Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Rando’s Plan Backfired

B-Mo and Rando square off solo for the first time. Let the countdown to big boob talk begin.

Topics on the day include several comparisons to Apocalypse Now and the holocaust, a delightful twist on the “You can’t fire me, I quit” technique, A glimpse into Rando’s newest literary endevour, and what porn sites are worth the virus you will get. Can you be a trooper and lift up your own belly flap?

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One Response to Rando’s Plan Backfired

  1. Billy Jack says:

    Thank you so much for providing us with The Amazing Rando: The Missing Reno Chapter! We are long-time Rando readers & noticed he hadn’t been tweating much at all during his time in Reno. He truly is the master of the one-liner & we enjoy reading his tweats on a daily basis. (BTW, what WAS Rando on? The first 6 mins of the interview were totally incomprehensible??? Kudos to Brian for patiently reigning in The Amazing Rando! Kinda like an Adam Carolla to his Smiteboy.) Poor Rando, ya shouldda moved back to Vegas instead of Reno – then you could enjoy the dollar store that sells clothing, the new Winco, 1/2price chickens after 9 at Food4Less. Love ya, Rando! Keep ’em coming!

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