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The New Frontier Is Now An Old Memory

If you never got a chance to ride the bull at the Frontier, you better buy your plane tickets now, becuase the property has just been sold and the new owners aren’t wasting any time.

Also not wasting time, were you the listeners who promptly logged on to give Tommy Dutch a beating over his Gilmore Girls addiction. tommy strongly defends himself, while Brian rejoices in the fact that it’s not him.

The majority of today’s show is for the ladies. I’m sorry, I mean about ladies, as the fellas discuss, famous chicks, hot milfs, and the search for the TAI spokes model. Also, horses hanging out on Freemont Street, the #24 casino in Las Vegas revealed.

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38 Responses to The New Frontier Is Now An Old Memory

  1. rich1516 says:

    Hey guys. Thanks for the shout out on the show. I’m listening right now at work and I had to chime in on the horse drawn carriage topic.

    I agree with you completely about the risk of venturing away from Fremont Street. Last summer, I was out there with my wife, brother and his GF. We decided it would be a great idea to walk to Gold Spike because we have some free drink coupons. Well, that turned out to be one of the worst ideas ever.

    The walk over was uneventful although every person we saw was pretty damn sketchy for one reason or another. Within a minute of walking in the doors, some homeless dude is begging us for 79 cents so he can get something to eat in the coffee shop. That along with the fact that it was a complete shithole and smelled like roadkill was more than enough for us. We got rid of the begger and decided to get the hell out of there and back to Fremont Street before the sun went down. We pretty much ran back to the safety of the Fremont Street canopy. I felt more comfortable walking from the Sahara to the Stratosphere at 2 in the morning.

  2. Great show guys, you two were exactly right in saying playing video poker/slots is almost like work. I enjoy hitting the jackpots of course but I typically play those machines to get my comps and that’s about it.

    A quick correction to Brian’s mention about Diamond status… $30,000 in video poker makes you diamond if you play that in one DAY not one year. To make diamond it takes $100,000 in video poker in a year. On this past 5 day trip to Vegas I earned 10,100 tier credits (about $100k in video poker or $50k in slots). 5,000 of it was on the first day. Brian’s also right in saying I don’t bring $30k to Vegas. I brought $4k and when the trip was all over I still had $3,550. This was my best trip ever.

    As to me missing last week’s show I was actually telling Tony I was considering recording it while I was at Caesar’s. Then I remembered I only had my internal mic on the laptop and decided against it. Don’t worry I’ll get the next segment out for 5/25, I just need you two to bring up something ridiculous that has some sorta song associated with it so I can use it as outro music.

  3. brian says:

    Play for Friday: Cleveland +2.5 over New Jersey

    This is the series that everyone wishes would just end, and I predict it will tonight.


  4. Admin says:

    Ok time for some AFL picks, I hate doing this but I have to make a bet that includes my team. St Kilda go into there game against the Hawks at -8.5 which is just under a one and a half goal margin, all the form points to a 3-4 goal win to the Saints.

    Saints -8.5

    Kangaroos are the inform team of the comp and they taken on the lowly Carlton Blues. The line is sitting at -12.5 and I can’t see the blues kicking a big enough score to get close to the Roos.

    Kangaroos 12.5


  5. Scott J. says:

    Enough with the kids in Vegas bashing! I usually go with friends or my wife, but we have taken our kids, both boys, now ages 11 and 16, for a mid-week stay during 3 of the last 4 summers or early fall. It is one of their favorite places to go, and we have always had a great time.

    Last September we had 2 suites at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay for 3 nights, total bill $650. Comparable rooms in most major cities would run upward of $2000.

    We would spend part of the day at the wave pool and lazy river and the rest cruising around doing touristy stuff, like roller coasters, a couple rides on the Stratosphere Tower, ESPN Zone, M&M store, Niketown, etc. One morning we went out to the Red Rock Canyon and did some hiking, and on another we played golf at The Legacy Golf Club. At night we will go to a great buffet or restaurant, the Bellagio buffet and Nobu being our favorites. Then a show, (the kids like the Cirque shows), and back to the hotel.

    Later in the evening my wife and I usually go out for some gambling and the kids get to hang out on their own in a nice hotel room, which they think is fun.

    It is certainly not our only vacation spot, but it does offer a lot of variety, and world class family entertainment and dining options.

    I will agree with you about the stroller crowd however.

  6. Dutch says:

    Great post Scott! Solid argument from the other side.

    As for Saturday baseball, I’m on San Francisco RL -180. This game should be very low scoring. I would think 3 will win it. In a low scoring game 1.5 runs is a lot. Cain v. Haren, I’m taking it.

    Play is Giants RL -180 @ the Palms
    Season Total: All Square once again

  7. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Speaking of kids in Vegas…I think the St. Louis Cardinals rounded up their relief pitching for last night by doing a sweep of all of the runaways loitering around Circus Circus. The Tigers had 2 touchdowns and 2 extra points on the World Champs by the 5th inning.

    As a guy who just finished hooking up the horsetrailer for his wife to go compete in a judged trail ride with one of our horses, putting horse and carriages downtown Vegas is the most horrific thing I have heard come out of LV in a long time.

    It is right up there with the night the Metro police scanner issued a bulletin looking for a man in an electric wheel chair weaving between cars on the 15.

    Although, I did whisper to our daughter’s pony that if she didn’t mind her p’s and q’s, she be pulling a cart of porn pamphlets between the Western and Gold Spike living off the occasional deep fried Twinkie or piece of celery from someone’s discarded bloody mary found in the Binion’s parking garage.

  8. Trainfan John says:

    Much like last week’s Soprano episode – this one probably deserves another listen before I offer too many comments.

    However – SOF – you killed me with your last post.

  9. patch406 says:

    Slopping up shitcanned bloody mary’s outside of Binions a fate TRULY worse than the Glue Factory.

    BTW…your daughter has a pony? Wish I was a millionaire.

  10. brian says:

    Nice catch on that one Patch. You really tried to slip that one in there Fenn. Maybe it’s like that Seinfeld episode, “In Fennville we all have pony!”

    I did just hear that they’re only going the horse and buggy ride during the winter months (or month here in Vegas). So I guess it went from a really bad idea, to just a bad idea.

  11. patch406 says:

    So…I was driving my daughter’s Maserati the other day and noticed that “she” (the car) shifted a little rough from 5th to 6th gear. I reminded her that if she didn’t behave I’ve have her up for rent out on L.V. BLVD in no time. She’d have being driving by 2 half drunk douchebag fratboys wearing Abercrombie shirts and golf visors upside down for $200/day in her future.

  12. patch406 says:

    Alright, I’m officially going COUNTERPOINT on the children issue and I’ll defend the baby/infant team. I’m one of the scumbags who has brought his infant child to Vegas and been happy with the decision.

    When I go to Vegas with my wife, she basically enjoys the weather and likes to hang by a nice pool, hit a spa or do some shopping during the day. I’m usually playing poker and I’ll grab a beverage and hit the pool if I bust out. Then we typically enjoy a nice meal and may catch a show. She is not there for the gambling at all. She’ll fire up some penny slots and if she’s frisky she’ll get in the “big game”…that’s the nickel I dream of Jeanie machine. Therefore, we stay somewhere nice ie Bellagio, Wynn, Mandalay. To me, bringing my daughter along doesn’t change much to the equation. I took my daughter @ 10 months and my wife to Vegas for several days. We also stayed at Mandalay this trip and loved it. I fired up the poker action during the day and took my daughter in pool and in the lazy river. We had a great time at FAO Schwartz. She’s very well behaved and accompanied us to some nice restaurants ie Red Square/Shanghai Lilly. She didn’t bother others, I’m confident…not just being a ignorant parent. The only thing we didn’t do that we usually do is hit a show. I wouldn’t bring a baby to a fancy show, but you can get a babysitter if you like. They aren’t cheap however. Honestly, I’d rather miss one show, but get the chance to hang with my daughter.

    When I want to go to Vegas to gamble excessively ie during my WSOP and the upcoming TAI First Annual Summerblowout, I’ll go solo. Therefore I’m ALSO making the argument to only only dump the kids, but to leave your wife at home as well. I’m only saying this because I enjoy playing poker until 3/4 am. You can’t have any chicks cramping your style. I’m just joking around of course. I do however, really do enjoy poker as a hobby and I work hard most of the time and I like going to Vegas solo or with other pokerplayers/golfers to fire it up.

    That said, you can go to Vegas with your family including small children and really enjoy a nice vacation and take in MOST (maybe not Spearmint Rhino) of what Vegas has to offer.

  13. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    Nothing wrong with that. Obviously you are not the guy pushing the stroller through Casino Royale at 12:30 am. We could just as easily corrupt our daughter here in Fennville by selfishly sacrificing her well being for our fun. Glad to hear you value the family time as much as I do. But for us, we told little Fennville we’ll take her for her 21st birthday. She’s counting the days.

    Before you guys get any further into this idea that my old man is Warren Buffett or Jimmy Buffett, we have 3 whole bills wrapped up in the pony. The kid is 4 and rides it like Pat Day. I married into the horse lifestyle. Too bad when you marry a teacher who loves horses, she doesn’t come with money marrying into the Zito, Baffert, or Lucas families might deliver. She’s well worth it though.

  14. Trainfan John says:

    Reading Patch’s post makes me think that if Brian and Tommy aren’t going make the extra cash from the podcast – they should think about offering up babysitting services for TAI fans when they come to Vegas.

  15. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Cue Colonel Kurtz at the end of Apocalypse Now.


  16. K Freeze says:

    Maybe your kid can play with the stripper’s kid at the Rhino? Daycare and Dancing could be a lucrative niche market.

  17. Steve in West Palm says:

    Fennville: Just the thought of “celery from a discarded bloody mary found in Binion’s parking garage” was enough to make me vomit in my mouth a little bit.
    Thanks for the lousy visual…

  18. patch406 says:

    Triple crown league number 2. First of all only 9 horses what a JOPKE! What is this, portland meadows? Nonetheless, I wanted to go back to my street sense but I just can’t. Winner winner chicken dinner: HARD SPUN. Now you want to make some real ca$h use this pick of the week: tribox on street sense, hard spun and circular quay.

  19. patch406 says:

    Fuck me running. I did just hit the trifecta on the preakness. It wasn’t my official pick, but I did have it in the mix. All favs and it was a pathetic payout. $25 on a $1 tri. Weak sauce. Come on what a weak link in the triple crown.

  20. Scott J. says:


    Retracting my stroller comment for responsible parents. Age appropriate fun is available for all ages.

    I try to limit my kids to 2 lap dances at the Rhino.

  21. patch406 says:

    I just literally laughed out loud @ the last post. I wish there was a short, quick, cute way to say that scott J.

    I limit my daughter from DELIVERING 2 lap dances per night @ the rhino.

  22. M. McFly says:

    Great podcast, Dutch, except for the last six months which has been terrible.

  23. Dutch says:

    It’s great to know you enjoyed the first month Mcfly.

    Your articulate writing style and thougtful construcive critism are always appreciated here. Perhaps you just haven’t listened long enough. If you give it another eight months or so, it may really grow on you.

  24. Trainfan John says:

    Patch – you might have hit upon a great idea – shorthanded ways of saying things on message boards – that could be big if the whole internet thing isn’t a fluke.

    May I be the first to nominate the TAI shorthand for “laughing out loud” be “gilmore girls”.

  25. brian says:

    You gotta love that MM at least made an informed decision. Most people I tell about the show hate it immediately.

  26. Dutch says:

    Unfreakinbeleivable, the little fella (great guy by the way) who works with Brian and me is starting to get some air time on a local radio show. Today he did a segment on how sad he is that his favorite show the Gilmore Girls has gone off the air.

  27. mofobes says:

    hey TD, you were spot on with that Giants pick, too bad for that walk. it would have been nice if we both could have been happy with the A’s winning, but only by only 1.

    i love how billy beane has once again shown his genius by pulling Jack Cust out of obscurity.

  28. patch406 says:

    PATCH vs MOFOBES 2007 Challenge
    Time: 1st Annual TAI Summer Blowout
    Location: Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza

    Alright I’m throwing down the challenge to mofobes or anybody else who wants to participate in the best kind of bet known to man…the humilation bet. I propose a prop bet of sorts to take place during the upcoming Venetian tournament ala the Gavin Smith vs Joe Sebok Superhero bet or their new Court Jester bet. We can work out the details such a point system or a simple last longer or most money ca$hed. Not important yet. The important element is the penalty.

    The punishment: the loser must physically walk into a store and buy a complete season of the Gilmore Girls (tommy dutch to suggest the season number), then the loser must watch the season in it’s entirity (within one month) and write a written blog on Trainfan’s site about every episode. You can’t netflix the shows, you can’t get your wife or girlfriend to buy them for you.

    There it is…professional poker player vs the professional shit talker. I’m the clear dog in this race, but I’m not asking for any advantage. I just want to see if the Fobes will accept the challenge.

    I’m VERY open to suggestions on other bets or other punishments and I’d LOVE to see anyone get in the game especially one of the hosts.

  29. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    This Gilmore Girls thing is hilarious. I wouldn’t have even known that was a show on TV except for the fact that some girl, well maybe I shouldn’t have assumed it was a girl, posted an mp3 of every song ever played on that show episode by episode. I was trolling for music and hit this pretty nice smattering of stuff, quite eclectic. I am pretty sure the Gilmore Girls wasn’t on Versus, but I am quite sure it was on another one of those channels we all might call local but Dish Network doesn’t know about them…like the one Pistons and Wings games not on FSN get shown on…or the new one extra tiger games get shown on.

  30. Dutch says:

    Baseball bad beats put me on tilt a bit.

    Plays for Sunday:
    Cleveland -152
    Colorado -158
    N.Y. Mets -145 all Hilton numbers

    I must admit that for the first time in the history of the show I’m not putting my money where my mouth is. The Mets are my only action out my pocket, but I like the others and I’ll still make them official for TAI purposes.

    Season Total: -185

  31. mofobes says:

    patch, what did i ever do to you to deserve that kind of punishment?

    after the suffering i went thru this weekend, (i made a deal with the devil, my good friend Leena, that if she came out to visit i would agree to go see Celine.) how can i not accept your challenge. it will certainly be motivation.

    regarding celine: that is 1:45 & $180 that i will never ever get back. i don’t even know where to start. i think the only way Leena and i will ever be even is if she takes a bullet for me. i would’ve gladly taken a bullet myself during the show. there was one song where i thought that i had woken up in the middle of a gay man’s wet dream. as seinfeld would say, “not that there is anything wrong with that”, it just wasn’t my cup o’tea.

  32. mofobes says:

    oh, and here is another bit of info that i would like to pass on in the hope of saving others from misery.

    DO NOT under any circumstances pay to see the movie, Lucky You. it was by far one of the most horrendous pieces of shit i have ever seen. the only remotely interesting part of the movie was picking out interesting things in locations/sets and identifying the various poker players making cameos.

  33. patch406 says:

    YES. I knew Mofobes (the newest member of the TAI on air team my guess for the Monday announcement) would not dissapoint.

    Dude Celine? Sounds like you already lost a serious Prop Bet. Ouch. Here’s what I would say to the ticket agent if I were painted into the corner and had to attend this event (this may happen I’m not kidding myself by ANY means…my mother-in-law? BIG FAN).

    “Let’s see 150 bucks a seat…ummm…you’ve given me the tickets…but it looks as though you forgot the cyanidide?”

  34. patch406 says:

    I’m more than a little surprised that nobody has nominated Shannon Elizabeth for TAI spokesmodel yet to this date. I’m actually not a huge fan and I actually can’t stand her the moment she opens her mouth, but you can’t deny the “talent” and the Vegas tie in.

    Notice her Ex-Husband (comic book guy) has moved on to none other than Annie Duke aka Mick Mars of Motley Crue fame. Wow. Talk about getting sent back to the Minors.


  35. brian says:

    Mofobes on the 3rd mic. Interesting theory Patch. Although it’s a miracle I shut up long enough to allow Dutch the 10 words he gets in per episode, so throwing another variable in is unlikely.

  36. patch406 says:

    I’ll try another guess. The TAI hosts will announce that the Letter “G” now comes before the Letter “F” in the alphabet.

  37. Chris Duhon's Nemesis says:


    I feel your pain on that Colorado Rockies extra innings implosion. I was there with you . . .


  38. Raisin_Bran says:

    I think a lot of people are missing the big story in sports this week:

    After winning 6 of their last 8 the K.C. Royals are now 2nd to last place!!

    Go Royals!!

    Sorry if today’s game came at the cost of anyone’s wallet… I always feel that pain…

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