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Patriots Cover The Over On Their Own

It’s another live show courtesy¬† of donbest.com and whether you love close games or blowouts, this sports weekend had something for everybody.

Topics include wearing cleats to to a wiffle ball game, dreaming of paying for sex, Brian becomes fully domesticated, Dutch takes a sucker punch from Fyregirl, a preview of the battle of undefeated’s, and all of the opening lines in college football and the NFL.¬† Tom, you still there?

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  1. Dutch – I got the impression – since he posted after the games – that those were Ace’s picks for next week

  2. Richie says:

    well I prefer the old way.
    well when I do most of blogging on my phone it was easier to just scroll through the lot.
    Now i have to go back and forth waiting for pages to load.
    i dont mind change as long as it is for the better.
    no shite idea.
    from a iphone view that is.

  3. brian says:

    From here on out the lines will be posted in the sports forum on the new site

  4. patchdog9742 says:

    Detroit Tigers just traded for Renteria, gold glove shortstop, .300 hitter, moving Carlos Guillen to first base—only gave up a young pitcher and a young outfielder—not bad! Next year is looking up already! Yep things are looking good in the big D—Pistons look strong again, Red Wings are in first place, Michigan looks to push for the Big Ten title, and WOW even the Lions look good (5-2), if only Dutch’s lowely Spartans would start playing at least 500 ball (don’t bet on that happening none to soon) things would be really looking good! Now we know why Sports Illistrated voted Detroit as the #1 sports city in the Nation!

  5. Raisin_Bran says:

    Here is my lock of the year:

    Colts 1/55 to win AFC South (Bodog)

    Just put a million down on that and you’ll be thanking me…

  6. slashdogx says:

    I am just now returning to the boards after some travel. I am waiting for set-up message. In the meantime, please accept my picks here:
    GB +2
    Tenn -4
    Clev -1.5

  7. M. McFly says:

    Same deal…waiting for authorization…Week 9 picks: Cincinnati, Tennessee, San Diego

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