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Ministers Get The Hottest Broads

Last Wednesday’s show got off to a bad start with Dutch dropping some cash in college basketball and BMO’s record weight gain.  With more money on the line and the scale waiting, what will today bring?

Topics on the day include Brian’s secret shame revealed to the world, why millions of terrorists will kill you if you vote democrat, TD calls shenanigans in the Fat Fuck Off contest, too much information from the coffee lady and how to hang out with Hulk Hogan for only $100.  Plus as a super bonus – The only post to ever be deleted from the TAI forums!

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2 Responses to Ministers Get The Hottest Broads

  1. Dday182 says:

    Love the show guys and listen almost every broadcast but I’ve got to be honest, I’m feeling a little unsatisfied! Talking trash on a voicemail message just isn’t the same. Even flying all the way to Vegas from Cincinnati to collect the wooden shoe trophy, just isn’t the same if Dutch isn’t going to let me rub in the salt. I demand satisfaction, in a college basketball season that I have had to chalk up to a rebuilding decade, the least you can do is acknowledge me when you score less that 40 in an entire contest. Throw a friend a bone or a pat on the back before I break my own arm trying to make it happen myself.

  2. Richie says:

    well there ain’t any whit on the new forum so thought i better check here, earth to fat fuck are you there whit?

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