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That’s Not How You Play Pocket Kings!

After much deliberation, Shaun’s 30 birthday party was put into effect and was a huge success thanks to Mofobes, the Martha Stewart of the valley. Tune in to hear about drunken rants, all too competitive ping pong matches, and a “fun” poker game that turned serious really quickly.

Tired of poop jokes? Well, some listeners are, so the fellas raise the bar by dropping some culture on your asses with their off strip recommendations.

Finally for This Ain’t Iowa, a crime wave has hit Vegas. Is it gang violence? Meth? Try Stouffer’s frozen dinners.

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  1. mofobes says:

    i hate Harrah’s but love that Caesars Tourney. Last summer i had back to back cashes in 120 person fields on the same day and i busted Dutch Boyd. I finished 10th (made a horrible call w/ AQd that still haunts me to this day) in the noon tourney and 9th in the 7 pm tourney. There were only 60 players, so the win was $4K.

    they have a new tourney on saturdays for $330 and you 7500 chips with 40 min rounds. i’ll be playing that today.

  2. patch406 says:

    Derby Winner: STREET SENSE (he drops phrases like crib and the like)

    Next pick: Street Sense, Tiago, Curlin TRIFECTA BOX

    I sent some DNA to the University of Kentucky School of Veterinary Medicine it’s confirmed by karyotyping Imawildandcrazyguy isn’t a horse at all….he’s literally a DONKEY.

    Shooting for post #99…the great one.

  3. patch406 says:

    You got to break Russ Boyd awesome. Don’t you love guys who give themselves the nickname, “Dutch”. I have a claim to that nickname as well, but I’ve let well enough alone.

  4. mofobes says:

    yeah, i took out Russ in the 3rd hand of the tourney. it was just a few days after he had won his bracelet (which he was wearing) vs. Joe Hachem. i called a raise on the button with 57o. flop came Td7d5. he bet out, i raised, he raised all in and i called. He had the Jd9d for the gut shot straight flush draw. 7 peeled off on the turn, so he was drawing to the 8d only and didn’t get it.

    i took Tiago also thinking he might be able to do what his brother Giacamo did in 2005 and win the thing.

  5. patch406 says:

    Keep in mind that Tiago is Giacamo’s HALF brother. He’s from a broken home. Maybe he’s actually got more street sense than street sense. Actually, I’ll take Tiago in the fight tonight. He’s got more street cred that the other 2 pansies.

  6. bigbadbob says:

    Great new look — nice job Tony!

    mofobes, I’m with you on Paris Hilton’s jail sentence. Apparently the mom and the lawyers aren’t too happy about it, but I am!! Not that I’m really expecting anything to change once she gets out…

  7. Trainfan John says:

    Mofobes : I Just got an email from Monte Carlo – Play 50 hours of Texas Hold ‘Em and qualify for the 125K Super Poker Tournament July 6-8. Knowing how dialed in the boys say you are, you probably already know – but thought I’d toss it out there for you anyhow. Though as you are becoming the big winner – trying to freeroll in might be beneath you soon. 🙂

  8. dipperfc says:

    MoFobes – Well done on the cards Buddy!

    Tony/Admin – get better soon! Go your Saints!
    (I had a sniff -5.5,nice!)
    + RE: Admin Says:
    May 5th, 2007 at 3:11 pm
    Hi guys meant to have the show done by now, but some old friends turned up and I ended up getting on the piss with them. So the show is delayed again, sorry to pissed to do a show.

    (This is the kinda stuff you do Tony that makes me proud to be an Australian!!!!)

    Dutch – looking forward to the Baseball tips(if they are half as good as you & BMo have done on the Basketball stuff, then bring em’ on!)(We even heard about the Warriors over in AUS) , When is this Don Best thingo on/is it podcasted?

    I’m really looking forward to the fight this the w/e.
    Pls let us know what the ‘vibe’ is like on the street & in the casino’s in Vegas on the next show.

  9. patch406 says:

    Here’s a testament to how cool my old lady is…I just dropped a little hint about the Derby and she set me free. We’ve been unpacking after moving constantly for the last 72 hours. I’m en route to Emerald Downs to get some bets down.

    I’ll put a nominal number on the Steve Martin Donk for the crew at TAI.

    I’m going to bet the insider tip from one Penut as well.

    I’m also going with the above selections.

    More live reports from the track via the Crackberry.

  10. patch406 says:

    In line for a mint julep now. Got about a hundy set and ready for “dust off” on a shitload of different bets. Here’s my kentucky derby rule the elaborateness of a woman’s hat is inversely proportional to her “hotness”.

  11. patch406 says:

    Hope you assholes listened to my handicapping on that STREET SENSE winner pick. In line to ca$h in now. Had win to WPS. Booya. Nice choice by penut as well. However I only had his pony to win.

  12. brian says:

    Tony, you should have produced the show drunk. TD and I taped pretty late, and the last 20 mins are complete gibberish (the first 40 ain’t no prize either) A little drunk editing would have fit perfectly.

    And it’s good to know my horse managed to work it’s way from dead last to 4th place. Now he’ll have something to be proud of on the way to the glue factory.

  13. patch406 says:

    Dude just followed the derby win with an immediate $1 tri victory for an additional $168.

  14. brian says:

    Play for Saturday: Utah +5.5 over Houston

    This is based on a completely made up strategy. Every time a series goes 7 games, I bet on the team who won game 6. I figure they faced elimination, battled to win, and should enter game 7 fired up.

    Playoffs: 8-3-2

  15. brian says:

    Play for Saturday: Utah +5.5 over Houston

    This is based on a completely made up and unsubstantiated theory. Every time a series goes to game 7, I always bet on the team that won game 6. They’ve already faught off elimination and should come out fired up.

    Playoffs: 8-3-2

  16. Looks like I’ll be bringing in some $ from Hard Spun taking Place. Nothing huge but should be enough to recoup my $25 losses on the Win/Show bet. 😀

  17. fyregirl says:

    where you @ fobes?

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