stuff, but Tommy Dutch is well into his 9th hour of debauchery. Monday’s episode should be interesting, provided they’ve stopped drinking by then.

  7. brian says:

    Man dd, are you doing a paper on pac-10 athletes of 2001? All I remember about Bracey is that he was a stud big man for Oregon. I unfortunately can’t comment about his draft status, I’m just happy he graduated.

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