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Take Dogs And The Overs! It’s A Lock!

Well, our hosts are on a bit of a cold streak after they both died in flames with their picks on the Leroys Sports Hour, but their back and BMO has a can’t miss 8 team NFL parlay.

Other topics include the first TAI poker winner of 2008, TD calls the play by play of the live chat room, Brian gives out a little too much info on his testicles, a few words (literally) from Mrs. Mo, and a full slate of college basketball action courtesy of donbest.com

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One Response to Take Dogs And The Overs! It’s A Lock!

  1. devildog says:

    Clyde Drexler..? Who needs the “Glide” when you’ve got
    Larry Micheux,Akeem Olajuwon, and Robert ‘McGiver'(who can make a fully funtional Satellite Dish out of a Baked Potatoe.

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