Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Mike Tyson have you really thought this through?

Welcome to show number two of This Ain’t Iowa. Sorry for the delay, but here is the long awaited show second show.

So just what did Tommy get up to on the weekend? You mean you can do something other than gamble in Vegas.

Heidi Fleiss and her new start Hooker Mike Tyson, we’re not sure he has really thought this through.

Here at This Ain’t Iowa we take a hard look at the Las Vegas goverment, mobsters, bankrupts and weed.

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One Response to Mike Tyson have you really thought this through?

  1. Bill says:

    enjoying the show guys.

    But, Tom, dude- those are some awful picks (and yes I’m writing this after the games are over) — but I don’t think I heard a winner in the first two shows……..

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