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Skechers Ha I know these things

How could we forget the worlds fattest Elvis? A blast from the past One on One sports, whatever happened Johnny Renshaw. This ain’t iowa prop bets, my money is on Brian for the absolutely. Lets not forget Tommy Dutch and his brush with the law.

Bally’s is Vegas old style and when we say old style we mean 1980’s Vegas. There’s a great moving side walk and you go through Ballys to get to Paris. As far as shows go… well you get to see other people win prizes and a fake Bob Barker.

Love it and Hate it. It’s a about the energy and the traffic. So which one do you think we love? We round out the show with our sports picks. Can Brian make any ground on Mr Dutch?

Happy Australia Day

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5 Responses to Skechers Ha I know these things

  1. devildog says:

    When you covered the “Ethel M” chocolate factory, I automatically thought of Ethel Merman. I haven’t found the connection yet. However, I did notice the “not appicable” under the height or weight restrictions to vistors…

  2. Dutch says:

    my #’s were a bit off but i’m still on unc -2.5 and ohio st. -8.5

  3. Scott Johnson says:

    Brian, agree 100% with you on the online gaming ban. I am stuck with a bunch of pending futures bets at Pinnacle (that I made for future hedging possibilities, with no place to hedge now), and quite a bit of money in Neteller. The Feds are apparently preventing Neteller from releasing funds to their US customers. I have a couple EFT transfers to my bank account that are frozen in cyberspace. Neteller is saying it may take up to 8 weeks for the transfers to go thru, if we get the money at all. My take is our government is making its citizens “pay” for their evil online gambling. I can’t believe the feds are putting such an emphasis on trying to stop this, can’t our resources be used for something a little more important? Thanks for letting me vent.

    Scott J.

  4. devildog says:

    I wonder who the “Swami” is going to push now that Pinnacle is in the dry-dock?!

  5. Brandon says:

    As a boxing fan I totally agree about Cinco De Mayo this year. I can only imagine that it is a huge holiday in Vegas to begin with, but add to that one of the biggest fights of the last 10 years and I think the place is going to be insane. I briefly entertained the notion of making it down for the fight but the tickets went on sale today and by 2pm you couldn’t get two seats together anywhere in the arena, and a single seat was a minimum of $1000. I’m curious to see where the line will be because I think the smart money is on Mayweather but the fan money will be on De La Hoya.

    Speaking of sports gambling, I have a request for some show when it’s been a slow news week. I am not a sports better at all, and while I understand the concepts of the line, spread, etc. terms like “lay the number” (which I probably just got wrong) are foreign to me. Would it possible to do a five minute remedial sports betting class?

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