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McNabb Heat Fires Up Eagles

It was a great weekend of betting for the TAI family, led by The Godfather who right’s the ship and goes undefeated on Saturday.

The fellas give a recap of all the NCAA and NFL scores from the weekend and have a look ahead at the lines for next week, hot off the presses thanks to donbest.com

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70 Responses to McNabb Heat Fires Up Eagles

  1. Stu says:

    yzerman – If the male players looked like that, I’d be a little frightened… No, I’d be very frightened.

  2. Green Bay -1
    Houston -3
    Pittsburgh -6

    Screw waiting for Friday, I might forget by then.

  3. PS. Ain’t nothing wrong w/ that picture. =P

  4. Raisin_Bran says:

    Texas -15.5
    OU -22.5
    Miami -24



    New England
    Green Bay

  5. Raisin_Bran says:

    Texas -14.5
    Miami -24
    OU -22.5



    New England
    Green Bay

  6. patch406 says:

    Fudgepackers. (GB)

  7. JR says:

    NFL Picks:


  8. jimmymac says:

    Quite a few picking the Eagles…Brian,are you with them?

    Sorry I can’t buy drinks for everyone as I had intended,as my 2 losses for the week on the Station Casino card kept me out of the money.Damn Broncos,probably the upset of the week.

    WEEK 3 $15,000.00 recieved each by 2 winners

    $20,000.00 equally divided by 21 winners 14-1 in 2nd place

    Floydtbarber,why not just have her meet Bmo and TD?

  9. pmac says:


    Green Bay -1
    Houston -3
    Seattle -1

  10. English Bob says:

    My week 4 picks


  11. Roosterman says:

    Week 4:

    San Diego

  12. English Bob says:

    Random American Football question for you guys: What qualifications (if any) do you need to be an NFL coach?

    If I was to win the EuroMillions lottery ($160 million or so) and decided to start my own NFL team would I be allowed to coach it?

    Mow I know that $160 may not be enough money to buy a franchise, but let’s assume it was and there was one available or I bouhgt a cheap crappy team.

    The reason I ask is if you want to coach a top level soccer team in Europe you need to have passed a series of exams and hold at least 1 acknowledged coaching qualification (or apply for special dispensation) – anyone keeping an eye on the Chelsea manager stories will know more about this.

    Also, it’s very common in soccer for an ex-player to become a manager/coach (in fact I can’t think of a single case where the manager wasn’t a player). Does this ever happen in the NFL?

  13. Roosterman says:

    Tonights rugby:

    USA +15.5
    Georgia -13.5

    I think Samoa are hurting, USA could cause an upset. Georgia should cover very easily.

    RWC 1-2-0
    NFL 3-5-1

  14. English Bob says:

    Roosterman, you’ve got a point with the Samoa game but they’ll be playing for pride and that’s the biggest reason for me picking Samoa for this game. Pride is a major think for the South Sea islanders, if they were to lose and end a world cup with no wins they may as well not go home.

    I agree with Georgia pick, but I’ve not got a single game involving Namibia right wo I’ve probably cursed that one for you.

  15. pmac says:

    English Bob

    RE NFL coaching – id be surprised if a coach of a pro team in any sport wasnt required to have a certain level of qualification. My guess is that unless they have proven themselves in minor leagues/junior sports then they wouldnt be looked at anyway. And im sure for these minor leagues/junior sports you would need qualifications to get your foot in the door. But i have been known to be wrong

    RE rugby – Samoa to cover and Namibia to win outright

    Record for RWC – fuck knows….Wallabies to win me some cash at 12/1 tho

  16. English Bob says:

    Pmac, Namibia to win outright – you been drinking again?

  17. Hellfyre9 says:

    NFL Week 4 Picks:
    New England

    I’d also make a case for these:
    Green Bay

  18. pmac says:

    Bob – I like underdogs…..

  19. Richie says:

    Week 4 picks

    Green bay

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