Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Rags to Riches, Curlin, and Chad Johnson. What A Trifecta.

It’s the first all sports show and the fellas do their best to stay on track. Tommy Dutch reveals some of his secrets to baseball handicapping and Brian admits defeat in the NBA.

Other topics thrown around include, The new Stanley Cup champs, playing tennis on Play D’oh, and what does Gary Sheffield have in common with Don Imus.

Finally, it’s never to early to talk NFL, Dutch tries to gain an advantage with his week 1 lines.

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41 Responses to Rags to Riches, Curlin, and Chad Johnson. What A Trifecta.

  1. KGB says:

    Yo guys-

    Good job today – it was at least a little bit about sports 🙂

    BTW, Fjords are in Norway. Finland has, well, Finns.

  2. brian says:

    Norway? What part of the country is that?

  3. brian says:

    Just wanted to give some major props to Tony. He was traveling yesterday and we had some tech problems with the mofobes interview, but he did a great job and got the show out on time so that we could avoid the ridicule of being late on our first 3 show week. Thanks man!

  4. patch406 says:

    Venetian is a friggin madhouse. Alternate #4 into this am’s tourney. Hundreds left hanging.

  5. K Freeze says:

    Great show today! I like the new format. Hope the cards fall right for all TAI fans in the WSOP.

  6. dipperfc says:

    Great show!
    So cool hearing from Mofobes for a TAI angle of the WSOP! Been following it on the net, keep the updates coming!
    I hope we get updates from any TAI listeners as to what their WSOP experience was like……I wish I was there!!

  7. Scott J. says:


    I remember you mentioning you liked Louisville in NCAA basketball next year. Are futures out yet for next season in Vegas? Haven’t been able to find any online.

    Enjoyed the show and look forward to some more sports betting insights.

  8. patch406 says:

    My bro and I are off to the BOA steakhouse my personal fav. I lasted about 5 hours in the tourney today. Got super lucky with aces against set on flop. Sucked an ace on river to live. I did find and return a pair of bose headphones under my tourney chair and a blackberry in a cab. Building the karma.

  9. Trainfan John says:

    If anyone finds a blackberry and a pair of Bose headphones please send them to me.


  10. Trainfan John says:

    MoFobes!!!! Great job on the show – you single handedly saved it today. Just when I was wondering where we were going after covering horse racing, tennis and woman’s softball in the first 1/2 hour of the ALL SPORTS show – here you come with a classic Vegas tale of drinking, gambling and strippers!!! You, my friend, are still living the life.

  11. brian says:

    I absolutely agree. A star was born today.

  12. Slashdogx says:

    Hellmuth just won his 11th WOSP title moving ahead of Brunson and Chan (both of whom apparantly jointly awarded him the bracelet in what sounds like a class move for poker) for most on the all time list.

    He better enjoy his moment in the sun before Mofobes starts to inevitably close the gap (assuming Mofobes can keep his buy-in out of the strip clubs). Who know dollar beers would ultimately cost 1500 gronks.

    I’m on the bandwagon for more Mofobes poker reporting as well. Brian, nice job of interviewing.

  13. Dutch says:


    The Hilton and the Palms have college hoops futures up for sure, but the secret is out on Louisville. Saw them at 10 to 1 (no value in that) at the Hilton the other day. We’re talking A.L. baseball Monday but I’ll throw in hoops as well.

  14. patch406 says:

    Yeah pH just gotRherdone down here at the WSOP.

  15. patch406 says:

    Total irony I leave washington to hit the Vegas sun and end up watching a brilliant, but quite melancholy film of Kurt Cobian speaking over views of different parts of Seattle and Olympia @ the Las Vegas filmfestival. My bro and I even enjoyed a sweet several second shot of one of our friends @ a recent rock show.

  16. YoTime Joe says:

    Hey Guys, I just want to know that now Paris has been sent a message from GOD does she get a 2nd chance???

  17. KGB says:

    Who’s gonna be in Vegas next week? I’m playing event 35 (21-23 June)…

  18. YoTime Joe says:

    Did TAI have something to do with the ending of Sopranos?? They were filming some episodes in Vegas.

  19. dipperfc says:

    KGB….keep us posted on how your WSOP event goes,I will keep an eye on you on the internet ‘chip count’..goood luck buddy!

  20. dipperfc says:

    Fuck this Soprano’s info is gunna fuck me up!
    I love the show….but don’t want to know what happened because we wont see it in Australia for about a year!!!!

    Anyway my guess is T gets wacked by his wife & hooks up with Furio & Meadow ends up on ‘the pole’ working for Silvio.

  21. JR says:

    Dipper i might be able to acquire the final 9 episodes including the ending (got to love the net and IT workers). it will be recorded in DivX and i will give Joe a copy if you want to catch up.

    Cheers JR

  22. dipperfc says:

    JR………….shit yeah!!!!!!!

  23. JR says:

    Brian/Tommy – without trying to spoil the ending for Joe and dipper i thought the ending sucked for The Sopranos!

  24. dipperfc says:

    Patch406…(just quietly i’ve always been curious? what’s the deal with 406 in your name?)……Good luck to you in any more events……..pls keep us posted on any info & how you go.

  25. patch406 says:

    406 is the areacode that’s the telephone prefix for the state of montana where I grew up.

    Yesterday wasn’t all that exciting. Got some chips early and started to bully a little after making quads from the bb and getting a miracle double up with aces. I made it to the 300/600 level with 50 antes and had to push shortstacked on the button after everyone passed with Q/T of spades. Small blind awoke with king/queen and quickly had me in jail. I got a four flusher on the flop, but it never came in. Playing the deep stack limit event today.

  26. dipperfc says:

    Brilliant Patch……..good luck in the event.

    Hope you kick ass! (big bubbly juicy ass!)

    Just quietly “quads from the BB” must have been nice early!

    I note u r going to play Limit,do you prefer this?
    I dont have much of a clue RE:playing poker but am enthused by the game, along with all the other mugs that are now.

    It’s just that in AUS we only ever get NL on TV & a slight whiff of Omaha.

  27. Trainfan John says:

    KGB – Awesome call in from Helsinki. Did you by any chance run into Mrs. Dutch?

  28. Table_Max says:

    Dipper- What site do you use for updates on WSOP? I’ve been refreshing the http://www.pokernews.com live updates like crazy. They are doing such a good job that other sites (Cardplayer) are stealing their content and passing it as their own.

    Plus if you are familiar with any poker bloggers you will notice that a few of the better ones are covering WSOP for pokernews now too.

    Check it out if you get a chance.

  29. Stu says:

    Mofobes metioned seeing Ivey playing the $5000 Limit/NL Hold’em event. I believe this was addressed on the Saturday episode of Poker Wire Radio. Apparently, Ivey was planning to only play the $50k HORSE and $10k main events, but got into a “better world series” bet with Eli Elezra, so he will be playing many more events than originally anticipated.

  30. KevinInCalgary says:

    Aparently the Sopronos final did a 22.7 rating, so I think it’s safe to say that it did better than game 2 of the NBA finals.

    On The Circuit Podcast the other day Gavin Smith said the reason for Phil Ivy’s change of mind on how many Series events he is going to enter is that he and Eli Elezra have a bet (I think on who will win the most money for the Series).

  31. YoTime Joe says:

    Great show guys. Special mention to Mofobes just wish you were getting better cards. I’m sure they will come. I think we’ll skip the Strip Clubs when I get there if that’s a standard night out at them for you guys, but then again??

  32. brian says:

    The Sopranos stopped in Vegas for one of the shows leading up to the finale, but no love on the last episode. The bad news for my Aussie brothers is that we talk about the finale for about 10 mins on tomorrows show, so have the fast forward ready.

  33. JazzyJay says:

    I’m a long time listener (since the beginning), but a first time poster. Two mentions about Fresno in the same episode (Fresno Grizzlies and Fresno State)? I’m from Fresno and I get a kick to know that the mentions had to do with a boring 51’s game you guys saw and the Fresno State pitcher getting drilled in the face with a ball (BTW: he got a concussion and was released from the hospital later that night.)

    Anyway, great show(s) and hopefully you’ll see me on the message board more.

  34. Great show, loved the addition of Mofobes and I’m looking forward to future segments with you three.

    Can’t wait to hear the “secret” contest on Wednesday.

    PS. Hellmuth is going to be SO (much more) ANNOYING now that he’s #1 in the bracelet race.

  35. asterion says:

    Tommy, we gonna see you at one of these pool party things in Vegas like I saw them talk about tonight on Countdown?

  36. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Mofobes or anybody: What are the buy-ins for the SNG’s at the WSOP?

    KGB- I’m in town 20-25th. I’m not playing in any events, but we’ll have to find out when Brian, Tommy, and Mofobes can meet up.

  37. patch406 says:

    The sng satellites start @ $175 and go up @ the wsop. Most of the time it gets down to 2 and then a chop ensues.

  38. Scott J. says:

    Also in town the 23rd and 24th, up for any degenerate activities.

  39. brian says:

    Welcome to the boards Jay. I’m glad it took shitty baseball and near decapitation to get you to come by.

  40. KGB says:

    Hawkeye Brad – sounds good, so let’s do that.

    Trainfan – you were reading my mind. I sooooooooooo meant to call in with a Momma Dutch sighting at a polar bear preserve near the arctic circle but I forgot. DOH!

  41. Lady Grey says:

    After this episode, I think that I might be in love with Mofobs…hmm, *sigh* he loves the naked dancy girls just as much as I do.

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