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Square Money Wins Big This Weekend

It’s a record breaking episode of TAI with numbers shattered for message board viewers, live show listeners and a TAI poker champ is crowned.

Topics on the day include another betting lesson from professor Dutch, an ailing listener makes a pleas for help, a recap of Hatton vs Mayweather, and all of next week’s NFL lines given out first courtesy of donbest.com.

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4 Responses to Square Money Wins Big This Weekend

  1. Cebu says:

    just checking for an echo on here..

  2. devildog says:

    My Flagstaff,ARZ experience..

    Febuary 1990..After leaving Vegas,my cousin and I pull into Flagstaff(I think it was the Best Western),on a Sunday night. Talk about excitement! We couln’t even see the Grand Canyon,as the roads were closed from the 13″ of snow.

    We did manage to get some laundry done,as well as take in a made for TV movie titled “Death of the Incredible Hulk”. What more could 2 swinging bachelors ask for..?!

  3. Cebu says:

    Death of the Incredible Hulk in Flagstaff Arizona sounds like it could rival a trip to pahrump any day

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