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NFL Week 1 Did Not Disappoint

It is a holy day of obligation for men all over the world today as the NFL season finally kicks off.  Tommy and Brian are live again at donbest.com with a recap of all the action, as well as next week’s lines hot off the presses.

Also tune in to hear Brian’s peep show in the most unlikely of locations, a juiced up Rick Ankiel sabotages TAI, and did Brian mention he went 4-0?

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77 Responses to NFL Week 1 Did Not Disappoint

  1. English Bob says:

    Lomu was true class.

    I did spend a few minutes looking at radmon rugby clips on YouTube and them came across a favourite of mine from a few years back.


    For those in the US it’s not a try unless you touch it down.

  2. pmac says:

    Bob – thats hilarious – made my day….!!!!

  3. AceRockollaUK says:

    Bob – fuckin hilarious clip CARLING WAS A COCKY TWAT

  4. pmac says:

    Carling was a cocky twat who got his end away with the Princess i believe…. but then again so did Charles and that ginger bloke…. hope I havent offended anyone…

  5. KGB says:

    I don’t know nothing about Rugby so maybe this is the wrong board for me, but…since B-Mo has adopted my WVU Mountaineers this year as his pick I thought I’d give you all some WVU flavor.

    BTW, B-Mo, did you just jump on the WVU train because we were the #1 Party school in the country AGAIN?


    Here’s some WVU tunes to get you in the mood for Thursday’s tilt with the Terps:


  6. English Bob says:

    David Campese said Carling played like a castrated bull. Now I’m no expert but I’m pretty certain that this wasn’t meant as a complement.

  7. English Bob says:

    Then again people on his own team used to call him bum face.

  8. KGB says:

    pmac – NCAA football is dead in that time that you mention you will be in NYC. That’s when the ummm…errr…student athletes are taking final exams, so there’s really nothing going on until the Bowl Games start later in December.

  9. pmac says:

    KGB – cheers for that… assuming its the same for NCAA hoops???

    might have to be content with watching the Knicks which, even for a Knick fan, is something i cant comprehend…

  10. mofobes says:


    Not sure how Sapphire got my number – i think i might have entered a drawing during the WSOP. i didn’t get a chance to go this week, but i will certainly report in to TAI if i get over there for MNF.

  11. pmac says:

    Ace – Cash arrived today – Loved the Luxor envelope and the stamp “11 of the 12 astronauts who walked on the moon were once scouts”

  12. dutch says:

    let’s see if i can get it right this time

    B-Mo 3-0
    Let’s go Hawks 3-0
    Hawkeye Brad 3-0
    patchdog9742 3-0
    patch 406 2-0-1
    Hellfyre 2-0-1
    Paigow Pete 2-0-1
    YoTime Joe 2-0-1
    Tony 2-1
    Fennville 2-1
    JR 2-1
    Roosterman 2-1
    English Bob 2-1
    dipper fc 2-1
    KevininCalgary 2-1
    M Mcfly 2-1
    dutch 2-1
    Jay Ro 1-1-1
    P-Mac 1-1-1
    slashdog 1-1-1
    mofobes 1-1-1
    JimmyMac 1-1-1
    Table Max 1-1-1
    Steve in W. Palm 0-1-2
    Ray 1-2
    P_enut 1-2
    KGB 1-2
    Rick in Reston 1-2
    Yzerman 1-2
    Mr. Spott 1-2
    AceRockolla 1-2
    Scott J 1-2
    Aquaman 1-2
    Raisin Bran 0-2-1
    Trainfan 0-2-1
    TwoForJuan 0-2-1

  13. LetsGoHawks says:

    There’s a mini log jam at the top for the most W’s but Steve in W Palm sits alone in the race for the most pushes.

  14. English Bob says:

    Well my bold pick of Argentina +42 bought the big one. A final score of 33-3 at least was respectable after a half time score of 6-3.

    All I can say is this time round the minows have improved greatly.

    I do hate in when everything is sound in my logic behind a bet and a bunch of no brain jocks (15 or so Georgians) decide to play out of the skin. If anyone manages to figure this into there betting can they let me know?

  15. Richie says:

    Well been out of touch for a while anything new?
    Been having nightmares about bald heads and age for some fucking reason.
    Just trying to catch up on the shows.

  16. brian says:

    Here are the lines for week 2 of the NFL. The home teams are in CAPS. Once again, if there are any significant changes we will update them Friday.

    PITTSBURGH -10 Buffalo
    Cincinnatti -7 CLEVELAND
    Indianapolis -7 TENNESSEE
    CAROLINA -6.5 Houston
    ST. LOUIS -3 San Francisco
    Green Bay pk NEW YORK Giants
    JACKSONVILLE -10.5 Atlanta
    New Orleans -3.5 TAMPA BAY
    DETROIT -3 Minnesota
    Dallas -3.5 MIAMI
    Seattle -2.5 ARIZONA
    DENVER -10 Oakland
    CHICAGO -12.5 Kansas City
    NEW ENGLAND -3.5 San Diego
    PHILADELPHIA -7 Washington

    (for intra-division game in the AFC west with a Sunday game in week 2)

    Seattle -2.5

    My other road dog picks to round out my three for week 2:

    Dallas -3.5
    New Orleans -3.5

  18. This is mostly for Mofobes:

    Monte Carlo doing 3 free rolls for 10k each for 30 hours of play

    Play 30 Hours in September to get in the Oct. 6th Tourny

    Play 30 Hours in October to get in the Nov. 3rd Tourny
    Play 30 Hours in November to get in the Dec.1 Tourny

    Here’s the link: http://www.montecarlo.com/offers/2007/aug_free_roll/index.html

  19. Here are my picks for week 2:

    Indianapolis -7
    Seattle -2.5
    Cincinnatti -7

  20. KGB says:

    pmac – you’ll still find the occasional hoops game. Check the schedules for St. John’s University (the big basketball school in NYC), and smaller schools in the area and across the river in New Jersey. Seton Hall, Rutgers, LIU, and Manhattan all come to mind; a little further on the train is national power UConn.

  21. Paigow Pete says:

    Pitt -9
    St.L -3
    Wash +7

  22. Hellfyre9 says:

    Well, I think it looks like I’m stealing picks but I’m going to do it anyways. Hopefully Trainfan will have better luck this week.

    New Orleans

  23. English Bob says:

    My picks for this week:


  24. pmac says:

    My Picks for Week 2

    Dallas -3.5
    Seattle -2.5
    New England -3.5

  25. English Bob says:

    Rugby World cup picks for today:

    Tonga vs USA (Tonga)
    Fiji vs Japan (Fiji)
    Italy vs Romania (Italy)

    Nothing fancy this time, just straight to win.

    And don’t worry it only lasts for a few weeks.

  26. AceRockollaUK says:

    OK so I am going to be away for a few weeks searching around Asia on behalf of Dutch who is looking for a ladyboy.
    So the picks are as scientific as usual:

    Bmo you will have to be in charge of this post and treat it well if you could please.

    Week 2: Dallas – Tennessee – Pittsburgh
    Week 3: Baltimore – Miami – Oakland
    Week 4: Detroit – Houston – Cincinnati
    Week 5: Green Bay – New York Giants – Pittsburgh
    Week 6: Dallas – Kansas City – Carolina
    Week 7: Buffalo – Atlanta – New York Giants
    Week 8: Green Bay – Pittsburgh – Cleveland

    I will be back in November when I expect to be at the top of the list (or he bottom!)

  27. patchdog9742 says:

    Let,s keep the streak going—my picks:

    New Orleans

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