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Now That’s What I Call Natural Childbirth

Not since the North vs. the South in the Civil War has a debate grown so heated as “Wiffle-Gate” 2007.  The argument rages on today with no relief in sight, but hey, at least we have a cheerleading offer.

Other topics include the SoCal inferno, the land of the ugly people, rugby vs. footall, big foot’s nut sack, and old grumpy people uniting.  I think I hit her vagina with my thumb.

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  1. JimInTx says:

    BMo three thoughts

    1. No one at the chamber will find out about the show via any search engine. You are destined to let it slip in conversation, i would bet within the next two weeks.

    2. You will easily learn to turn off certain portions of your vocabulary in about a year and a half, when your daughter starts to form words.

    3. We always played that you had to run to first base on a ground ball. That way even if it was fielded cleanly, you had the opportunity to beat it out.

  2. mofobes says:

    Lady Gray, we definitely have space if you need to flee the inferno.

    re: the AP poker scandal. it is a crazy story. actually, i used to play in a home back in the bay area with the guy that started it all – CrazyMarco. he was the one that got called by 10 high in a tourney and suspected cheating. i ran into kathy liebert, who is sponsored by AP, at the caesars classic yesterday and she was towing the company line. totally downplaying it.

  3. Steve in West Palm says:

    pmac: Thanks for linking the picture!

    However, I’m curious as to why Punchline magazine would have Brian’s Bar Mitzvah picture in it?

  4. Big City Matt says:

    Helmet, who revealed his true identity with his Dennis White reference, has an older brother who brought whiffleball to Western Michigan. We taped, had to run the bases directly after our hit, used ghost runners if we didn’t hit a HR, and had fielders to catch balls. We didn’t have a triangle but didn’t play with first and third base as wide as a regular field either. We used a bastardized version (similar to Helmet) which was basically a narrower field. Anything hit outside the narrower field was a foul ball/out. And we obviously taped the ball, but not because we wanted to hit bombs but because if we didn’t the ball never travelled more that 50 feet. Trainfan, agreed with you, we also taped for structural integrity (ie we had no money).

    If you don’t use tape you’ll look like old dudes from Brooklyn playing stickball, running as hard as they can as the ball slowly bounces along. The sound and the fury, signifying nothing.

    That said, BMo, I’m in the pro-tape group with Dutch but we both played in the same game growing up so I kind of have to be.

    I am also in firm support of the all-time stripper pitcher.

    In a related note we also played home run derby in our neighborhoods with tennis balls, wooden bats and my great grandpa’s glove from 1924. Now that was a good time.

    Pierce, I did not take the Amish dude (aka Johnny Tulip) to a gay bar. We went to a late night bar in Chicago (Nick’s on Sheridan for anybody that’s familiar with it) and there were some gay dudes there. Tulip was just kicking it, they offered him a slice of pizza and the rest is history. I am also known as the best fantasy baseball owner of all time, Joe Sosa’s All Stars.

  5. patchdog9742 says:

    wooooohoooooo I’m post #56! yea

  6. TrustNo1 says:

    What is the date of the Seattle vs. Vegas game? I’ve got that Southwest Reward ticket that I need to use by 11/20. Either team need someone to be availible to come off the bench?

  7. kgb says:

    Okay, I’ve been trying to keep out of this debate, but here were the official Norfolk VA wiffle ball rules that we had growing up:

    The official stadium was David’s back yard. It was 60′ to left and right and 56′ to dead center. Bases were “about that far apart. There was foul territory, which included in the Smith’s backyard on the left field. If you hit it foul down the right field line it was foul if it stayed in David’s backyard, but if it went into the Old Battle Axe’s backyard it was an out, because retrieving the ball from there was dicey at best. Home Runs were available over the back fence into the Good’s backyard. Balls in or behind the shed were ground rule doubles, as was a ball on the woodpile which also served as the warning track.

    Team size depended on how many people you could round up that afternoon. Could be as many as 5 or 6 per team.

    Yes, you had to run the bases, although the ball in the pitcher’s hand on the mound before a runner made it to first base was an out. Ghostrunners were used only if necessary due to number of people, and they ran only as fast as you did. So you could force out a ghostrunner at second by standing on second with the ball before the batter got to first.

    Games were 9 innings long with no mercy rule.

    Bats were the official yellow wiffle bats, although you could doctor the bat by flattening the sides if you wanted.

    As for the ball……….NO TAPE, BUT we used plastic balls that weren’t the official wiffle ball. There was only one tiny pinhole in it. You could still throw a wicked sinker with it. The record for HRs in a game was 23.

    My claim to fame was getting a two-game suspension from David’s mom because I got in a fist-fight with Kelvin. It was a horrible 2 days for an eight year-old.

  8. kgb says:

    My wife’s aunt’s house in Running Springs burned to the ground, as did her two cousins down the street. sucks.

  9. mofobes says:

    wow, kgb – 2 posts and the gamut of emotions.

    i was laughing out loud w/#58 and terribly saddened by #59. my condolences to your wife’s family. my grandfather ran a horse stables up in Seven Oaks outside of Big Bear and i have lots of fond memories. very sad to hear about all the devastation.

  10. Lady Grey says:

    kgb, I haven’t had to flee the inferno yet, so since I am still here let me know if there is anything I can do for your family, even if they just need dinner or something small like that.

    And Mofobes, thanks so much for all the offers to stay, I am sure that I will be there oneday, but I am still hoping that all these fires will be put out and I won’t end up in vegas because I am fleeing but because I am visiting my fav TAI friends.

  11. pmac says:

    Davydenko, the tennis player who was involved in the potential match fixing scandal a few months ago was warned by the match umpire for ‘not trying’ in his latest match…… the plot thickens


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  13. pmac says:

    thanks for the stats Tony!!!!

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