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Strippers and clowns, ahh reminds me of my childhood

Another weekend is in the books and a great result going three for four in our sports picks. Brian has been hanging with Tony Bennett all weekend, but no partying at the Plams.

Part one of our giant Las Vegas strip club extravaganza. Pants off, pants on, beer on, beer off. We start at the Spearmint Rhino and finish up at Larry’s Villa. Tommy Dutch are the rumor’s true?

Time for our next stop down the strip, welcome to the Circus Circus. Brian tells of his childhood and lost afternoons playing lazer tag. And if your on a budget you can find a great steak dinner.

In a last segment we find out why it’s better to drink and drive, than be homeless and have a tipple. Strike, strike, strike.

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8 Responses to Strippers and clowns, ahh reminds me of my childhood

  1. Brandon says:

    Hi Brian and Tommy,

    Surprisingly, back in school they actually talked about the rules with liquor and nudity in regards to the first amendment. If I remember correctly, it is almost impossible for a state to ban strip clubs because of freedom of expression (i.e. if you ban strip clubs, what about art shows that have pictures of naked women, what about art classes where nude models are used, etc, etc). So if a state wants to have any controls over strip clubs they either have to pass a series of ordinances that is so restrictive that a lot of regular businesses get screwed (e.g., no places with public performances within 500 meters of a school ot post office or whatever) or it is much easier for the state to just tie the conditions (i.e. topless only) to the granting of the liquor license since the state can refuse a liquor license for almost any reason it wants. So in Vegas for whatever reason they have decided that they will use the only lever they really have, the liquor license, to ban full nude dancing. This means the club owners have to choose whether they think they can get more money out of their customers by plying them with liquor or fully nude ladies. I think you guys were alluding to this on the show, but I always found that interesting. One example that the teacher used (a 50+ year old woman who looked, in Brian’s words, like the bad kind of librarian) was that a business would be fully justified in opening up an all-nude coffee donut shop as long as it did not serve alcohol. I think that’s what Vegas really needs.

    I personally agree with you both about the weirdness factor of strip clubs. Bunch of dudes enter, bunch of dudes get all turned on, bunch of dudes leave together. Doesn’t really do it for me. Plus the only good strip club stories I ever hear are the ones where something goes horribly wrong (e.g., “and she smelled like a weird combination of dirty ass and cocoa butter, I had to get two more lapdances just to erase the memory of the first one”).

    Anyway, I really enjoy the show guys. Look forward to many more.

  2. KGB says:

    Gotta disagree with you Brian…the OG is a classic. A must see on any trip to Vegas, although the last time I was there I gotta admit I was disappointed by the $100 for a table to sit on the south side of the place. The north side was still no charge to sit. $20 cover, $20 dances, contact encouraged. Seems like there is always 50-75 girls working there – maybe more. I did make the mistake one time of coming in about 7 pm – which is still dayshift in stripclub terms. Hideous. 11pm-1am always seemed to be much better. I’m not a drinker, so I find $6 for a coke to be ridiculous, but oh well.

    All this of course was something I dreamed up because of course I have never actually been there…yeah…my friend told me about this.

    Thanks for the love Patch, and your prediction about the fighting Donkey Dicks was right on time. I could claim a winner from last week but since I didn’t get it in officially then I won’t. So, for this week how about the Browns + 7.5? Derek Anderson seemed to be the shot in the arm that the Browns needed, and Pittsburgh just hasn’t been Pittsburgh all year long. A like the seven and a hook number as well.

    Brian – you don’t have to cross the strip to go to the Strat – it’s on the same (west) side as all the others. Not to mention Wake beat GT 9-6 (not 9-3). Man I’m in a pissy mood today huh? So I’ll close with some love for your producer as well – I like how he inserts a quote from the current show into the intro, making it change a little each week. Not quite Simpsonesque, but on the same theme.


  3. Raisin_Bran says:

    Hey Guys,

    Here is a couple of questions from someone considering a move to Vegas. I have been to Vegas about 8 times and have been considering the move for a couple of years now.

    1.) How do you like living in Vegas compared to other places you have lived.. as in, would you recommend it to the “right” person. Maybe briefly mention any pros/cons of living there (outside of the obvious).

    2.) Also I will be back in Vegas in March for my best friend’s wedding and I would like to take my girlfriend somewhere in Vegas away from the strip to get a feel for the what the rest of the city is like. Could you point me in the right direction as far as an area of town to take her.. and please not across the street from any of the worst 3 strip clubs that were discussed in the previous episode.

    Thanks Guys and keep up the great show,


    P.S. might as well make a pick, maybe people should start keeping track of there records on their comments.

    I’m going Broncos +7.5 to Chargers

  4. Paigow Pete says:

    I got nothing agaist the Spearmint Rhino–but did you check the photos of the line-up? Uggh… Just goes to prove–never look at a stripper in natural light.

    And, you forgot the most important recommendation-NEVER let a taxi driver recommend a strip club. Have a good one in mind before you get into the cab. Or, you’ll end up in a crappy clip joint and the cab driver will get $25….

    Isn’t Club Paradise near the airport and S.R. near Spring Mountain?… I’m probably wrong… I was drunk.

    My leadpipe lock – Cinci (-11) v. Oak

    And, I’m expecting some respect for my Rutgers Scarlet Knights (-7) v K State in the Stupid, err. Texas Bowl on your Bowl show.

  5. KGB says:

    Pete – can you believe the way the Rutgers fans are getting screwed on this bowl? They go to the Texas Bowl which is only on NFL Network and that channel isn’t available on Comcast or Cablevision in NJ. Unbelievable.

    I’m trying to figure out why my cable provider has NFL network (and NFLHD) but the live NFL games are blacked out. WTF?

  6. patch406 says:

    Lead pipe locks:
    Same bets at last week new lines.
    Montana -3
    Appalachian st -6.5

    I’ll be in Vegas Live this weekend to lock them in for real.

  7. Paigow Pete says:

    Thanks KGB. So right!! First prize– Orange Bowl. Loose in 3-OT by two points and…..oh, you get the Texas Bowl. But, it’s only a $7million difference in payouts.

    Big East has some crappy bowl tie-ins right now, but that should change soon. That NFL Network problem is really awful. Luckily, I’ll be at the game.

  8. Lady Gray says:

    So with finals comming up here in So Cal I was a little late getting to this show….but I must say great job with the reviews…. I so enjoyed this show, it was a great way to kill some time before hitting the books again….

    I was however a lil sad to notice that a few of my favs didn’t make the list…crazyhorse 2 and treasures (I guess these are the ones that I will have to join you for)….on that note, I was so happy that the Rhino was given such great reviews, I do so love that place. I have never been to the one in vegas, but I have been to a few of them here in Cali and it is such a fun place. (If you ever find yourself at the one in Santa Maria, Ca…tell Summer “hi” for me)…oh, and I so love the OG, I know that you guys don’t, but I do. Everytime I have been in there it was packed full of beautiful girls and they were all very very nice….

    Your show was also really informative for me, I had no idea that I had to take a boy to the dancy club with me….I guess I can understand the whole “don’t want the girl finding her hubby there and causing an issue” thing…..but what about the girls that just really like girls….it kinda works against us….but now I know, so I guess that is where the two of you come in, glad to know I have you two to help get me into the best part of vegas…

    As far as when it is that I will be in Vegas so that we can cont’n this wonderful public service…I am hoping to be there by the end of Dec. I find my way there as offten as I can…..I love Vegas. And now that I know Tommy can get me into the Playboy tower he is my newest best friend, I will be making the drive all that much more…so once finals week is all over and done….I am sure that I wll be in the city of sin

    Thanks again boys for the great show….I am off to study….hmm, I so think that if I get a 4.0, you two have to buy the lap dances….deal?

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