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OJ Caught On Tape

Tommy’s dream of reporting live from the OJ trial may be a reality as OJ has been caught on tape going “Suge Knight” on someone at the Palace Station.  Here the first in what will become a regular OJ update, today’s installment: What’s up with the man-boobs?

Other topics include the housing association Mafia, television stars gather to talk about how great they are, and why cyber sex from Alyssa Milano isn’t as great as you’d think.  Do you wanna see my grandfather naked?

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128 Responses to OJ Caught On Tape

  1. Richie – 12 miles to the gallon????

    Don’t you mean 12 pints per hour?

  2. Scott J. says:

    week 3 picks,

    New Orleans
    San Diego

    giving points in all of these but they are all superior teams

  3. Richie says:

    Your right there train.

  4. Richie says:

    Thank fuck its Friday.

  5. Steve in West Palm says:

    Ace is gone and Trainfan has taken back over. Welcome home son.

  6. Stu says:

    A litte drunk s o pardon spelling mistakes.

    I agree with trainfan. fuck politics and long live degenerates. Wer’e the only people left who have an unbiased view on things. that’s what’s great about poker. It doesn’t matter who you are, it mattters how you play the game and how well. I don’t care where you’re from or what you believe in. I want to take your money just as bad as you want to take mine. Degenerates are the last hope for america. lthought that might be a bad thing… haha.. :-p

  7. KGB says:

    trainfan – I hear you about the potential for political suicide. Trust me I live in unionville…errr…Michigan. Trying to teach the benefits of global outsourcing sometimes gets the students in a chant of “Onward Christian Soldiers”…

  8. Hellfyre9 says:

    KBG interesting comments.

    Welfare – I agree that there should be a safety net of some kind for the working class, but it shouldn’t last forever. If you don’t get a job and at least try to get back on your feet, I have absolutely no sympathy for you. When I was 18, I was making minimum wage, wife was pregnant and had too many bills to keep up as wife had to stop working due to complications, we were denied for any type of benefits because my car, which was financed for more than it was worth at the time, was worth too much. I had a 1991 Ford Probe in 1993. I was point-blank told to get rid of my car, which I had to have for work, otherwise we couldn’t get any help. Yet when we walked out of the parking lot, my car was the oldest car in the parking lot among the numerous Cadillacs and brand new Chevy trucks. Well, guess I’m still a little Pissed off about it.

    Immigration – I agree with you whole heartedly. I am PROUD to be AN AMERICAN! I live in western Texas, where we have a major problem with illegal immigration and drug smuggling. There are plenty of laws on the books that are either not enforced, or not allowed to be enforced by law enforcement because of politics.

    But, there is a major difference between the immigrants of yesteryear that came from Europe, Asia, Africa and other places, and the illegal immigrants coming from Mexico, Central & South America today. The early immigrants wanted to become Americans, learned our language(ENGLISH) and fought in our armed services for the good of the country. The new breed of immigrants want to do no of the above, they just want to come to the US to earn money to send back home, most don’t learn English, receive medical treatment and above all remain loyal to their originating country while in the same breath debase and ridicule the US.

    If you want to say that we treat illegal aliens inhumanely, just try crossing in Mexico illegally and see what happens to you. You would be rotting away in a jail cell, drinking sewage water and hoping to get some rotten food once a week.
    But we can’t do that, because we have to be so god damn politically correct. What a bunch of shit!!!!!!

  9. Hellfyre9 says:

    Now that I’ve said gotten that off my chest, I’ll step down off my soapbox.

    Let’s get back to the important issues at hand. Drinking, gambling, and HOOKERS!!!

  10. Stu says:

    Hear herar!!!

  11. brian says:

    Not sure about the statement “MOST don’t learn English, receive medical treatment and above all remain loyal to their originating country while in the same breath debase and ridicule the US.” As a first generation American and someone who grew up less than 50 miles from the Mexican border I believe people like that are the exception and not the norm, but all are entitled to their opinion. Just remember, no one has a say where they’re born.

    More importantly, my betting week started off shitty by getting in on the wrong side of a blowout, lets try to iron that out on Friday.

    Oklahoma -23 over Tulsa

    Record: 5-4

  12. Richie says:

    Bring back Hitler he had the right idea.
    Talking of the perfect race where is fyrgirl these days.
    I miss her rants.

  13. Whit says:

    Wtf! Richie come in here and i’ll slap you stupid.

  14. Roosterman says:

    Ok, back to reality. Time for a hooker story, tragedy in Tommy’s hometown:


    Hopefully it’s the fugly 1/3.

  15. Mungus the Wonder Horse says:

    12 miles to the gallon Richie? What are you driving? A bloody Combine Harvester?

    I am really enjoying the politics , especially given my loathing for sports!

    As far as the Clinton/Bush debate – BOTH of them have bought The U.S. into disrepute but George W really is a laughing stock around the world and continues to behave more like a pathoon than a statesman.

    On the subject of medical treatment in the U.S; I recall a conversation with a cab driver whilst in Vegas in June – she simply could not believe that in the U.K. we got even the most complex medical treatment (such as heart by-pass op’s etc’) for FREE. Now I did add the point that we all paid for this Nation Health Service through our tax and National Insurance, but she remained amazed that we have this kind of ‘social medicine’ in the U.K.

    I should have probably told her that we all live in castles and dine with The Queen every afternoon too!! 🙂

    I love a good chin wag with a Vegas cabbie and with out doubt, the biggest issue in June was immigration and the proposed ‘amnesty’.

    There was a related, bizarre incident when I was waiting to be paid out by the attendant after hitting a decent win at The Mirage – Some random Hill Billy wandered up and started telling me all about ‘How the country was getting fucked up by all these Mexican immigrants’ and how grateful he was for my help in WWII.

    I had a few observations and thoughts about that conversation which I kept to my self at the time for the sake of peaceful, transatlantic relations…

    1: I am a total stranger – fuck off.
    2: I am a Brit – I don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
    3: No, I really am a Brit and I don’t sound like an Australian – Fuck wit.
    4: I am a Brit on Holiday – I don’t care about your domestic politics.
    5: Your Country was founded on immigration at the expense of the indigenous people – do you not feel somewhat hypocritical?
    6: Its 10am and you are drunk – Mexicans are the least of your worries.
    7: I didn’t fight in The Second World War, but thanks anyway although please don’t offer to shake my hand if your hand is as dirty as your T-Shirt.
    8: I find it worrying that you may have reproduced and polluted the gene pool.
    9: I find it worrying that you have a vote and are allowed to own a gun.
    10: Please don’t hurt me…

    Oh, and for the record, I find treating court cases as entertainment to be very distasteful – No doubt those who gain pleasure from these things would have been the ones at the front of the crowd baying for blood during beheadings in the middle ages.


  16. mofobes says:

    yeah, it sucks if you were one of the speculators who came into the Valley thinking you were going to flip your house for a quick profit. real estate is cyclical – has been and always will be. it should also be a long term investment. real estate can be dangerous as a short term investment. by the time B-mo junior needs to move to a bigger house, there will be plenty of equity in the condo. as long as california is more expensive than vegas, there will always be demand here.

    foreclosures may be up, but they are not at historic highs or out of line with the norm. foreclosures were unnaturally low the last few years. also, the benefits of having the highest home ownership in history far outweigh the negatives of a temporary rise in foreclosures. home ownership leads to better schools, safer & cleaner communities, and economic stability. if it weren’t for the housing market, GW not only would have gotten us into a huge military & foreign policy debacle, he would have driven us into a huge recession.

  17. English Bob says:

    As much as I am enjoying the politics, I have to interrupt with something important – my rugby world cup betting.

    The Welsh team covered the points with ease yesterday, as they should, so that’s another notch in the win column. So on to todays game. It’s France vs Ireland – this is a big game. Although it’s not the last game in the group it’s basically a qualification game. After Frances loss to Argentina in the first match and Ireland, on current form, not looking like they can beat Argentina. So this should decide who finishes 2nd in the group and therefore qualifies for the knock out stage.

    So France start a 12 point favourite and current form would suggest that’s possibly a converted try on the low side. So I’m going for a combination of bets on this game.

    France to win
    France -12
    1st score France Penalty

    Not great odds on the France win, but I’ve had this one for ages.

    And before anyone mentions it I know the first score bet is a stupid bet. But in this case the 1st score being a France penalty (imagine if a field goal attempt was allowed on a flagged play) I feel lucky about.

    Normally though it’s a fairly stupid bet, but when 2 of the bigger teams play each other it’s highly likely the first score will be a penalty, you just need to guess which team will score it. It does return pretty decent odds, but of course most stupid bets do – 100/1 odds on craps anyone?

    My record now stands at: 9-3-0

  18. mofobes says:

    do you have any idea how much less fun & much more expensive vegas would be without cheap immigrant labor? give me an effing break. who do you think is cleaning your hotel room, picking your veggies,. cooking your food, emptying your ashtrays and picking up your beer bottles?

    i am big supporter of the global economy and have no problem with outsourcing, etc. in order for businesses to stay competitive, but we also have to have a plan to deal the side effects – unemployment here at home & loss of community based businesses, etc.

  19. Mungus the Wonder Horse says:

    Since my first visit to Vegas, I have always been astounded that they can sell fresh sea food in the middle of the Nevada Desert for less than I can buy it in the UK, an Island where no one is more than 70 miles from the sea – Amazing!

    Of course much of the reason that prices are so low is the huge demand and the infrastructure that allows this demand to be met, along with people subsidising this consumption by throwing away vast amounts of money gambling, but, immigrant labour is certainly going to be a factor in the price that we pay.

    Can anyone tell me if there is a minimum wage in Vegas? Do workers have many rights in Vegas? Also, I have heard many rumours about how much some people make in tips, such as the bar tenders and the guy who opens the cab door outside the casinos (not sure of the proper name for this guy), can anyone tell me how much these guys really make? I am led to believe that the economy is some-what inverted from other cities as relatively ‘un-skilled’ occupations can earn more than ‘skilled’.

  20. pmac says:

    English Bob

    Agreed on all fronts with your picks for tonight.

    Having said that, I will be down at the pub madly cheering on the Irish!!!!! I love Irish rugby and although I also like French rugby at its best, there is something about the passion of the Irish fans and players that really gets me going…

    For those who want to see a big rugby tackle – here is Sebastien ‘Sea Bass’, ‘The Caveman’ Chabal knocking seven shades of shit out of a pretty massive Maori, All Black player, Chris Masoe.


    Kudos to Masoe for valiantly trying to shrug it off – is this really the same guy who cried in public when a woman hit him in the face with her handbag???? hahaha

  21. Fobes – I agree with you about cheap immigrant labor – BUT it does need to be some regulated number. If we simply threw open the borders – I wouldn’t care how cheap vegas was – I’d have no money because I’d have no job.

    The issue with immigration (and there is a good series online at lvrj.com) is finding the right balance. The impact on the US economy is always two fold – 1. more laborers which means lower wages across the board. 2. More need for public infrastructure (Schools, hospitals,roads etc) which cost money.

    Any time your plan is based on getting more money from people who are earning less money you are in for a difficult time.

  22. This is good: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/09/21/man_sues_god/

    Not only is the idea of suing God amusing in general, the concept of pointing out the problems with frivolous law suits by filing on is ridiculous.

    Ok…I got to go now. I’ve got to go protest the local strip clubs by buying some lap dances.

  23. Hellfyre9 says:

    Wow. Busy night. Brian, I didn’t mean to say that all immigrants were that way, just a lot of the illegals that we have seen. I guess I’m somewhat biased against them now too, as I’m working for the agency tasked with catching them.

    How many countries that you know of have holidays for ethnic leaders? Ethnic Holidays (Cinco de Mayo) and such. It seems like Mexican Independence Day is almost as big as US Independence Day, at least around here. And I know Arizona, you old stomping grounds, are the same as well as Southern California.

    During the latest debate of the immigration issue, our dear (brain-dead on this issue) El Presidente wanted to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. What most people don’t realize is that this isn’t the 1st, 2nd or even 10th time for amnesty. It’s like saying ok you can stay if your here now. No wait, now. 1 year later, now… etc. you get my point.

    One last tidbit and then I’m outta here. Did you know that the U.S. is one of the few(like under 5) countries in the WORLD that if you are born here you automatically become a citizen. Most countries do not automatically grant citizenship basic of location of birth. Most assign citzenship based on citizenship of your parents.

    We have this quote up on our wall at work seems kind of ironic, don’t you think?
    “The American Indians found out what happens when you do’t control immigration”

  24. English Bob says:

    pmac, I’m staring to lean towards an England victory at the weekend as well but the -15 line is a bit big at the moment. I’ll need to see the full starting line ups before I decide on that one though.

  25. Admin says:

    Hi Guys, just to let you know the show will be up in an hour or so, this ones on me, well I’m going to blame it on silverchair.

  26. asterion says:

    Hey, don’t do this to me man, I need my fix.

    Or at least something to listen to while washing dishes.

  27. pmac says:

    English Bob

    I think England will cover that line. wilkinson and Barkley are both playing so you have the kicking covered if nothing else.

    Samoa will come out hard and perform for 50-60 minutes so if England can weatrher the storm then they should be able to kick away in the final 20…..

    Its actually not a bad lineup of games this weekend with Ire/Fra tonight, Eng/Sam tomorrow and then NZ/Scots on Sunday.

    The girlfriend has soldiered on and watched all the games with me including Wales v Aussies live at Millenium last weekend. We’re off to Bath next weekend and im weighing up the pros and cons of trying to get her to go and see Bath play Sale while were there….Its all take and no give from me at the moment!!!!! ….hmmmmm that sounds a bit suspicious…..

  28. English Bob says:


    The biggest reason I’d take England on this one is down to Samoan injuries. There kicker, Williams – a great Samoan name, is out with a broken finger and so far he’s scored all of there points.

    There’s a lot riding on the game for England and unless they can move the ball around early the physical side of the samoan game could take it’s toll on the players. I don’t see a great deal of discipline in the forwards which could cause problems with cards early on as well.

    I guess I’m talking myself out of betting on this one. I may change my mind at the last minute though.

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