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The Bellagio, Absolutely

We give our thoughts on the UNLV sports program. Why are bathrooms so hard to find in Las Vegas? Play the “This Ain’t Iowa” drinking game, absolutely.

We finally get around to the interview with the super website guru Hunter from RateVegas.com. What joints does Hunter love in Vegas? Even more importantly what does he avoid when he comes to town.

In our latest stop on the strip we check out one of the classiest joint in town, The Bellagio. The rooms are over priced and you need a decent bankroll before you think about gambling. Beautiful decor, great shopping, the finest entertainment and you can even grab a tasty bite to eat.

Whats on this weekend in Vegas? Well we have $69 rooms at the Hard Rock Casino. And stop the presses Dave Chappelle cancels another gig.

Don’t forget to get our picks for this weekend. Who have you got Michigan or Ohio State?

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6 Responses to The Bellagio, Absolutely

  1. Big City Matt says:

    Next question: boxing. I’d like to hear about a boxing event in Vegas. What are the best venues for the actual fight, what matches (heavyweight, big name boxer) draw the biggest crowd, how does a boxing weekend compare to Super Bowl Weekend/NCAA Tourney Opening Rounds, and what are the best places to stay during a fight?

    As for the drinking game, I’d like to add “right on” by Tommy. Any time this is said, take a shot. I’m setting the over/under at 2.5 for the next podcast. Place your bets.

    PS Your third favorite Big 10 mascot is HERKY the Hawkeye, not Hawky the Hawkeye. Respect the corn.

  2. KGB says:

    Great question Matt. Even though here in Detroit we have “Joe Louis Arena”, there’s very little boxing outside of Golden Gloves and even what we do have would pale in comparison to a Vegas fight.

    I was in Vegas during a Tyson fight on January – 2002? I think it was against Clifford Etienne – and I was really surprised how separate it was from everything else. We were in the casino at MGM where the fight was being held and the only way youeven knew there was a fight going on was that all the glass (cups, ashtrays, etc.) were out of the casino and replaced with plastic. Apparently they did that for every Tyson fight since the riot happened in there in 97 when he bit Holyfield’s ear.

    How about a review of the Pahrump Cathouses? I’m sure Tommy and B-Mo could be talked into doing a little field research.

  3. brian says:

    I wonder if I could write a hooker off as a business expense?

  4. Paigow Pete says:

    Hey guys, Just catching up on a bunch of the shows – really enjoying. Couple random comments/thoughts…

    1)So, how many more shows until we hit the El Cortez?

    2) Sound is getting better – but Tommy, you need to pull a little harder on the string connected to that tin can… or get a new phone, dude.

    3)There REALLY is such a thing as dice manipulation – you can take a course (though I think it somewhat akin to levitation)

    4)Re: South Point: didn’t Michael Gaughan run the Barbary Coast and Boyd Gaming gave him the South Point (debt free) so they could take control of the Barb’ and then sell it to Harrah’s (for the property next to the old Stardust)?…. must be nice for someone to give you a free casino…. I think they are moving the Micheal’s restaurant that is in Barbary Coast (my all time favorite Vegas restaurant) – to South Point.

    5)I sent Tom an e-mail a while ago— but now I realize he doesn’t have a computer!…. Question: do you know if there are any casinos that allow you to place an action reverse? I can do it on line (if that sort of thing was legal).. but never found a vegas casino that lets me place that bet.

    Keep up the great work!

    “two floor hotel orgy”……… tag line for the ages…..

  5. patch406 says:

    Alright, it’s getting down to crunch time and it’s too late to phone in these picks so I’ll have to type them in on a magical wonderbox known as a comupter…you’ve probably seen one in a movie or read about them in storybook, Tommy. First of all, these picks are more than a little STEATHY (if that’s a word) and I don’t know what the spread is, but it ain’t going to matter. Brian sell that house you just bought, take the “advance” the UPC folks gave you…hell sneak into a cemetary, dig up a couple of stiffs and lift some jewelry off them. I’m sure you can find a pawnshop or two in which to liquidate these assests. Alright take this capital and WAGER the lot on my alma mater the University of Montana Grizzlies to crush the Montana State Donkeydicks. If you really want to go for the megabucks multipler parlay the bet on the BC LIONS over the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Grey Cup on Sunday. The Lions are lead by my old high school classmate and Montana Griz National Champion Quaterback Dave Dickinson. Also, the coach of the Alouettes has (I’m not making this up) instilled a SEX BAN for his players this week. Dude, you play A) for a Canadian Team B) the team is named after a French children’s song. Come on it’s not like their getting any tail anyhow. There it is the LEADPIPE CAN’T LOSE EMPTY YOUR 401K LOCK of the week.

  6. patch406 says:

    There is it folks. Win #1 1/2 way there. Not bad if you like ’em perfect. PS the clock on this thing is all jacked. This is going up at 243pm PST.

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