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Sports Betting Master Class

Dealers union a likely prospect? No, but there is no reason you should have to put up with Dicks playing low limit poker. Tommy Dutch makes his first post on the board, well according to Brian.

You asked for it, so you got it, well one of you asked for it, so all of you get it. What’s a spread? A money line of -2.50 does that mean you’ll lose money? What about all these prop bets, what the heck are they?

Paris, ah the big Eiffel Tower that’s half the size. Both of the guys love the great food and the cocktail waitresses, but that’s all the agree on. Why does it create such a split? Tune in to find out.

We get of the strip to check out another mini Vegas, Primm Nevada and an old fashion steakhouse. Jesus Lady of Vegas what is this world coming too? Armed and dangerous and on the run, only in Las Vegas.

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13 Responses to Sports Betting Master Class

  1. bigbadbob says:

    Thanks for the crash course in sports gambling! Your original explanation of lines and over / unders was a little “over” my head at the time. This time it all makes sense and maybe I’ll even place a little bet next time I’m in town.

    As for the Paris, I’m with Brian on this one: I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I live in the province of Quebec (with is mostly French) and I’m thoroughly unimpressed by the 50 or so words the employees have been forced to learn. Or maybe it’s because nothing at the Paris stands out as being fun, exciting, or even remotely romantic. Or maybe it’s that stupid hot air balloon out front that means absolutely nothing to me.

    I honestly see no reason to spend the extra $$$ and stay at Paris as opposed to Bally’s especially if all you want is a clean room, prime strip location and you’re inclined to stay at a Harrah’s-owned property. I hear the pool at Paris is brilliant, but really, is it worth the difference in room rates? I think that rating Paris anything more than two armpit-scented baguettes is far too generous.

    Sorry Tommy… after all the nice things you said about me last week I still have the nerve to chime in and completely trash talk one of your favourite properties. But don’t worry, I’m sure you get back at me when you talk about the Aladdin next. I know it’s a dump, but it’s where I stayed at when I first visited Vegas so it holds a special place in my heart!

    Have a great week all!

  2. patch406 says:

    Sketchers huh? Here’s a SEXIER link to Tommy D’s run in with the Fuzz.


  3. patch406 says:

    Can we please get back to talking about winking the browneye?

    Constipation IS a problem when visiting Vegas for many previously mentioned elements ie lots of meat eating, poor vegtable intake, heavy alcohol intake, dehydration, disrupted sleeping patterns. Now, I have the cure. I work in the medical field and you should heed my “professional” opinion. Much of this information is directly stolen from the comic actor Jack Black, but it’s true and I adhere to it personally after reading an interview with him. The magic bullet is METAMUCIL. It sounds like something horrible for aged folks, but I’m telling you it’s amazing and it’s the perfect recipe for the IMMACULATE NO-WIPER. It comes in many forms and I can tell you pick up the pill form can take a couple at night and in the am you’ll crank out the grumpy of your life. It’ll be smooth and completely delightful….with perfect tapering to allow for no mess wiping. YOU WIPE…of course, but it’s as pure as the driven snow. You never again fight the miserable sensation of incomplete rectal emptying…you know where you end up somewhere in the middle of a shit and end up wiping for ages. Metamucil. Problem Solved.

    PS. I just put my house on the market and my brother has officially “dared” me to leave an “upper decker” in one of the shitters after she sells. For those of you know what the above mentioned gem is…nothing beats moving into a new home than a hilarious grumpy punting gag.

  4. devildog says:

    I’m assuming that this is unique to Vegas? Can you accomplish this anywhere? Maybe even in Iowa?!

  5. patch406 says:

    The IMMACULATE PERFECT NO-WIPER? Not unique to Vegas my man…you can enjoy one ANYWHERE….it transcends geography and race and gender and age. I’m telling you if everybody on this planet would have a little Metamucil each evening and got up and punted off a lovely no wiping grumpy in the am…we wouldn’t have to dream of heaven….we’d already be there my brother.

    BTW the place the Dutch Oven was speaking of is a place called “Napoleon’s” which falls under the category of “HATE IT” in my book. It used to be a complete gem until they changed format and became this dueling piano nonsense. It was a phenomenal place to take your lady fire up a nice cigar and relax with a cool glass of Crown Royal (the Cadillac of Canadian Whiskey) and listen to some great live jazz. I’m actually pissed just typing this. It really was probably the best cigar bar in Vegas and now she’s gone.

  6. Brandon says:

    Oh how soon they forget ;)…. you had me labeled the “strip club expert” in a previous show which my wife was particularly pleased by.

    I had no idea that I was such an anomaly, but as soon as Tommy said that he didn’t know that there were boxing fans who didn’t gamble I immediately thought, “oh no, is this like being a guy who claims he loves horse racing because of the sport of it” and then Brian confirmed my worst fears. I am going to have to either give up boxing or become a serious gambler. I think the choice is obvious.

  7. brian says:

    Wow, that’s my bad Brandon. I definitely remember you now. We need to get you a wacky message board nick name that sticks in our forgetful minds. I believe the “Grumpy Punter” is still available…

  8. trainfan says:

    I can see that this board has gone to shit. Again! *lol*

    Patch you are one crazy mother – and the sketcher’s pic perfect, so thanks for that.

  9. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Patch: As the hosts would say, you are absolutely right on with that one. A few years ago a friend of mine tipped me off to the Metamucil trick. However, I find that the pills don’t do shit, pardon the pun, but the powder mix is a Godsend. A glass of Metamucil before a night out on the town is a must.

  10. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Metamucil? Wow Patch! I think the cornbeef hash at Terrible’s might be as effective…I will pick up a can the next time I am out shopping for a cane of an Olds 98.

    Gotta go with Dutch Boy on the Paris review. I wandered into there by accident on my first ever trip while looking for my next conference session at Bally’s. I’m not going to say I thought I was in Paris, but the way they pioneered the whole outdoors brought indoors was pretty neat to see. The CW outfits are worth the stop. Skip the tower, but you can still have a lot of fun there.

    Our Lady of Las Vegas? Doesn’t she work at The Rhino?

  11. vegas villain says:

    Yea, I was out wondering the strip this weekend and had to go down that magical sidewalk you had mentioned, that moves people faster than walking, YES!! While I was on the moving sidewalk I recalled the times I had been hit on by a hooker moving down that very sidewalk. MMMMMMMM those were the days. Not really because it was only a few months ago. But that really did happen. It’s a pretty good story actually. You know another cool place I haven’t been since the world series of poker was in town………VOODOO lounge on the 57th floor of the RIO (which holds the WSOP now). The view of VEGAS from up there is awesome and the dance floor is also outside!!! Plus those freaking drinks that smoke are SOFA KING COOL!
    yours truly,
    the jobless kid stuck in vegas

  12. AceRockollaUK says:

    OK so I’m a bit late with a reply, but I only listened today (July)

    The ballon outside of Paris, I would guess is a representation of the ballon flown by the montgolfier brothers which I belive was the first ever ballon ride. And of course they were French.

    As I say thats my guess.

    As for the review of the Venitian last time around. I love the real Venice and actually think they did a pretty good job in the Ventian. I know I was shocked to see my favourite little artists shop in Venice actually inside the Venitian.
    And of course the ceilings are hand painted and look amazing as do the stunninmg marble floors.
    Of course the gondolas are fffffing stupid but c’mom it ain’t bad.

  13. Lady Grey says:

    I have to say that I am with Tommy D. on this one….I love the Paris, and not just for the hot cocktail girls, I just love all things about it. There is a coffee house there that is by far my fav place to have brakefast in Vegas if I am eating out. In fact my fist trip to Vegas was just over a week long and we stayed at Paris. Good times, and there have been many more since.

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