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Steve Wynn Begs For Mercy

It’s time for an update on some of Vegas’ latest news stories. Brian and Tommy take a look at HBO CEO Chris Albrecht’s past, get to the bottom of the Luxor parking lot bomb, and the unthinkable has happened at the Wynn.

Too serious for you? Well fear not. They also discuss Ricky Henderson stuck in a time warp, the search for the ultimate TAI spokesmodel, and a relaxing day by the pool gets awkward. Just wait ’til Billy gets here!

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85 Responses to Steve Wynn Begs For Mercy

  1. brian says:

    Play for Tuesday: Detroit -7.5 over Chicago

    Ok, I’m back in the win column after yesterday, and I’m taking another crack at the Pistons. They won the first 2 games at home by 21 and 26 points. With a chance to close out the series at home, I’m looking for another blowout.


  2. Scott J. says:


    Curious as to what kind of action you’re playing to receive such great comps. Listening to Monday’s show it sounds like you have full RFB and even airfare.

    I have a friend of mine who plays at the Mandalay Bay. He will play through around $500,000 a trip (averages about $200 a hand playing blackjack and plays $1 and $5 video poker). He gets some pretty good comps but still not RFB.

    I am a $10 to $25 blackjack player, 25 cent video poker, and $100 sports bettor. I don’t even bother using my players cards anymore, as even the lower end strip properties won’t even rate that kind of action. Am I doing something wrong?

    Casting my TAI spokesmodel vote for Drea De Matteo. As Adriana on “The Sopranos,” a sexy, street smart, heroin addict, what more could one ask for?

  3. mofobes says:

    here is an article i found interesting in today’s RJ about all the large building advert murals:


    i can just hear the calls into the Flamingo now, “Yes, I’d like to reserve a room in Tony Braxton’s vagina, thank you.”

    i wonder how much extra they get for those rooms.

  4. mofobes says:

    oh yeah, when i played in the $540 satellite yesterday, i was sitting next to jerry buss, owner of the lakers. i knew i was bit out of my league when he was telling a story about busting out of a tourney and then going over to MGM to blow off steam and proceeding to win a cool $mil at black jack. then he was talking about playing roulette with johnny chan and hitting back to back numbers to be up $75K in two spins.

    that’s the life!

  5. patch406 says:

    Winning a mil is a sweet way to blow off some steam…beats my method of burning down a $6 cigar.

  6. K Freeze says:

    Can you buy pictures of the hotels with the murals on them? It would be fun to send a postcard to a friend with “I’m in here” and a strategically placed arrow.

  7. K Freeze says:

    Oh, and please let the Western be the #1 hotel. No one would see it coming. They couldn’t because they would have been knifed to death by a transient in the parking lot.

  8. patch406 says:

    I literally watched about 45 seconds of the Gilmore Girls tonight and it felt like I chugged 2 full bottles of Ipecac.

    IRONY. Tommy has brilliantly handicapped the M’s game so far. Just pulled Felix up 9-3 in the 4th.

  9. Dutch says:

    yeah I was on to King Felix, but I didn’t quite see that 10 spot coming.

  10. rich1516 says:

    What’s up guys? I’ve listened to all of your shows and really enjoy them. Like most of the people on here, I am addicted to Vegas. I currently have 3 trips booked (May, July & December). I just thought I’d check in and let you guys know you have another fan. Keep up the good work.

    And seriously Tommy, Gilmore Girls sucks.

  11. Trainfan John says:

    Mofobes: Good story on the murals do you mind if I post it at http://taifriends.ning.com ? Better yet, you should get signed up over there and post it yourself.

    I’m coming into Vegas on Sunday – and staying at Caesars – so if you going to be around – let’s find a time to toss back a few

  12. Scott J thanks for the interest in the casino comps. First off I’ll start by saying an upcoming segment will reveal your answer but I’ll tell you here too.

    In short, unless you’re requesting your own private blackjack table with a dealer in your own private room you’ll receive barely any comps at all. Same goes for poker. To earn comps you pretty much have to play either slots or video poker.

    I guarantee if your friend stops playing $200/hand blackjack and instead puts all of his money into $25/hand video poker ($5 per credit) he’ll quickly rack up the comps. If he’s not against this, have him try it out for one or two trips in a row. If he can play about 1000 hands in an evening per trip he’ll receive some much better comps. 1000 hands seems like a lot but at ~10 hands/min you could get that done in 1-2 hours.

    As for yourself, your play at the Blackjack table and sport betting wouldn’t get you much if anything at all. However your play at the $1.25/hand video poker will get you comps if you’re playing enough. I can go into more detail if you post your typical bankroll per casino trip and how many times you go a year on average.

  13. KGB says:

    Where the hell is Shana Hiatt on this list??? How many of you would like to Pokeher After Dark?

  14. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    Pistons let you AND me AND I am sure Max down in a big way last night. WTF?

  15. brian says:

    I know SOF, it was a dark day for TAI betting. It’s not often that TD and I are both on the wrong end of the biggest blowouts of the night. It’s almost like Detroit has 2 different teams. How can you throw out 3 blowouts, then get completely blown out in back to back games?

  16. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Steve, you’re right on about the VP. Just like Scott J, I mostly play BJ ($10-15) and nobody will even track it. My brother plays nothing but VP ($1.25-$5) and gets free rooms at most MGM properties. I play longer and for more money than him, but get nothing.

    A question for you: Do you ever find any 9/6 VP, or do you settle for 8/5? I like to drink like a degenerate when I’m in Vegas, so I will even sit down at a 7/5 VP at a bar where I can get served more drinks per hour because I feel that’s a better deal, especially if I play $1.25 and slow down my play significantly. Any thoughts?

  17. YoTime Joe says:

    Steve – with VP comps is this due to the fact they are gauranteed the % on them??

    Tommy – now I know why you shave your head.
    BMo – I’ll post here but did vote there. I think TGYH is very hit and miss and more miss.

  18. Table_Max says:

    Detroit sports teams were very good to the books last night. The road dog dominated in all three games. Thank God, check that I’m converting to Raëlism….Thankfully I bet sporadically and don’t worry too much about days like this.

    BMo, it’s pretty simple really; we’re being out-coached. Skiles’ staff had their team better prepared for the last three games, Detroit only won game three because they made better adjustments in the second half. I fully expect the Pistons to close out the series tomorrow. This Piston team has quite an ego, and will bring their A game right at Chicago.

  19. Dutch says:

    I’m on Bronson Arroyo in S. California for the second time this week. I don’t think San Diego will score more than 3 runs in this game. At -140 there is value on Cincy RL. If the bats are silenced the way they were in L.A., I’m in trouble. I’ll take my chances they can plate 2.

    The total on this game is 6.5, the lowest of the season.
    My play is Cincy +1.5……-140 @ Stations
    Season Total: -100

  20. Hawkeye Brad I won’t play any VP machines that offer less than 99% payback. Which means I’m typically playing 9/6 JoB, 8/5 BP, 9/7 DB, etc. If there’s no machines that are 99% or higher I’ll play slots.

    Also your idea to sit down at a bar is something I was going to also cover in a future segment so looks like we have a fairly savvy crowd here! Indeed you can typically get quicker drinks if you play at a bar but BEFORE you cash in to play, order a drink, tip well, then casually ask the bartender which (if any) drinks are comped if you play. Waitresses cannot serve you if you’re at the bar so the bartender is the one in charge there. If you tip well (not $1 a drink) most of the times they won’t care what you’re cashed in for and how often you “play” and you can get the usual drinks.

    YoTime Joe, I believe the reason why they comp video poker/slots players more is due to two things. (Both just my personal opinion). Firstly it’s 100% trackable how much you’ve played on a machine. No “fuzzy math” by the pit boss. Secondly, the rate of ruin on machines are insanely high if you’re playing with a low bankroll. Since you’re losing more money the casino can afford to comp you better so that you’ll come back and continue losing.

  21. New segment was sent over to the crew just now, should be included in this Friday’s show.

  22. Johnny Tulip says:

    I think the Imperial Palace is going to be the number #1 on the casino list.

    Here are the reasons why……

    #3. It’s not like it’s busy.

    #2. There is a pit boss there named “Hot Carl”.

    #1. They have a $5.25 prime rib sandwich.

    Need I say more.

    I had my first official summer blow out the other day when I Punted a Grumpy the size of Bmo’s head. OUCH!

    Anyway I think there will be some Vintage Volkswagen’s at the California hotel this Friday night. I don’t know if it is a show or not, but if not and your around there just walk the parking lot and check them out. My brother-in-law is driving his 67 split windshield bus with a bunch of other classics from Yipsilanti MI to Ventura CA. So get your aquairium watching way on, and get over there. Hoot Hoot is the sound the white owl makes.

  23. Steve in West Palm says:

    Is watching Gilmore Girls kind of like riding a moped, or doing a fat chick?

    …it’s fun, until one of your friends sees you doing it.

  24. Dutch says:

    Johnny Tulip in legendary form!
    It must be Tulip Time in Ho-town.

  25. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    You watch that moped smack or I’ll start in on the broads I kept seeing up near the public beach on Singer Island the last time we visited your fair city.

    I wonder if the first decent car I ever owned, my old 1992 VW Fox with dented rear 1/4 panel will be out in Ventura this weekend. I hope your brother in law has Gary from Gary’s Automotive in Holland on his cell phone. Gary is an absolute genius and the only guy who gets to touch our cars. The ’06 Passat is awesome machinery.

    There is even a beer tent at TT now…but I don’t get the day off anymore for the parades. When we first moved to CRCland, they gave us both afternoons off of school.

  26. patch406 says:

    Just for the record, I did not bring up the subject of “hot carls”.

  27. brian says:

    Play for Thursday: Detroit +2 over Chicago

    I have a 3 strikes you’re out policy with the teams I bet on, and right now the Pistons are on their last leg. They’re getting points for the 1st time this series (deservedly so) and there is no way they want to go to a game 7 situation. Detroit closes it out tonight.


  28. TrustNo1 says:

    Miss TAI will need a bodyguard. I nominate this dude: http://entertainment.msn.com/music/acma2007/photos/undressed?GT1=9987&photoidx=3

    No way I would follow this guy around late at night in a convenience store.

  29. Scott J. says:

    Padres 3-2 over the Reds, Tommy not only picking a winner, but calling the score!

    Nomination for TAI spokesmodel, Sarah Silverman.

  30. Trainfan John says:

    Before we put this message board in the can – a few favorite – probably all time classic – quotes from this show (which may – with the exception of the College Hoops breakdown – have been TD’s finest to date) :

    “I too got fucked by Barry Zito this week” – TD

    “A long losing streak is a killer for a professional gambler” -TD

    “I’m in the back of a pick up truck in Taiwan” TD’s Mom

  31. Steve in West Palm says:

    Was TD’s Mom in a cage in the back of a pick-up truck in Taiwan? Perhaps it was her bachelorette party…

  32. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    At least the Pistons finally took care of business.

    Did I miss something? Did Hasek get suspended too and the Wings had to put a cardboard cutout in goal last night. I don’t know. I can’t get that stupid bull riding channel these games are on! Thank you Mr. Bettman. The best I can do is get yahoo update every 30 seconds.

  33. Fennville you can listen to the games live and free of charge on the NHL Radio at nhl.com

  34. YoTime Joe says:

    Steve – Thanks for the info. I don’t think I gamble enough or big enough on VP to worry about it. Also coming from Oz I don’t get enough time there either.

    I have booked all flights now and will be in Vegas Nov 19th – 27th staying at the Luxor for anyone keen for a get tobether.

  35. Table_Max says:

    BMo- The Pistons were getting 2.5 points in game three.

    SOF- I can’t blame Dom for the loss last night. Not his best game, but he played well for the most part. The rest of the team played uninspired hockey, and our blue line let the Ducks get way too many quality chances. For a veteran team, the Wings looked kinda lost last night and let Anaheim dictate the pace of the game which led to too many mistakes on Detroit’s end.

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