Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Sorry For Your Luck

It’s a Christmas Miracle… you’re welcome.

Topics on the day include turbl people’s jammie vid tilt, Top 10 TAI Slang, Y2k’s Apple Pie Moonshine recipe, Top 10 TAI Moments of ALL time, and maybe a SOTW.

Sponsored by the refreshing Peach Fresca, the cure for the scourge of 100% cotton mouth.

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2 Responses to Sorry For Your Luck

  1. Bob says:

    WTF with patch sounding like he’s a cross between being ill, smoking for 80 years, and phoning it in from osama bin ladin’s cave, get a fucking mick, damn amateur.

  2. Pray4Snow says:

    Wow … you guys are great.
    You should start a podcast of your own or something.

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