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Planet Aladdin

What did Tommy Dutch get up to last night? What did you guys talk about on the site? Love it, hate it, what does Vegas have over New York? What does one of the host have against a famous landmark? What is with the use of so many whats?

The Aladdin\Planet Hollywood we forgot it even existed, so you still think it’s going to be a 5 star review? The buffet was voted by the locals best in town, along with a restaurant where the waiters carry around half a cow.

It’s super bowl time, so it’s time to talk the talk. Find out what we’re up to and who our money is riding on. We wrap up with the same thing we did last week, guns and priests.

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  1. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Wow Tommy! Some great takes: God bless the Gold Coast hot dog! God bless the Rio! Last time we stayed, we randomly asked about an upgrade and wound up in the Rainforest Honeymoon Suite. Mrs. Fennville loves the Rio…especially the pool set-up. We really enjoy staying over there because like Tommy said, it is Strip quality but you don’t have to deal with a lot of the BS on the Strip like having to sit through 2 or 3 lights at Flamingo and LVB while we all watch the fountains. Gold Coast offers lower limits and a great breakfast. The Palms buffet was the best deal in Vegas, but sadly that has closed. I had my one and only LV celebrity sighting. Jim Rome and his wife walked by us just before the premier of the Ali movie…Oh yeah, we saw The Champ and Will Smith too. Seeing Romey was the highlight though. I love that guy!

    As a teacher, I work with primarily women…therefore I absolutely loathe the lounge the day after the Super Bowl. All I freaking get is a love/hate segment about the commercials. God forbid any of these dumpy gals show up in their jammies.

    Speaking of Mrs. Fennville, she was verrrrrrrrrrrry impressed when she opened iTunes to update her shuffle. Miss Nevada and her friend weren’t who she was expecting to find while looking for workout tunes. Thanks guys!

  2. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I hope the sarcasm was apparent with my Miss Nevada comments…I had better win big on the Super Bowl just to pay for Valentines Day now. Ah heck, I just need to take her back to the Rio for a weekend.

  3. devildog says:

    I forgot to give props to Tommy after the last episode,with that
    point of interest about the Golden Steer Steak House.that was pretty cool that the “pack” hung there(I thought).

    Hey ..maybe it’s not “FAANNCY”-like Paris, but at least they have a plaster cow!!-come to think of it,we have a few up in this ‘neck o the woods(New England)–plaster and other varieties..

  4. Steve in West Palm says:

    I know Tommy thinks it is disgusting to see casino chips in collection plates at church, but what is his take on giving parlay tickets as an offering in his place of worship instead?

  5. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I hear they make good Christmas gifts.

  6. Dutch says:

    Degenerate Diary Pg. 1 2/3/07 3:15 A.M. 8-3-1

    I was just about to go to bed but quickly logged on to vegasinsider.com to check the overnight college hoops slate one last time. Noticed Syracuse at -4.5 for the first time at Stations Casinos so I went to buy it but the window evidently closes at 3 a.m. on Friday. I’ll be there when the window opens at 7, and if that number is at 5 again I’ll have another piece of evidence that my entire existence is a complete waste of time. The real salt in the wound was glancing into the poker room and seeing the same Kenny Rogers looking mother fucker who attacked my bankroll only 48 hours ago. No plays for the moment.

  7. trainfan says:

    Tommy – if you think telling a chick that you do a podcast – how badly should I feel when I’m telling them that I listen to it?

  8. Scott J. says:

    Have to agree with you on that Alladin sidewalk. I’ll walk on the street during rush hour to avoid the staircases and ramps winding toward the Alladin entrance.

    You didn’t mention the sportsbook that is afraid of its own shadow. I once had a nickel bet on a college basketball total turned down, they would only take $300. This a billion dollar resort? By the way, the bet lost so I guess I should be thanking them for saving me $220.

    However, those strip view rooms have a great view of Tommy’s beloved Belaggio fountains.

  9. Dutch says:

    D.D. Pg 2 A few hours later

    plays for Saturday: Syracuse -4.5 and Iowa +3

  10. devildog says:

    I stayed at the “Sands” once, when was that torn down? Mid-90’s??

    My pick

    Kentucky-Arkansas OVER +130

  11. brian says:

    Tommy you always make me feel better about my addictions. I was down on myself for willingly playing 6 hours of poker at the Sam’s Town casino. But that’s nothing compared to your insomnia driven slip into madness. It’s like I’m watching the live version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but with gambling instead of drugs.

  12. KGB says:

    Dude I love those Sam’s Club hot dogs. Maybe I’m just easily impressed.

    It is about nine million degrees below zero here in Finland and the snow is piled way higher than a midget’s ass. The people are as nice as can be but in February it’s that whole silk purse/sow’s ear thing. At least at 1:18 Monday am when that Super Bowl kicks off I’ll have a little slice of Iowa……errrr…..America here with me.


  13. devildog says:

    I’m watching a documentary on the History Channel calles ‘High Rollers”-the history of gambling. It has lots about the history of Vegas. It mentioned the El Cortez, Dunes, Flamingo, Boulder Club, Apache, Oasis, Pioneer,as well as the Tropicana,and the Sands,among others.
    Guy McAfee(sp? is worth checking out. Also Nick ‘The Greek’ Dandelos. (if I made any spelling errors-apologies, just wanted
    to get this info out to those who may not know,and might be interested).
    Didn’t see this show playing again on the info guide, but I’m sure it will be around again..

    On a seperate note:

    In ‘fairness’ to Bill Frist and others, it’s interesting that Bobby Kennedy,(a Sacred Cow)-especially here in New England)-was responsible for the 1961 wire act-he apparently went after Lefty Rosenthal by dragging him in front of the McClellan Commitee.This is probably a good example of history repeating itself,and that this type of moral grand-standing is not limited to “conservatives”.

  14. Paigow Pete says:

    King of Props.

    First offensive play: incomplete pass. Way to go B’Mo.

  15. KGB says:

    Colts and under = a-okay. Sounds like more winners from the TNI crew!

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