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No Glove No Love

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  1. English Bob says:

    So how many of you guys will be carrying giraffe pens that don’t work with you next time you go to Vegas?

    I know I will, but I worry it won’t have the same effect if it doesn’t come from BMo and Dutch.

  2. English Bob says:

    NFL picks:


  3. brian says:

    The unprecedented Quiznos suicide purchased by a grown man. And there wasn’t even a humiliation bet involved!

  4. Week 7 Picks:


  5. YoTime Joe says:

    Trainfan – how’s your schedule looking for november?

    NFL Picks

    New England -17
    Pittsburgh -3.5
    Tennessee -1

  6. patch406 says:

    ESPN finally showing the HORSE tourney. That 3 month main event marathon was torture. Speaking of which…I don’t recall Fobes winning the bracelet. When’s he paying off that Gilmore Girls bet? Kind of taking his time isn’t he?

  7. Richie says:

    week 7 picks


  8. YoTime Joe says:

    Try Again??

    Trainfan – how’s november trip looking?

    NFL Picks –

    New England -17
    Tennessee -1
    Pittsburgh -3.5

  9. asterion says:

    When did I mention computer problems?

    Anyway, I’m rooting for both the Indians to beat the Red Sox (and that’s looking pretty good right now) and for a massive blizzard to hit either Denver or Cleveland to snow out at least one game. Maybe then MLB will stop with this extending the post-season and playing only night games crap.

  10. Richie says:

    how did your first couple of days work go Bmo?

  11. brian says:

    Thanks for asking Richie. It’s an interesting story. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about it.

  12. Just to support CatLady’s movement of more NHL talk on the show… I just got back from the Flyers game vs Atlanta. GO FLYERS!

    Flyers look to turn around their record from last year (anything would be better) but I don’t considering them a Stanley Cup contender. I’m hoping for 1st/2nd round of Playoffs and a really strong run at the cup next year!

    PS. Wild look to be the sleeper team of the year… agian

  13. fyregirl says:

    Brian: You didn’t mention whether or not you were going to try my advice about your dilemma. Besides, you are the only one who’s uncomfortable about talking about your scrotum with a stripper. Balls are balls! I’m just trying to help you out with the right equipment since Dutch has shown you the path. 🙂

  14. CAT LADY says:

    wild suck & played like shit tonight!

  15. brian says:

    Suggestion noted fyregirl. And I forsee “balls are balls” gracing an upcoming tee shirt. The fact is, I think I’m going back to my trimming ways instead of the all out bald nuts look. If it requires that much upkeep, it will only be a matter of time before I nick something, and I doubt a square of toilet paper will absorb the carnage.

  16. English Bob says:

    Asterion funnily enough you’re right, it was Aquaman. I got the first letter right.

  17. pmac says:


    Detroit -1
    Houston +1
    Baltimore -3

  18. English Bob says:

    BMo, if you don’t want to shave you could always try waxing or electrolosis.

    I think those two would make dragging a razor sharp piece of metal across your sack almost a pleasure.

  19. MrSpott says:

    Week 7 Picks:

    Detroit -1
    Kansas City +3
    Chicago +5

  20. M. McFly says:

    Week 7 picks: Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Seattle

  21. Scott J. says:

    week 7 picks,

    looks like a good week for the dogs

    Jacksonville (a Wayne Root game of the century, 20 star lock)

  22. slashdogx says:


    SF +10
    Det -1
    Phil -5

  23. Raisin_Bran says:

    New England
    New Orleans

  24. Roosterman says:

    NFL week 7:

    Det -1
    Buf +3
    NE -17

  25. Hellfyre9 says:

    NFL Week 7

    New England

  26. Aquaman says:

    My picks:
    Ind -3
    Cin -6
    SF +10

    And the computer is working again, sort of. Something is slowing it down (not a spilled cup of coffee) and damned if I kow how to find what it is.

  27. KevinInCalgary says:

    Balt -3
    Pitt -3.5
    Dall -9.5

  28. Steve in West Palm says:

    MY NFL Picks:
    New England

  29. dutch says:

    official plays:

    San Francisco
    Jacksonville, hate to be with Wayne Root, but so be it

  30. Rick in Reston says:

    Week 7 NFL Picks:

    Miami +17
    Tampa Bay +1
    Kansas City +3

  31. whit says:

    week 7
    Tampa, Indianapolis,Pittsburgh

  32. JR says:

    NFL picks:


  33. dipperfc says:

    NFL week 7:


  34. mofobes says:

    Bucs +1
    Titans -1
    Colts -3

  35. jimmymac says:

    Saints Seahawks Pats

    tired of picking upsets…

  36. Admin says:

    Washington Redskins
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Indianapolis Colts

  37. LetsGoHawks says:

    Week 7 Picks

    MIN +9.5 DAL
    MIA +17 NE
    JAX +3 IND

  38. Table_Max says:

    My 0-3 picks for the week:


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