Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Make The Hurt Stop

No matter how bad things may seem for mofobes, he’s still doing way better than his parents.

Topics on the day include the short lived WSOP rematch and the ghost town that followed, Fobes picks up $350 in a few short minutes but still goes home broke, getting provisions before sleeping in your car, and a Y2K-esque analysis of shaved ice. If you don’t wanyt a naked fat man in your driveway then don’t put a kiddie pool there!

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2 Responses to Make The Hurt Stop

  1. xxsupermikeyxx says:

    hahahahahhah jump in the pool before you start on fire hahahahaha………. you guys rock

  2. xxsupermikeyxx says:

    by the way…….. call your dog peaches lol

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