Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Stay In One Of Vegas’ Famous Death Rooms!

It’s a slow weekend here in vegas so we had to outsource all of our stripper and hooker talk.

Topics on the day include B-Mo’s job search is finally over, Tom finds a strange name tag, “celebrities” who host parties, casinos transform into billboards, and homeless people with prime real estate. The pussy sells itself.

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114 Responses to Stay In One Of Vegas’ Famous Death Rooms!

  1. English Bob says:

    I wouldn’t mind trying the turkey and gravy soda just to see if it’s as bad as it sounds.

    But you can guarantee I’ll be trying a full fountain mix next time I’m in town. I wonder if they’ll let me try it with the draft pumps at the bar as well?

  2. patch406 says:

    I do like a black and tan…that’s an acceptable version of the suicide. I’d love to see somebody order like a bud, budlight, mgd, coorlight suicide. That would be STRONG.

  3. asterion says:

    That’s four American macrobrews. How would there be a difference?

  4. English Bob says:

    Vast improvement on my NFL betting this week, so far I’m 6-2-3 and with only two games left this week I’m calling that a winning week.

  5. English Bob says:

    Bud, mgd, and coors in a single glass it’d be a challenge on my tasting skills to tell the difference between nats, cats and rats.

  6. roosterman says:

    Nice tipping by you in the rugby. Eng and SA doing it easily, my tips were woeful, i’ve had no idea since the knockout games. That now leaves me at 8-10, and i owe dipper a redback. 🙁

  7. Cebu says:

    English Bob – Hatton/Mayweather is a bout i’m really jazzed about. That fight is as one writer put it a classic Matador vs. Bull engagement. Hatton is tough as nails, has a rockhard chin and I am convinced the man is an android for his ability to just shrug off pain. That being said, he does have the unfortunate tendancy to get cut and bruised an awful lot, due to his ‘come forward and bring it on style’. Pretty Boy, on the other hand has just the most unbelievable athleticism and defense to come along in a long while. He makes you miss then comes at you with a lightning fast combination. He may not knock you out but his punches are accurate and lethal and he will make you look bad. I think this fight will come down to Hatton’s conditioning. If ‘The Hitman’ (Hatton) can cut off Mayweather’s escape routes and hunt him down he has a good chance of taking it in the 10th or 11th rounds because Ricky has thunder in both fists. Even at this weight class he took down a legit champion (Jose Luis Castillo)with a VICIOUS shot to the body. If he can’t close down the angles, I see Mayweather winning the unanimous decision.

  8. Cebu says:

    dipperfc – thanks 🙂 Nice to be able to share my passion with you guys. Yeah, I agree, boxing has been without a truly household name in his prime in quite some time. The reason is that in the late 90’s a plethora of sanctioning bodies suddenly popped up offering world titles, belts and of course demanding a fair share of sanctioning fees. That has led to the dilution of unified champions as every ranked boxer is a ‘world champion’, this is now even worse as The Ring magazine long considered the true ranking system of boxing has been bought by Oscar dela Hoya through his Golden Boy Promotions company. This is self-serving to say the least. But there are great fighters and fights out there but none of them are marquee names such as Lewis, Jones Jr., etc but boxing is going through a resurgence now as well. The lower weight classes (Super middleweight and below) have GREAT fighters and the matchups for the rest of the year will be fantastic. Some great ones coming up:

    a) Nov. 3 (Cardiff)- Calzaghe v. Kessler: I might actually fly to Wales for this one. I hear the atmosphere when Calzaghe fights is unbelievable
    b)Nov. 3(Tucson, AZ) – Juan Manuel Marquez v. Rocky Juarez
    c)Nov. 10 (NY) – Sugar Shane Mosley v. Miguel Cotto
    d) Nov. 17 (Atlantic City) – Joan Guzman v. Humberto Soto

    Even more in late November and December. As a fight fan, I’m happy. We didn’t see matches like this in the last 2 years at least in this qunatity.

  9. helmet says:

    I think Gus feroutte should slam his head into more walls after touchdowns, oh wait he can’t score touchdowns. I believe this is the second time he has thrown 5 picks in one game.(det ’01) So sad.

  10. thelma says:

    Hey Brian,
    I read your comment about the Bengals. My fiance Jeremy got a good laugh about it and said, “If you can at least see and run down the field you might be a better pick to be on that team.” But really there wasn’t a good win. The chiefs got lucky they were playing such a poor team today. Because the Chiefs would play bad, but the Bengals would out do them by playing worse.

  11. Troy from Las Vegas says:

    Why send you guys stuff? Pretty simple reason for me really. I know this site and show aren’t free and donations would be welcome. I am not rolling in the dough but do have some material things I can give you that you can give away as prizes or whatever. Perhaps that will spark more interest in the show creating more listeners who actually do have decent paying jobs and who can write a check. Also, the book I want to send you – Cook Your Way Into Her Pants – was written by a good friend of mine who would love to have the book out there. And who better to give the book to than your fine listeners?

  12. jimmymac says:

    Bmo,although you’re almost large enough to BE the Bengals O.line,you’re not athletic enough…go back to whiffleball.

    I have some great stuff for your prize packages and you’ll have to call me to get it.Unlike you,I’ll answer…

    Parking lot at the Red Rock casino this morning at 8:30 am,I’m walking into the casino and spot some broad with her pants pulled down pissing right next to her car. Can’t they put some kybo’s out there? And if it’s not called a kybo,then what do you call it?

  13. Richie says:

    portable bog

  14. jsaund22 says:

    Congrats on the 9-5 job, Brian. Sounds like it’s right up your alley. You never know, if they get wind of TAI, your stock may go way up. Worldwide promotion for the cost of a few beers and some souvenir ink pens? SCORE!

    By the way, while you’re at the CoC (hmmmm….), do you think you could do something about that stupid “Your Vegas is Showing” ad campaign? Or is that the Tourism Board?

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