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That Billy Martin Sure New How To Tip

It may be the dog days of summer but the fellas managed to clumsily patch together a sports show with their usual professionalism.

Topics on the day include, NFC favorites and week one predictions by our very own prognosticator, does David Beckham actually play soccer, ESPN’s miserable original programming, and bingo finally getting the attention it deserves.

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  1. JimInTx says:

    I love soccer. I’ve already given my opinion last week why the US women are better than the men vs. their competition. I will never in the near future claim that the MLS is even close to the game played in Mexico, much less the rest of the world, and Europe in particular. As sad as it may sound some Mexican league teams have ten times the payroll of an MLS squad and don’t even start looking to what they pay in Europe. The reason the NFL, MLB and NBA are the best league in the world in their respective sports is the money. The best players in the world want to be paid the best and beat the best competition. An MLS all star team wouldn’t last one season in the EPL. All that said, I am very happy in the direction soccer is headed in this country. The fact that teams are getting soccer specific stadiums built is a testament to how far it has gone in the last decade. Five years ago I couldn’t have imagined an MLS team being able to survive in Houston, now we have Houston competing with surrounding cities to build a stadium, training and youth complex similar to those around the world. The biggest reason soccer has been slow to succeed in this country is the way we have tried to Americanize the foundations. I’d like to know when the UEFA draft is. With some changes in player acquisition and pay rules the league is getting better. It was a great beginning to start with all of the top US stars that have supported the league, but I can’t blame those who longed for the better pay and competition internationally. I am happy to see the top teams from around the world tour more here and more neutral site tournament matches here. Will it ever be as big as the NFL? Not in my lifetime, but maybe. MLB will never be as big as the NFL as far as the gambling handle is concerned, and that’s America’s game.

    Dutch – I heard the acting comment as others did, but if that’s not what you meant to convey, I understand. They are both tabloid superstars over in the UK and I’m sure they want the same amount of attention here, particularly Posh. That being said I still don’t care.

    Ace – Ranking of your list according to me.

    1. American Football – I find the college game much more interesting than the pros, but what ever you prefer it’s tops.
    2. Baseball – despite the steroid scandals in recent years
    3. Basketball – Still great but on the verge of collapse
    4. UFC – growing so rapidly, could be no.3 before long
    5. Ice Hockey – Still tops in Canada and cities in the Midwest and north east, but hasn’t found widespread appeal in many other cities, despite the success of teams in warm weather cities. Still considered by most the 4th major sport.
    6. Boxing – Americans still love boxing despite the fact that all four major heavyweight title holders are from Eastern Europe. The lower weight classes have found much more appeal in recent years.
    7. Soccer – If only MLS is a consideration. There are masses of international fans in the US. If more international play was televised here, could easily be 5 on the list.
    8. Lacrosse – Popular on the east coast, but not much elsewhere. Great game, but MLL will never garner widespread success.

    I’m not arguing with anyone, this is how I see the sporting landscape, but feel free to express your opinion. This isn’t even in the order of importance to me.

  2. dutch says:

    If Nascar was included it would be in the top 4. Don’t we have any NASCAR fans here? We’ve shredded it throughout the course of the show and I’ve never scene a defense here.

    Soccer comes up and the people speak, must be the international influence on the boards.

  3. English Bob says:

    Patch, you’re right enough of the soccer stuff. Is it alright if I go through the issues facing the England cricket team instead?

    And on a side note – I see you as a Ginger spice fan, am I right?

  4. JimInTx says:

    While we’re on soccer –

    One thing MLB could take from international soccer leagues, the promotion, demotion idea. Wouldn’t it be great to see someone put a competitive team on the field in any other city rather than watch the Royals flounder year after year.

    One thing the big three leagues here dream of soccer already has – the ability to draw crowds internationally. Any top teir team from England, Spain, Germany or Italy can draw a sellout almost anywhere. Add to that the numerous legendary teams from other leagues around the world. A friendly match between FC Barcelona(Spain) and Club America(Mexico) last year in Houston drew nearly 70,000.

    The biggest fear of MLB and NBA teams – international play. NBA squads have struggled in international tournaments. I’d love to see what would happen in a tournament involving MLB teams with top clubs from Japan, the Dominincan Republic, Cuba, and others. I would venture to say some major upsets would happen. Why don’t MLB teams allow thier best to play in the Olympics, Pan-American games and others? Yes, they don’t want to chance injury on their investment. Yes they don’t want them to miss games. But also because they can’t dominate. I love baseball above all other sports. I would like to see just for once the US put together a squad for an international event with the pride and passion that other countries have when they send a representative win or lose.

  5. Regularguy says:

    JiminTX – the gap on Mexico is closing and closing fast. I was at the DC-Morelia game the other night and DC is just as talented 1 to 11. The depth is where there still needs some work, but with the direction things are going, as you mention, that gap should close more and more.

  6. JimInTx says:

    Dutch – good point about NASCAR. Football and baseball are locked in 1,2 for a long time, but the battle between NASCAR, basketball, hockey and UFC is going to interesting in the next few years. Soccer and boxing both have a chance at maybe the 5 or 6 spot in a few years, but would have to gain major ground.

  7. AceRockollaUK says:

    Dutch – I know it’s leaving me open to ridicule but I will admit to enjoying Nascar,
    I also enjoy Champ Car, F1 the whole motor racing caboodle including Drag Racing.
    For a while I would watch ASCAR which was the European version of Nascar and although it was good fun the track was too far away from where I live and the fields would only be around 20 cars which after a few accidents or break downs would mean watching an empty track.
    It was nice to be able to watch Oval racing in the UK in a real decent purpose built track (Rockingham) – I saw IndyCar here a few years ago but the track dropped it the following season which was a fucking shame because the crowd was well up for it, I suspect financially it was too big a deal to keep.
    I one day want to watch oval racing at the Las Vegas track – that’s a dream to be realised!

  8. Regularguy says:

    Very good point about NASCAR – they have slipped a little, but are really doing a phenomenal job, especially sponsor-wise. Not a fan, but I will watch once in a while.

  9. AceRockollaUK says:

    Dont build up your hopes when your US football teams beat UK teams at the moment, It’s pre-season the players will be playing at 50% and will be avoiding hard tackles etc.
    In the UK these friendlies are not taken too seriously by anybody and really are no indication of the season to come.

  10. JimInTx says:

    Regularguy – We’ll see just how talented DC is tomorrow against my Dynamo. My point with Mexico is that if MLS squads had that kind of payroll, they could field much better teams than they have now. Many of the Americans that go to Europe might stay, and many more internationals, particularly from the Americas, might be convinced to come.

  11. JimInTx says:

    Ace – MLS unfortunatly has the choice of two evils:
    1. Playing a traditional schedule and going up against the NFL, NBA, and NHL.
    2. Playing the current summer schedule, but having a terrible time securing preseason friendlies, and dealing with midseason tournaments(both club and national)

  12. Regularguy says:

    Jim – I’m with you on all points. Of all the places to go needing a point, Houston is not where I would choose. They are freaking unstoppable right about now.

  13. JimInTx says:

    They are so good they could probably beat the Texans in a football scrimage.

  14. AceRockollaUK says:

    JimInTx – just keep up the fight, Soccer in the USA needs more people like you.

  15. JimInTx says:

    But, then again, the Texans would also have a hard time with a local jr. high 7th grade B squad

  16. Brian, have you made a career change yet with your day job? When I was in Vegas, you told me that you were on the receiving end of a bank hold-up in your previous life and didn’t want to do that again. Anyway, if you get desperate and want to hop on the wells fargo stagecoach, let me know. We don’t have bullets flying here, but we do deal sub-prime loans to many degerenates in Vegas. This may be an opportunity to meet more people and get additional material / guests for your shows… plus I get a $1k referral bonus.

    -Sammy, aka one of the triplets.

  17. brian says:

    Thanks Sammy, I’ll keep that in mind. I happen to know a stripper with a keen business sense, so I’ll see what I can do.

    As for the soccer debate…I know a lot of you are bored with it, but quite frankly I can’t get enough. I could watch people argue all day, regardless of the topic. I have to admit, it went from being making valid points, to being a condescending dick faster than I would have liked, but still entertaining as hell. And Dutch! I haven’t seen you this fired up since 147 point plan for a Las Vegas monorail. I’m so proud.

    Now I’m gonna get out of here before I get “served”, “owned” or “leased”.

  18. JimInTx says:

    Bmo – you left “pwned” off teh list!

  19. Hawkeye Brad says:

    I agree that NASCAR is probably #4, but where does PGA fit in? In terms of viewing, the PGA is probably right around NASCAR & NHL.

  20. Regularguy says:

    Brad – depends on if Tiger is playing. It’s honestly two different sports.

  21. jsaund22 says:

    Funniest line in this episode:

    Tommy Dutch: “Shave it or wax it, same ballgame”

    Dear God, I’m in tears… 😀

  22. AceRockollaUK says:

    I was listening to an old show today with the line “tripping over his boner” where do they get these lines?

  23. English Bob says:

    Sad to say but I’m used to the soccer argument. Normally though it’s along the lines of people in the UK asking why I bother watching those boring “American” sports.

    Most people in the UK don’t see the point in watching American Football, Baseball or Ice Hockey but once you’ve been to a game or two you start to see the appeal. Especially if your first game is a good game.

    I never liked Baseball until my first US holiday (New York then Vegas in 98) where I got to not only take in the games in US bars but also see a game live. You really do get to soak up a lot more of the atmosphere at a live game.

    Unfortunately this had left me with a really crappy selection of US teams I follow:

    Baseball: Yankees
    American Football: Jets
    Basketball: Utah Jazz (all down to a cancelled flight one time in 2000)
    Ice Hockey: HC Sparta Prague (I spent some time in CZ and still get to visit regularly)

    This does lead to a slight problem over here when I want to watch any of those on US sports. Of the standard terrestrial channels in the UK only Five really seems to be interested in US sports – we get a couple of Baseball games a week, usually the Monday night football game (your version not ours) and on occassions Hockey. We also now get some MLS games – 7:15 tomorrow (as the advert on the TV has just told me), which I’d guess is the LA vs Dallas game, they only mentioned LA not who they were playing.

    That said I must admit I don’t get the obsession with college level sports, but then again we don’t get any coverage of that here. Nor do we have anything similar, unless you count combined Universities as a minor county in Cricket (and believe me you really don’t want to do that).

  24. Whit says:

    Hot shit Bob. Never met another jets fan in the u.k , we should start a club

  25. English Bob says:

    Whit, that’s a great idea and let’s face it – it’s not like we need a big room if we all met up

  26. Richie says:

    You could meet in the phone box.

  27. Scott J. says:


    Haven’t used the Donbest odds board before, but I here they are losing (or getting rid of) all the online sportsbooks. Any ideas on how this going to affect their business going for forward?

  28. Scott J. says:


    Meant to ask you the same question.

  29. dutch says:


    You’re razor sharp man, you always seem to be in the know as quick as anyone in the gambling world.

    It’s too early to tell how bad, but I know this isn’t good for us. BetCris isn’t as influential as it once was but it’s still huge and others seem to be following.

    The linetracker deal makes me nervous as a gambler. This industry already has enough negative aspects to deal with, and some of the main people involved in this deal are questionable. Their ability to manipulate the market is obvious and questions of collusion seem likely.

    About a month from now we’ll know a lot more about the effects

  30. Richie says:

    Were not trying to avoid anybody, more the better.
    We don’t get there until Monday Aug 20th, our countdown is till we finish work.

  31. Scott J. says:

    Being a sports gambler these days is like being Michael Vick. Every day brings more bad news.

    I admire anyone who can make money at this in the current climate. Back in the day (2006) it was so easy.

  32. Richie says:

    Where is fyregirl, and where does she work.

  33. Whit says:

    This weeks ludicrous casino will be Bourbon Street

  34. Richie – I hope we can share a few pints. I’m in town until about noon on the 22nd – so maybe we can shoot for Tuesday. Are you staying on the strip or downtown?

  35. Richie says:

    Hey trainfan that would be good. Yes staying on the strip.

  36. Whit says:

    Trainfan hows about O’Shea’s ? We won’t have long , but probably get an hour or two before the rest of the clan catch us!

  37. JR says:

    CB post #44 Def wasnt plagiarising, it was pretty obvious i paste it in (well i thought so), i just didn’t think to link the site after getting home at 11pm at night from work, but i wholly agree with the sentiments i think he is def one of the best to play the game. Will remember to post a link next time given the sensitivity to longer posts!

    And while we are on whining subjects – Brian you may have to hassle that US Postal clerk as there is no sign of the 4 Tees so far.

  38. Whit and Richie – you guys can pick the time and place and I’ll be sure to be there. You can get my email and cell number from Brian or pop over to http://taifriends.ning.com and send me an email from there.

  39. JR says:

    Check out this survey on why US College men and women have sex. My Favourite is:

    “I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease”


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