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Rock and Roll

To quote Nirvana “all apologizes” this show is late going out. Why? One of the This Ain’t Iowa crew went on a gambling bender. No not Brian. No not Tommy. Yes Tony the  producer, hence the lack of show notes, I’d have more show motes if I was less hungover.

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  1. Trainfan John says:

    Another Solid effort in the books – like I said last time – the format, pacing, etc are really good. And you have continued the streak of making me laugh outloud. Since Tony has apparently not discovered the healing powers of 4 Excedrin Sinus Tablets chased with Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold – I figured I’d offer up my own set of notes –

    First off, exactly what kind of subliminal messages are you sending out? Apparently Fennville sent you the EXACT SAME EMAIL about the Stardust as I did. And not only that, He made the same reference to helping out with your preparatation. Now, I’m not a professional gambler – but I would have to think the odds on that are through the roof.

    Second, who are you and what have you done with Brian and Tommy? If I heard correctly, one of the drawbacks to the Hard Rock was, and I quote, “Half Drunk Women roaming around in their bikinis”. When did this become a problem for our “sin city insiders”?

    Third, perhaps we got an inkling to the above question when the boys seemed to know an awful lot about the “Fruit Loop”. That reference by the way completely ruined my childhood memories of enjoying a bowl of cereal with my Dad on a Saturday morning before cartoons started.

    Next, you described the Hard Rock as havinng a “Young, hip, good looking crowd” – and you wonder why you are uncomfortable there?

    A few other quick notes before I get rolling into my weekend:

    Happy Anniversary to Brian and the poor soul who married him.

    Be sure to check out the Metreon in SF

    I can’t believe we might not have a show Monday – the week will be really tough to deal with

    What do you think would happen if Jako crashed Paris’ Birthday Bash?

    And finally, you need to give some serious consideratation to changing the show slogan to: “If your not talking nobody will. And that won’t make good radio”

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Dutch says:

    no show Monday. sorry for being so sloppy this week we’ll be back at full strength for Friday’s show. picks for the day are S. Illinois +3.5 and N. Carolina -6

  3. Slashdogx says:

    Good show once again.

    Nice to hear that Ultimate Poker is headed to the UK. Please post the details, or at least the network (e.g. BBC, ITV) it will be on, when the details are clear.

    Potential topic for a future show: A profile of the mysterious “Tony”, perhaps an interview and overview of the production process for the podcast.

    I would place the prop bets on the show this week as follows based only on what we heard in the episode.

    Money line bets:

    Tommy has a PC by next show: +120
    Tommy has no PC by next show: -130

    Next show is Monday: +350
    Next show is Friday: -390


    So the hosts mentioned that Leno is coming to Vegas. I saw him about 5 years ago as the entertainment at a professional conference. He was good, but I am generally used to hearing him before going to sleep. Apparently others were too, because about half way through his show, everyone at my table was feeling sleepy and we were all having trouble keeping our eyes open. I wonder if he now sees that a lot in his life audiences.

  4. Slashdogx says:

    Opps. I missed Tommy’s message that the show Monday is off. It came in after I originally brought up the comments page, but before I submitted my comment. Of course the prop bet on the Monday show is now off.

  5. ohio dave says:

    where is tommy and brian pixs at???

  6. brian says:

    Hey Ohio Dave, welcome to the boards. You seem to be in a rush. Did someone get into trouble with a bookie????

    My plays for Saturday:

    Washington +13 at Pitt

    I know these are 2 teams headed in opposite directions, but Wash has too much talent to be this big of a dog.

    Airforce -12.5 vs. Colorado St.

    Airforce is 14-0 at home this season, and they should dominate a Col St. team that plays a pretty weak schedule.

    Marquette -2.5 vs. Louisville

    This might be the best game of the day. I think it’s going to be back and forth for most of the game, but I’ll take Marquette to pull away at home late.

    Washington +13
    Air Force -12.5
    Marquette -2.5

  7. brian says:

    Unofficial play of the day.

    Please Arizona, if you have a shred of pride left, beat UCLA at McHale!

  8. Bosco says:

    Right on the money with your HR review. The coffee shop 777 special is a great deal. The memorabilia is fun to check out. They have a great coupon sheet with a $25 match play. The women are hot. BUT the vibe is odd.

    so I give you the following:


    1. Wear sunglasses after dark.
    2. Smoke clove cigarettes
    3. DO NOT play basic strategy while playing Black Jack.
    4. Be sure to bet beyond your means.
    5. Do not interact with anyone else at your table.
    6. Wear girl pants.

    These are the requirements. I’m sure there are some others I have forgotten.

  9. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Pretty good run-down of the Hard Rock. You talked so much about being sloppy, heck I thought that was one of your more well done reviews. I am a huge $7.77 steak fan. Yeah, there are a lot of d-bags on the floor. I go primarily for the food and the view. I know mid-week afternoons are prime sleeping times for Tommy Dutch, but the place seems a lot more relaxed at the off-peak times. I took my dad there for steak after we watched He Hate Me do his thing against at the scariest sporting event I ever attended. Good thing the XFL folded before someone was murdered at one of those games. Anyway, I thought I was going to lose the oldman when some hottie sat down in a metal chainmail tanktop next to us and then leaned over to adjust her shoe. That was back when the steak and shrimp were 4.99.

    Gotta give the Stardust email to Trainfan.

    Maybe all of us now the other side of 35 are starting to rub off on Dutch.

  10. brian says:

    Note to self, when commenting on the weakness of the Colorado St. schedule, it is important to note the AIR FORCE PLAYS THE SAME F-ING SCHEDULE! Nice analysis retard. I’m sorry to be the one to break up the hot streak we were on with our picks, but there’s still a chance to turn a profit with Marquette tonight. Record so far: 15-9-2.

    Also Slash, from what I understand, Cash Poker will remain on WGN but on Saturday nights. As for those of you who listen across the pond, I don’t have the programming details. More than likely BBC 124 at 3:00am. There are also about a month and a half worth of UPC episodes that will be aired at the regularly scheduled time. Thanks for all of the support.

  11. Paigow Pete says:

    Speaking of UPC:Cash Poker.

    Dudes, if you get a chance, watch this Sat’s. show where Vanessa Russo catches Aces-up on the river 4 and Clonnie Gowan goes all in with two pair… a bit of an angle shot by Vannessa and the cat fight ensues…….. Excellent!!!!

  12. Slashdogx says:

    Brian, Thanks for the info on the UK carriers. I have some friends on expat assignments in London and will tell them to check it out.

    I noticed that the Cash show has had the real big names much more than the UPC tournaments. Its fun to hear you calling Brunson (even though he didn’t do a damn thing in his episode), Gowen, Matasow, etc.

    Pete, thanks for the heads up on the UPC Cash episode . I have it on DVR, but have not yet watched it.

    This poker law is starting to suck more and more. I see where another podcast I pick-up once in a while (serious satellite’s Bluff Poker Radio) is pulling the plug. I also heard where high stakes poker and poker after dark are circling the drain. A true bummer.

  13. brian says:

    Good call Pete. I love how passive-aggressive Clonie was being. It got so bad that Vanessa actually left the table. Ah, I love girl fights.

  14. Slashdogx says:

    Brian, Pete, That was extremely entertaining poker. Pete, thanks again for pointing that out.

    A couple of things I noticed in addition to what Pete mentioned. A couple of hands after the big hand, you can see Russo counting the hundreds in cash that Gowen threw in the pot while Gowen is staring at her.

    Also, I thought it was intertaining to see Clonie hitting up Matasow for a loan and than arranging a kind of a marker while talking about what she had is some sort of account. I haven’t seen people dealing with their financing issues live before.

    Brian, I especially enjoyed a couple of your calls including ‘If looks could kill, Vanessa would have keeled over already… and Clonie’s looking for a loan.” also when the commotion carried over a few hands and when there was still caos at the table during a heads up flop came your observation “I don’t think the rest of the tables knows there is a game going on”. Excellent.

  15. mofobes says:


    hard rock does not have a poker room, though they do often host special/celebrity tourneys. word is the one is slated to be built in the expansion plans of the new owners who are the morgans hotel group of new york (morgans, clift, mondrian, delano, … hotels) so if you thought it had a cliquish/eurotrash feel before, i think it will only get worse. it is a good place to visit with friends, and i too have had some very good meals at the pink taco. i also like their cigar shop, but over all, i agree with tommy that vibe over at the palms is much better.

    also, for black jack fans – after extensive, almost exhaustive research, i have found that only the hilton offers the option of surrender in their regular black jack games.

    several casionos have “super fun 21” that allows for surrenders (even after doubling down or taking a 3rd or 4th card), but you pay for that because black jack only pays even money.

  16. Steve says:

    How the hell is Matusow giving out loans? Seems to me everytime I saw him on FTP he was saying he’s broke. Not to mention how poorly HSP was slanting his losses. (People were paying him to stay at the tables!)

    Anyway nice show and enjoy the break until next Friday you two.

  17. Bernie says:

    From this report it sounds like you will have several topics for your this ain’t Iowa segment.


    Tommy – How did you enjoy the NBA All-Ghetto Weekend?

    Were you “making it rain” at the Minxx Gentleman’s Club with Nelly and Pacman Jones fromt he TN Titans when the bullets started flying? Does an NFL player count in your number of player arrests: 1 1/2 over/under line? I had the over.


  18. asterion says:


    I love the show, now that I finally remembered to add it to iTunes after hearing about it yet again on Behind the Bricks. I’m still trying to get caught up, so apologies if this has been asked before. I haven’t been to Vegas in 15 years–that would be the summer of 1992 and I was 9. Suffice it to say, I didn’t do any gambling–though the arcade where we were staying kicked ass and my parents have never given me that my quarters again in my life. Anyway, somewhere down the priority list is a trip to Las Vegas. Disregarding the cost of airfare/driving and the amount I’d be willing to gamble, about how much would be good for a weekend’s worth of food, lodging, car rental or taxi rides, and so on? How about a full week? I’m more of a low-limit gambler, but I don’t even have to stay in one of the casino/hotels–a Motel 6 and a car ride to wherever would be fine by me. I’d probably want to stay in Las Vegas–I’ve seen most of what’s to be seen in the area already on my previous trip.

    Also, is there a better time of year to go? As I said, the last trip was in the summer, and while the heat doesn’t bother me, I remember it being extremely crowded.

  19. Trainfan John says:

    Great Stuff Bernie – sounds like it was a complete disaster. Happy I’m heading there this Sunday instead of just coming back.

  20. Dutch says:

    Wow! what a week for us to miss our Monday show. We definitely have a ton to talk about. Computer is still being worked on but I should get it back working tomorrow.

    Tony, it looks like everything was saved so you probaly don’t have to walk me through all those steps again

    Official play for the night is U.N.L.V. -2.5 people around here have been excited for this for a while and the Rebels may actually have a home court advantage to go with their superior athleticism and quickness.
    Record 16-5-1

  21. brian says:

    I just got back into town this morning and was shocked there was actually a town to come home to. Over 360 arrests? And none of them were Allen Iverson! Tommy and will definitely have a jumbo show ready for Friday, so you may want to plan a sick day. The over/under on length of the next show is 1:20.

    Play for Tuesday: Suns -5.5 over Clippers

    This number opened at -4.5 and jumped up a point almost immediately. I still like the Suns. Nash will play, and after skipping the All-Star game, his shoulder should be healthy and he won’t have a nasty hangover/bullet wound to nurse.

    Other possible plays:

    Over 213 Suns/LAC. Over has hit 12 of last 13 times they’ve met
    Under 226 Griz/Sonics. Neither of these teams have mastered the art of defense, but with almost a week off, the shooting may be a little eratic.

    Record: 15-10-2

  22. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    Give my regards to the TI. Enjoy the Mai Tais or better yet the scenery. Just remember when the 36 bucks starts burning a hole in your pocket to stay the hell away from the New Frontier.

    The Fennville Power Play is this little jewel right here:


    Print these mofos off and get some good cheap grub when you’re tired and toasted. The Bella Panini is probably the best. Way better than the ungodly amount they charge at places like Canters in TI or Carnegie at Mirage. Nathan’s hotdogs are great anytime and you can find them all over.

  23. trainfan says:

    Fennville –

    You are the MAN! I’ll be able to survive nearly a week just on those coupons and free drinks at the penny slots.

    If I’m able to double up my bankroll and get up to 36.00 I will certainly be sure to take your advice.

  24. trainfan says:

    If you guys haven’t seen Vegas Rex’s take on the all-star weekend be sure to check it out at : http://www.vegasrex.com/2007/02/18/more-2007-nba-all-star-weekend/

    The guy is funny as hell and paints a pretty scary picture of our beloved Sin City over the past weekend.

  25. brian says:

    My play for Wednesday Spurs -6.5 @ Hawks

    Atlanta barely wins at home, let alone cover. They’re home record is 9-15 and they’ve only covered 2 of their last 8 at home. The Spurs have owned the Hawks, and if last night was any indication, San Antonio isn’t rusty from the week off. I’m a little bit worried about traveling and playing on back to back nights, but even a tired Spurs team should be able to win by double digits.

    Spurs -6.5

    Record: 16-10-2

  26. Dutch says:

    Official play of the night is Virginia -3

    I’m taking the more talented team on the way up over the less talented team on the way down. UVA has the superior coach and arguably the best backcourt in the country. The Canes are banged up and have nothing to play for unless they really want an NIT bid. I’ve felt good about a lot of plays lately but on this one I really feel like I’m holding the nuts.

    Record 17-5-1

  27. brian says:

    My play for Wednesday night. Spurs -6.6 @ Hawks

    Atlanta can’t seem to win at home, let alone cover. They’re 9-15 at home this season and have only covered 2 of their last 8 home games. The Spurs have completely owned the Hawks in recent years, and if last night was any indication, San Antonio isn’t rusty after the All-Star break. I’m a little worried about traveling and playing on back to back nights, but even at less than 100% the Spurs should win by double digits.

    Spurs -6.5
    Record: 16-10-2

    ps – I also happen to love Tommy’s play tonight, I bought a piece of it myself.

  28. ohio dave says:


    Always in a rush! Enjoy the show look forward to my April trip… Maybe I could do a Pahrump report for the show.. Or better yet Miko’s Spa on Spring Mountain!

  29. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Hope somebody took the Spartans and points against Bucky the other night. I loathe all things about the Rotten S Ranch in East Lansing, but Neitzel is freaking witch!

  30. Dutch says:


    you have established yourself as a legendary contributor to this show and your thoughts are always appreciated however there is a zero tolerance rule when comes to any form of East Lansing bashing. Sparty ON!

  31. Hawkeye Brad says:

    I wish I could talk shit about MSU, but I witnessed the worst loss of the Steve Alford era up there last weekend and thus I shouldn’t say anything bad about their retarded fans, vertically challenged coach, or craphole they call the capital of Michigan. Neitzel is a bitch of a player, though.

  32. Dutch says:

    Worst loss of the Alford era? Isn’t that sort of like Groundhog Day? I have no problems with Herky and his boys they tend to be notorious underachievers making guys like Izzo look brilliant year after year. Good point about Lansing being a craphole, I’m sure Des Moine is lovely this time of year.

  33. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    It’s all fun TD. I respect the Hell out of State.

    Two guys I wish resided in A2 and wore the Maize and Blue are Tom Izzo and Drew Neitzel. Tommy Mediocrity and his band of Wolverine underachievers are mighty hard to watch.

    My borther-in-law teaches at MSU and unlike some is a great guy….probably because he graduated undergrad from Michigan.

    Lansing….a craphole? Dude! You need to check out Flint or Ypsilanti.

  34. Dex says:

    I agree that Drew Neitzel is and always will be horrible and have to say that, Alford’s repeatedly horrible record aside, there’s about a 50% chance that the Hawkeyes play for the Big Ten Tourney title. And then they’ll lose and flame out in the first round of the NIT. Damnit.

    And the Hawks reside in Iowa City. Des Moines is defintiely a craphole.

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