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The Venetian welcomes you to the movie set

What filled up our week? Dogs, old people and light globes. In the news this week find out what kid rock and his midget was up to. January is man heaven for Vegas conventions, gadgets and “adult” toys, aren’t they the same things?

The Venetian is the next stop on a stripwind tour. We tear back the curtain and find nothing more than chicken wire. Service, you want to talk service, forget about it unless you play $100 a hand. Any number of places to eat at, hours of entertainment, but the world worst sports book.

We finish This Ain’t Iowa with the segment that shares it’s name with this very show. Ross Verba shows us all how party for free in Las Vegas.

Sports pick scoreboard

Tommy Dutch 2-2 Brian Mollica 1-1-2

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11 Responses to The Venetian welcomes you to the movie set

  1. Steve in West Palm says:

    I’m glad to hear that Tommy’s grumpiness about New Year’s in Vegas didn’t stop there… but continued on into this podcast with his review of the Venetian. A grade of D+ is hilarious!

  2. mofobes says:

    i am right there with you guys on the Venetian. i haven’t ever played a table game there. i enter through the north/west entrance and go directly to the poker room which is awesome! comfortable, adjustable chairs, lots of tvs and space between tables. i usually play the 1/2 or 2/5 no limit games. in the poker room the service has always been great – their strawberry smoothies are amazing and i love that they serve fiji water. in addition to their tourneys which have great structures they also ran a lot of sit-n-go’s for various buy-ins last time i was there. the dealers were for the most part very good, but one was just awful to the point where another dealer apologized that we had to be subjected to him.

    my picks for this weekend:
    Colts -7
    Cowboys +3
    Patriots -8.5
    Eagles -7

  3. brian says:

    So far so good, now the ‘Hawks need to bury the Cowgirls.

  4. Slashdogx says:

    Excellent show. I recently found the podcast and caught up with the back episodes. Excellent mix of info, entertainment, and general guy talk. I agree with your views on most of casinos and find the show well done. I now never miss one. It was worth listening to all the episodes just to hear TD describe the holiday display at the ballagio with “Panda Bears”. Nice.

    I had a long drive over the Holidays and downloaded a version of Behind the Bricks becuase Brian had been pimping it. It is also very good (comment to be posted on that site). I listened to it and a couple versions of old ‘Not Iowa’. I then ran another of my favorites, ‘Rounders’ Poker from Canada. Damned if Mollica isn’t on it too!! (Very funny commentary by the way). My wife thinks Brian hosts ALL podcasts. Then we find out you are hosting Ultimate Poker Challange on WGN. WTF. Mollica is everywhere.

    I tivo’ed UPC, but also got the infommercial. Based on Brian’s self description from this episode, its probably just as well as it will give me time to get a wide screen TV before the next episode so I can see his entire head.

    Once TD’s technology improves to the point where it doesn’t sound like he is calling in while “punting a gumpy” (kodos to the poster who shared that catch phrase) the show will be near perfect.

    I like your idea of talking about some activities beyond the Strip. Please continue that stuff as well as your strip reviews. We always like to try something odd between casino activites. We have went to the ‘Gun Store’ on paridise to fire AK47 clips, tried the ‘Fly Away’ experience near Sahara, etc. I would be interested to hear you guys give your unique views on those types of activities.

    Thanks again for the excellent entertainment.

  5. brian says:

    Thanks slashdog. I’m glad you’ve found the show and judging from your 1st post it looks like you will be one of our top contributors. It’s true, I am the hardest working man in almost show business. Keep up the great work man.

  6. patch406 says:

    Thoughts on the Venetian.

    1. This place is hands downs the best smelling casino in Vegas. It truly has a delicate bouquet…I mean some disgruntled dealer could squat and punt off a nasty grumpy right on the floor between the Wheel of Fortune machines and nobody would be the wiser.

    2. My wife and I were walking into the joint once and some donkdick bellboy ran a full loaded luggage square into her back knocking her to the pavement. It was like getting hit by Shawne Merriman..not the clean version either the ROIDED up one. I thought we might be a comped suite or something nice. Basically we got a hand written report and advice that she should see a physician from the security guard. Thanks jerk remind me when you graduate from medical school. I absolutely hate letiginous nonsense, but I would have appreciated a decent apology.

    3. We ate at Tao after the marathon recently and it was top notch. We had been to the one in Manhattan that one of my friends from NYC was talking up for weeks. I like the Vegas version better. Outstanding food and service. Keep in mind there is ALWAYS a restaurant, the “club” is a separate area. I got a line pass for finishing the marathon so we decided to hit the clizoo after dinner. The club is actually pretty small. I’ve been to some others that are huge like RA. There are some very yummy woman dancing in cages and taking baths and things so you got going for you. Of note and this should be a subject of a further show…literally 45% of the club is dedicated “VIP”. You cannot sit down anywhere because everything is velvet roped. It’s redonklous. There was ONE clown with some hooch drinking Kristal with a little couch..otherwise…every other VIP area which is basically 1/2 the club….GHOSTTOWN. I think you guys should investigate all the VIP nonsense that the strip has now. It’s just silly.

  7. patch406 says:

    Hey this is very important…did you guys know that whenever somebody uses the phrase, “punting a grumpy”….an angel gets it’s wings?
    True Story.

  8. Paigow Pete says:

    good show guys guys… Don’t know if I’d give the “ol’ D+” to the V, but I hear what you’re saying – underneath that wonderful veneer of “class” is a kinda cheesey tourist trap.

    But, I’ve stayed there several times and the rooms are really good-some of the very best in town (for the price) and the Poker Room is 1st. class – as nice as Wynn or Belagio and much bigger – one of my favorite places to go.

    Okay, I don’t think I ever heard of Gordie Brown, so I checked out the website: http://www.gordiebrown.com/index_flash.htm

    oh my, does he suck…. I mean if he’s putting his “best” work on the site, I’d hate to think what I’d get for my $55+1 drink minimum (or whatever it is)….

  9. KGB says:

    Finally got to hear the show today guys…great job. I “absolutely” agree with your assessment on the Venetian. I really try to avoid the place, except for one cool t-shirt place in the mall.

    I expect to hear a full report from the Crammies. B-Mo, since you got into the AVNs last year I expect you’ll have VIP service by now. I did see Blue Man Group at Luxor last summer and thought it was good but that I should have seen it in Toronto for half price. Now I guess it’s 1/4 price.

    Brian I hope the G-men do better for you than the Jets today.

    Congrats to me for locking up Patch’s Bowl Pool 🙂

  10. Brandon says:

    My wife and I stayed at the Venetian during our first stay in Vegas and I would give it a C.

    The one thing my wife said we had to do before we got there was to get a gondola ride. I say this only to emphasize how excited she was about before we actually got there and saw what it looked like. My wife took one look at it and said no way. They herd you like cattle onto the “boat” (which looks to be in about knee-deep water from what I could tell), then they go through a track through the mall while tourists hang over the edges and stare at you, Brian’s description of it being like riding a golf cart through a shopping mall is wholly accurate. So your romantic boat ride is shared with something like 10 other tourists and all the while people are staring at you. Or you can do the outdoor gondola ride, but I didn’t fully understand that one. It looked like for safety reasons they built up the concrete walls around it and I didn’t really see any “view” of anything other than the concrete walls and whatever sliver of sky you could see by looking over the concrete walls.

    I also have to somewhat disagree about the rooms. They were very large, but the bedspreads, sofa, etc. all seemed like the fake-expensive material that eveyone’s parents bought in the 80’s that was less nice than scratchy and uncomfortable. I wasn’t wowed.

    On the other hand, I had absolutely no problems with the service there, the people checking us in were pleasant and efficient (it took us under 5 minutes).

    I agree that the restaurants were great. We ate in a mid-level restaurant for lunch that was very good and a somewhat higher priced sushi restaurant for dinner that was also very good.

    My wife and I played nothing there but very low-limit video poker and the cocktail waitress made several stops during the hour or so we were playing, not the best on the strip (which for me was the Luxor, I think we managed to luck out by sitting at a video poker machine that was in the watiresses path or something because our drinks were never empty and we were playing nickel to quarter video poker) but certainly not the worst.

    Overall I thought it was nice, but that there was almost nothing special about it. The fundamentals were done well but the things they tried to do to distinguish themselves ended up feeling tacky.

  11. Ryan Johnson says:

    Just a quick note, I’m not sure if this was mentioned…but guess where Ross Verba went to school……..The University of Iowa!

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