Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

The Elusive Desert Tortoise

It’s been a long week for the fellas. Dutch has been living it up at the clubs, playing poker, drinking, and having uncomfortable bathroom encounters, and Brian, well, Brian has been arguing with his wife over paper towels.

Topics for the day include Pacman’s punishment, bones in the desert, the most ridiculous buffet in Vegas, missing money that could have saved a failing casino.

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18 Responses to The Elusive Desert Tortoise

  1. Trainfan John says:

    Happy to see the show up – I trust this means Tony is on his way to recovery. Looking forward to listening later today

  2. brian says:

    Just happy to see that Tony is on his way back to good health. Just makes you realize who the most important member of this “threesome” is.

  3. Hawkeye Brad says:

    I like how 50 episodes in, TD finally does his first bit of research and it was inspired by the comment of “banging retarded chicks”. Of all the things that he could’ve looked up, THAT conversation put him above the threshold. Embracing the Inner Degenerate at its finest.

  4. Bryan with the g'damn Y says:

    Okay, it’s finally got me, and I got a question for Brian and Tommy. It’s about tournament Blackjack, or as some call it, elimination Blackjack. Is this really a widespread thing in the Vegas casinos? I started playing it on UltimateBet a few months back, but had never really experienced the format or had heard of it in a live setting. THEN they tried putting the format on TV, and *poof*, it disappeared. This leads me to believe that someone tried putting together something that was intended for TV and just failed miserably.

    So just how widespread is this game in Vegas, if it even exists live at all?

  5. bigbadbob says:

    Alright boys, I made it back home safe and sound, only to be greeted by a snow storm!

    It was a great pleasure to have a couple of drinks with you, and it’s reassuring to know that we didn’t have the distinction of being the first wierdos you’ve met as a result of your podcast. Of course, that’s debatable, but anyway…

    It’s nice to see the new show’s online and Tony’s alright. It’s perfect timing, actually; I’m already suffering from Vegas withdrawal!

  6. brian says:

    Play for Tuesday: Pacers -1.5 over Hawks

    Even at this time of year when good teams are resting players and bad teams are picking up garbage wins, Atlanta still can’t win. Once their best player went down, they were content to mail it in for the rest of the season. Hopefully they won’t show up tonight. Literally.

    Record: 49-31-4

  7. cb says:

    At least the infamous skechers didn’t get pissed on.

    “Ah, pee-soaked loafers, I know these things.”

  8. Admin says:

    Thank you everyone for all your kind words and thoughts.

    I’m happy to say I’m well on the road to recovery.

  9. brian says:

    Play for Wednesday: Sacramento +1 over Lakers

    LA has already clinched it’s playoff spot and it’s fan appreciation night in Sacramento. I personally would appreciate a cover. Thank you.

    Record: 49-32-4

  10. Rick in Reston says:

    My favorite line…

    “That [movie] was so bad, I walked out three times”

    What? Three times!?!
    Care to explain the logistics of that one?

  11. Trainfan John says:

    What a duo!

    TD – Tommy Dutch – Hanging at the Palm’s Pool, catching movies, playing poker and drinking at the Playboy Club.

    BMo – Brian Mollica – Needs a list to keep track of three things his wife sends him to the store for.

    How is it you guys even like one another?

  12. KGB says:

    Trainfan that is f-ing outstanding!!!!!!

    One weird thing I noticed on my trip to Vegas last week is the rolling billboards on the streets. They were advertising just about everything, EXCEPT “Escorts direct to your room”, “Pretty girls that want to meet you”, etc. Is there some ordinance against these now or did all the girls get tired?

  13. Buckeyekid says:

    Tony, glad to hear you are doing better. You should maybe think of a pneumonia vaccine shot because I believe people who have had it once are more susceptible than those who have not had it.

    As for desert tortoises, I am surprised (yeah sure), you guys did not do the research: http://www.desertusa.com/june96/du_tort.html

  14. Buckeyekid says:

    Love it/Hate it: How about letting us throw out Love it?hate its on the boards you can do what you want with them?

  15. brian says:

    I love the idea Buckeye. This board is for the listeners, no need to ask permission. In fact, I would love it if you guys called is your love it/hate its for use on the show, because lets face it, we’re almost out of shit to pick. Pretty soon the segment is going to turn into “It’s ok/It’s kind of annoying”.

  16. cb says:

    Love: Treating myself to a good cigar in Vegas.
    Hate: Playing blackjack next to someone on a portable oxygen tank.

  17. Steve in West Palm says:

    Love: $36 hookers.
    Hate: $36 hookers.

  18. Buckeyekid says:

    Hate: Porn slappers on the strip. Noisy, crowd the sidewalk, while I’m not against porn, I don’t think it should be handed out on the street, even if it’s not the hardcore stuff. Plus, some people who take the cards just throw them on the ground. People, please use proper porn disposal!!

    Love: Porn slappers on the strip. Despite all that, there is still the right to free speech that government can’t take away that, in some stretched perverted way the porn slappers represent.

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