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Please wash your hands

A jam packed show today. The guys fill us in on what they got up to this weekend and it was a good one, not perhaps as good as Brian’s wifes weekend. Iowa gets one up on Vegas when it comes to politics(thanks for the tip KGB).

What on earth is happening in Las Vegas these days? Strippers in court that’s what. Tommy’s new war cry “The Sin Will Win”.

Office hygiene how many of these rules are common sense? Apparently none, well not in Vegas.
We continue down the strip and check out the Monte Carlo casino. Find out why it is one of the most under rated joints in Vegas. I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s all about the beer. On the down side the entertainment well… sucks, not the either of us have seen it.

Due to technical difficulties we were unable to play our interview with Hunter from www.ratevegas.com stay tuned for it on the Friday show.

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6 Responses to Please wash your hands

  1. KGB says:

    Great show. I stayed at the Monte Carlo a lot in the past. It was always “old reliable”. Very upper-middle class, reasonable prices/rates, centrally located, and the casino is actually arranged so that you don’t get lost walking through it! Now we look for different things to see and do, but the MC will always be a good fallback.

    How about a show about UNLV? Why does their football team suck so bad? Why does the basketball team no longer resemble the dominate force that it was from the late 70s to the early 90s? Certainly the program could be bigger than just Tark.

  2. Big City Matt says:

    I just did a barnstorm through all the podcasts this weekend, the show’s improving every episode!

    Agreed on the questions regarding UNLV. I’d also like to hear about how the program struggles with gambling, about why Vegas didn’t post UNLV lines for years, but now apparently does, and if the program still has suspected connections with gambling even though it’s not a high profile basketball program anymore.

  3. J.B. says:

    Dumb question of the week:
    Your bathroom rules reminded me of how hard bathrooms are to find in casinos. I’ve broken the early zip rule a couple of times when I dashed into the restroom after I stayed too long at the blackjack table and then couldn’t find the can. Is there any consistency about where bathrooms are located in casinos? You should warn Las Vegas new comers that casinos are set up so you can’t find your way around the damn places. You have an excellent show. How do you guys find those celebrities? Great stories. Keep up the good work. J.B.

  4. patch406 says:

    To BMO and the DUTCH oven. I love the show…I’m just catching up on the back issues. I have picked an irritating trend however and it’s something I noticed on another podcast in which BMO was been interviewed. It’s the CRAZY overuse of the word ABSOLUTELY and the phrase “you’re absolutely right”. BMO is the most guilty of this, but it’s clearly contagious and the dutch oven is using it as well. I could seriously put the O/U on the hearing the word absolutely during one podcast at 20 and betting the over would be a LICENSE TO PRINT MONEY. I have 2 suggestions. The first is to play a drinking game in which you take a pull of beer everytime you hear the word absolutely and a full shot of hard liquor everytime you get the money phrase “you’re absolutely right”. AMEN to you if you make it thru an entire episode. The second is to replace absolutely with the FbombanA. Wouldn’t the show be better hearing Brian say, “Tom you
    @$%3anA right”?

  5. brian says:

    At the risk of sounding hackey, you’re absolutely right. We actually joke about our over use of the word, clean it up of an episode, then go right back to our absolutely lovin ways. I think it’s time to inpliment a tazer.

  6. Here something that I figured you’d be interested in. It’s a complete listing of all the items from the Stardust Casino that will be available via auction starting tomorrow.


    See anything Brian that brings a sentimental tear to your eye?

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