Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Making it Rain

A Monday show for and Tommy is back on the cell phone for old times sake. We fill you in on all the action for the past weekend from sin city and exactly what we got up too. There is even time for a Pacman Jones update.

We go of the strip and uncover to great places to eat. Continuing down that theme it’s The Palms turn to be reviewed, one of the more well know Casinos off the strip. One word to describe The Palms has to be hip, it has it all. You’ll have to tune to find out if it is hip enough to get a 5 bunny ear review.

Move over crazy priests Micheal Irving is coming to town is this weeks ‘This Ain’t Iowa’ segment. Then we end the show as we normally do by recapping our sports picks, it’s all about the hoops.

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  1. brian says:

    Just wanted to correct myself. I’ve actually missed 2 NBA picks this season. My very 1st bet was on the Spurs who didn’t cover the number. But I’m still extremely happy with the way this NBA season has been going. Now if I could just get my head out of my ass with the other sports I’d be in business.

    With that said…

    My play for Monday, Bulls -6.5 vs. Magic

    That’s right, I’m betting against the Magic for a second straight day. Both teams are playing on no rest after traveling, so that’s a wash in my opinion. The difference between them is that Chicago has a chip on their shoulder after being 3 seconds away from beating the best team in the east in their own house, and Orlando was embarrassed at home, which is the only place they can win this season. Looking at this game yesterday I said I would take the Bulls if they were -8 or less, so I’m moree than happy to jump on them at -6.5.

    Record: 19-11-2

  2. brian says:

    Bonus play for Monday: UNDER 191.5 between Houston & Boston

    T-Mac is out of the line up for the Rockets, and the Celtics couldn’t score on a hungover Tommy Dutch.

  3. Raisin_Bran says:

    uhhh I think you’ll make the under…

  4. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Tulip and a Dutch now on this message board? Starting to feel a lot like WMichigan.

    Hey boys, here is a joke for the two of you.
    Do you know why Holland, MI wound up with all of the Dutch and
    Saugatuck, MI wound up with all of the gays?

    Saugatuck got first pick! Ha Ha Ha!

    Here is a minor contribution to the show and my chance to show off the finest digs I ever experienced in Sin City.

    Check out these pics from when Mrs. Fennville and I were upgraded to the Rainforest Suite at Rio. All I did was tell them I was writing a book about Vegas when I made the reservation and wondered if there were any free upgrades available. Man, the Rio hooked us up. This is typically a honeymoon suite but nobody was getting married that weekend so they gave it to us. Never hurts to ask. Yeah, just tell them you are writing a book. It was midweek in early June. I think we paid a whole $59 a night but that was 4 years ago.


  5. brian says:

    Wow. That was like watching a Jr. High girls basketball game. Glad I added it though because I misread the shit out of the Bulls game.

  6. Johnny Tulip says:

    Michael Irvin a preacher man? I can only imagine what his sermon was like………”Today I would like to talk a little about David and Golieth. That story reminds me of Super Bowl XXVII where I had 114 yards receiving 2 TDs, anyway the Bills were like David and the Cowboys were like Golieth, but this time Golieth whipped david cause I was bigger, faster, and stronger. Plus did I metion I have three superbowl rings and I was the greatest receiver ever.”

    Michael Irvin is a D’bag.

    Brian, Tommy what site do you guys get the up to date lines on the internet?

    Well I am off to Salt Lake City for a week and a half so I will catch up with the show when I get back. Keep up the great work.

  7. Steve says:

    Loved the show on my way into work this morning! Though WTF is going on w/ TD’s computer?! Time to consider… http://apple.com/macbook

    Thanks for the shout out on the show and I love to hear more smart Video Poker players out there. It’s ridiculous how much pay tables can vary even inside of the same casino! Play the best ones you can find. I had a nice writeup on the old MSR Boards so if anyone feels like reading it let me know, I’ll link it.

    Also, have you guys thought about creating stickers or printout flyers to advertise the show? Sites like http://stickerobot.com/ sell 1,000 stickers for $40. I’d definitely put some cash toward that if you guys need donations. Hell even a donation link on the website would help contribute to funding TD’s binge drinking sessions or Bmo’s early AM elderly poker tourneys to create great stories for the show.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the review on the Rio. It’s definitely my favorite Harrah’s property in Vegas. Though I haven’t stayed at Caesars yet. Rio has a mix of everything there. A free show in the casino, a great buffet, nice night clubs, great seafood and steak restaurants, and a really fun afternoon poker tourney. Here’s hoping it gets 5 “early morning gogo dancers” out of 5. But somehow since it’s a Harrah’s property I think it might not.

  8. Raisin_Bran says:

    I was wondering, do you think if I bet first half/halftime spreads that makes me a complete degenerate?

    I’ve had a lot of luck (lately), watching first halves and betting the half time spread….

    On the same topic, do most sportsbooks in Vegas offer these bets??

  9. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Everywhere that I have bet (HR, TI, Luxor) always seemed to have halftime spreads.

    Whether it makes you a degenerate doesn’t really matter. Remember this show is all about embracing our inner degenerate. Now if you are betting the Northern Colorado vs. Northern Arizona first half spread, then you might need to do some self-talk. Need a life-coach? I’d work cheap!

    Hail to the Victors valient! Hail to the conquering heroes. Hail Hail to Meeeeeeeeechigan the leaders and the best!

  10. Raisin_Bran says:

    how cheap is cheap? 36 dollars cheap?

    I’ll just work harder at being content with my inner degenerate, and keep taking the first have spreads….

    btw, here is a homer special:

    K.U. 10/1 for national championship.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go K.U.!

  11. KGB says:

    Tommy man, three words: Fashion Show Mall. You can go to the Apple Store and pick yourself up a Macbook that actually works, AND you can get some nice hand lotion that is Suge Knight-approved!

    I’m proud to be a WVU alum, and the 2003-2004 football teams sure had a lot of talent (even pre-Pat White and Steve Slaton), but geez man, Travis Garvin (doing 1-10 for armed robbery), Mo Howard (dealing firearms without a license), Chris Henry (what, 5 arrests in the past 18 months with the Bengals), and now the latest Pacman Jones incident. My goodness. Thankfully the thugs now seem to be gone, but it’s starting to look like Oklahoma from the late 80s.

  12. mofobes says:

    great show. i just listened to the last 2 episodes and it sucks that missed out on the meeting w/ trainfan. i was just hanging around and sounds like it would have been fun. i leave a message with my love it/hate it from my first 3 weeks in the valley.

    you guys were right on about the palms. i love it. it has a really great vibe from the people there, the cocktail waitresses, and even the music they play in the casino. i haven’t checked out the new stuff, but look forward to it.

    i am waiting to here from tommy about the rio. maybe i am missing something because the place doesn’t do it for me. the casino floor is dark with low ceilings and the smoke was freaking awful. i hope tommy can turn me around.

  13. mofobes says:

    hey steve, can you link to that right up on video poker? i want to learn more. i’ve heard that the silverton has weekly free lessons, both beginner and advanced, from this expert and author on video poker, bob dancer. i think i might swing over there one of these tuesday mornings to check it out.

  14. Dutch says:


    Have to keep picking on Northwestern at home. It’s so tough to win on the road in the Big Ten and Evanston is one place teams can pick up a road W and consequently teams come in focused and get it done. Sampson will have this team very focused because of their struggles on the road. Northwestern will slow the tempo playing right into the hand of the desperate IU team. 7 is relatively big number but I know IU pulls away in this one.

    play is Indiana -7 record 19-6-2

  15. Dutch says:

    Hey Raisin Bran,

    Love the KU pick man! I’ve been buying them all year for as high as 12 to 1. The books are giving them huge respect very recently as prices have fallen down to 5 or 6 to 1 most places. I’ve said all year Kansas, Florida and North Carolina are the only teams that have all the components neccessary to win 6 games in the NCAA tournament. Of the 3, I like the situational side of the Jayhawks. Their first 8 are as good as any I’ve scene in a decade. They will be so focused early because of the early exits the past 2 years, and despite the criticism of many people nationally Bill Self can flat out coach. He is one of two people (Bo Ryan) I have ever scene come into the Breslin Center and really out coach Tom Izzo to win a game X’s and O’s style

  16. trainfan says:

    Still alive – and still drinking. We’ve got a table at Tangerine tonight so if you never hear from me again you will know that 4th straight night of drinking until sunup caught up with me.

    Looking forwarad to listening to the show on the flight home tomorrow.

  17. brian says:

    Play for Wednesday Hornets -6 vs. Hawks

    The Hornets were available at -5.5 yesterday, but I held off hoping that the loss to the Cavs would bring the number down. More faulty logic on my part. But I still like the play at -6. New Orleans is red hot at home, winning 11 of 12, and more importantly covering 12 of 14.

    Hornets -6

    Record: 20-12-2

  18. Raisin_Bran says:

    Seems a little odd that Texas is favored over A&M, but I like a huge night from Durant (going out on a limb….) and Texas takin it down

    Such a huge game in Big 12 country, can’t wait to watch it!

    Texas -2

    Nice to hear some respect for Self, besides the two embarrassing losses in the Tourney the guy has done nothing but win at KU. His big 12 championship last year with one of the youngest teams in the nation really proved his basketball intelligence in my mind.

    BTW I’ll be in town during rounds 3 and 4 of the tourney…… So maybe some cocktails over a KU victory on me would be a possibility.

  19. Slashdog says:

    Good call on the Texas game Raisin, except for that pesky -2 (damn whose handicappers). Excellent job on the prediction though.

    Nice to see most all of the senior posters accounting for themselves this week – Mofobes, Fennville, KGB, Steve, and a somewhat dilutedTrainfan.

    Mofobes – Dancer is the recognized expert. He sell a set of card with decision rules on them for maybe $20 or so. They are probably worth it and have even made me think a bit deeper about some live poker plays even though they are totally different games, it is all based on drawing odds. The video rules are all based on specific pay tables played over the long term though.

    Sally, where the hell are you. We count on you to hold up the gender.

    I think I am going to boycott the Rio episode becuase I will probably just become hung-over by hearing the name Voodoo Lounge spoken out loud. Either that I or I need to get down to the Double Down and buy some of their $20 puke insurance. Great Place.

  20. patch406 says:

    I just want to pour out a little 40 for my main man, WJ. He was my grampa and my only grandparent. He left this world early this am. He was born and raised in Iowa and was a really special man to me and a hell of a nice guy. I miss you Gramps. Cheers.

  21. Slashdogx says:

    I submit a virtual toast to Patch’s Grandfather and fellow one-time Iowa resident.

  22. brian says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your lost patch. Anyone who helped shape you must have been a real character.

  23. brian says:

    I’ll let you all know ahead of time, Thursday’s pick is even more degenerate than usual…

    Ohio -4 over Miami (OH)

    This one is strictly by the numbers. Two different handicappers had this game between 6-8 for Ohio, so I’m going with them. I’m pretty sure that any bet on Ohio basketball should come with a gamblers anonymous pamphlet. Look, all the NBA games were terrible tonight. What do you expect me to do? Not bet?

  24. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    betting the MAC is the second sign of a problem. Gambling at the Sahara with retirees at 11 am is the first., Those poor bastards are all eating Top Ramen for a week thanks to the beating you delivered. Hope Smith’s runs a 10 for a buck.

    All hail Grandpa Patch!

  25. mofobes says:

    sorry for you loss patch. here’s lifting a tall one to your gramps. all of my grandparents were from iowa too and they were very special people.

  26. devildog says:

    Patch-Just wanted to send my condolences along as well.

    devil dog

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