Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Lights In Every Erection

Brian was entertaining Tony Bennett all weekend so Tommy fills us in on his exciting weekend. It involves bright lights and shiny colors, so it was either a party at the Palms or the fish tank at the Silverton.

Other topics include how to have a prideful Vegas weekend, cheap burgers and non-bowling bowling alleys, celebrity look a likes, the boys requesting stalkers, and an update on Vegas’ newest professional poker player.

We wrap it up with 2 This Ain’t Iowa segments. One that talks about how easy it is to get a gun, and the other offers a place to go once you’ve been shot.

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28 Responses to Lights In Every Erection

  1. Phil G says:

    Hey BMo – I just read on 2+2 that there will be no more airings of Cash Poker – say it ain’t so?

  2. Thelma says:

    Hey I got to tell you that when you did the thing with the personal ads I think you need to keep that up. That was too funny. Also you guys don’t offend me or piss me off. Most of my friends are guys and they act just like you. I don’t know who is the sick one. Me hanging out with them or them not knowing how to act around a lady. My fiance also got a kick from what you were saying about my post.

  3. Scott J. says:

    Just a follow up my comment on the Vegas weather. I took a golf trip there in early December a few years ago. I don’t believe the temperature ever was over 55 degrees.

    The last day while playing the 11th hole at Southern Highlands (up on the side of a mountain), the temperature was 40 degrees, 30 mph winds in our face, and raining. Coldest I have ever been. And I grew up in northern Minnesota.

    Tommy, congratulations on your position with donbest. Already have a link to the Ness Noise segment. Well look forward to your contributions.

    Also, good call on the Lucky Strike. Spent a Sunday evening there in March. Great time, excellent beer selection, food was very good, and they had basketball games on the big screens at the end of the lanes. The cocktail servers that night may have rivaled those at the Palms. Talk about feeling more than a little creepy though, I think their average age was about half of my 45 years.

  4. Hawkeye Brad says:

    BMo- I just saw a commercial for the a show that you would be the perfect host for: National Bingo Night! Apparently, it’s on ABC on Friday nights. I think you might be in need of job change and should look into it. If you can’t get the gig, at least you now have something to do on Friday nights.

  5. Scott J, care to elaborate on the beer selection? Do you remember any specifics? I’ll be in Vegas in May and I’m in desperate search of some good beers that aren’t too far off the Strip.

    To add to Hawkeye Brad’s post here’s the link for National Bingo Night:

    Great show guys, I think I might have to pull some of the sound cilps from this episode and mix em together, so many classic lines! You two had me laughing out loud at 7:30am while driving down the PA Turnpike at the, “By the way you just said a few different erections I hope you realize that you said that”. Good lord that’s comedy gold

  6. brian says:

    Alas, PhilG, it seems to be true. They hung in as long as possible, but without the internet poker money, it was too hard to maintain the show. On the flip side, the show is doing remarkably well in England, so there is a chance it will get picked up for a 2nd season there. So the good news is that all you have to do is move to another continent and I’ll be waiting on your tele. On the plus side, being on tv in London is much better for my ego. Over there I’m the one who looks like Brad Pitt!

  7. brian says:

    Plays for Tuesday:

    Miami +3.5 over Chicago
    Los Angeles +9 over Suns

    I like the Heat to win this game handly. Wade was out for a while and it may take a game to get into playoff form. I like this Bulls team a lot, but I still think they’re too young to take this series. As for LA, I still feel the Lakers have one really competitive game in them. Hopefully it’s this one.

    Record: 52-33-5
    Playoffs: 3-0-1

  8. buckeyekid says:

    Congrats on No. 52 guys–one for each card in the deck–but you forgot the jokers!! Oh wait, Brian and Tommy must be the jokers.

    Congrats too on the new job Tommy–always an exciting time even if you only move 30 feet. Will be looking for your work on donbest.

    Finally Tommy, I think mophobes keeps his ear to the ground for what’s happening in Vegas and his nose to the grindstone to win the tournaments he entered, not his ear to the grindstone. You’re starting to sound like Bmo.

  9. dipperfc says:

    Just quietly, it’s good to be home! Especially when I find that stuff like this is going on! Harden the fuck up Australia!


  10. brian says:

    Play for Wednesday: Denver +8.5 over San Antonio

    I’m a little gun shy after the shellacking I took yesterday, so just a small play. I really like the way the Nuggets match up, and if they control the pace of the game, they can keep it close.

    Record: 52-35-5
    Playoffs: 3-2-1

  11. KGB says:

    T-Dutch way to go on the new job. Hope to hear lots of insightful things from you on the baseball season.

    BTW, Casino Windsor is undergoing a huge new renovation. It will be twice its current size when it is done next year. Harrah’s will include it in the Total Rewards package starting in June, and it’s name will be changing to Caesar’s Windsor.

    I have got to get back out to Vegas soon! 2 weeks since I’ve been there and I’m going through DTs…

  12. Scott J. says:


    Do not remember the specifics of the beer selection, just that they have a quite a few draught beers, unlike a lot of strip bar/restaurants.

    If you are looking for a great beer selection check out the Freakin Frog (freakinfrog.com), hundreds of beers. Located near the UNLV campus if I remember correctly.

  13. Dutch says:

    Thelma, look for personal ads 2 on Friday’s show

    Freakin Frog is on Maryland Parkway right across from campus, great place but certainly a frat house

    dipper, what’s that? I’ve been waiting on a legendary post for 2 weeks and you come with that guy.

  14. Steve in West Palm says:

    Dipper: I have never heard of Chopper… but most Americans should follow his advice and HTFU! Well Done.

  15. Steve says:

    Thanks Scott, I have the Freakin’ Frog on my list of bars to check out while I’m down there. Along with Crown & Anchor and Hofbrauhaus.

    Tommy perhaps you could cover it on the show or on the boards, whichever works best of you, are any of those locations within walking distance from the middle of the Strip? I see that Freakin’ Frogs isn’t too far but is the walk off the Strip to UNLV a safe one at night?

  16. I forgot to add to the above post the fact that the walk will most definitely be a drunken one to Freakin’ Frog and a really drunk one back to the Strip.

  17. dipperfc says:

    C’mon Dutch I was very drunk when I posted that link.

    But I was catching up on the old espisodes & had just heard about BMo’s BINGO!! problem. Seriously you have to help with that by telling him to HTFU!

  18. cb says:

    dipperFC, that chopper video was hilarious.

    Love it: When everyone at the table is having a good time, drinking, meeting people from around the world.

    Hate it: When people win a small amount and yell
    “That’s what I’m talking about!”
    “Winner, chicken dinner!”
    …it’s so worn out.

  19. Slashdogx says:

    I am catching up from a some time away, so long post below.

    I was surprised to see you hosts went with the traditional 7 deadly sins. I was expecting the Not Iowa version of the Deadly Sins to have been updated to something like:
    • Research
    • Paying for Drinks
    • Technology Competence
    • Driving Slow in Front of the Ballagio Foutains
    • Slot machines
    • Bypassing any opportunity to say ‘douchbag’
    • Retaining female listeners for more than two weeks.

    I probably missed a few.

    TD – Congratulations on the new Job. I think handicapping may be your calling. Well done.

    I still would like to see a ‘Tony Style’ team interview with Mofobes on the experience of trying to break into pro poker.

    Dipper: excellent video post from Chopper. I think you are exactly right.

    I could see a scenario where he shows up at the ‘Not Iowa Studios’ and says:

    With Chopper Accent: “These are the Not Iowa Boys. BMo plays bingo with grandmas, wines about being mistaken for a stalker and, well, calls himself BMo. HTFU! T Dutch can’t take a drop of pee on his fancy nightclub shoes, sees flying things in light beams, and lets Aussies take food right off his plate. HTFU!

    On second though, I suspect it would really go this way:

    With Chopper Accent: “These are the Not Iowa Boys. All they do is drink, watch sports, play poker, bet on sports, and talk about whores, They assembled the biggest bunch of degenerates on the internet and pimp them for drinks. Spot on Mates!”

    Fenn, D Dog, Trainfan, where are you guys this week? If not for KGB, Brad and the Steve’s I almost thought I was on the wrong board.

    Thelma: Glad to have you on the boards bringing the perspective of the other gender. Just by representing you have already HTFU. Congratulations

    Great shows as always guys.


  20. dipperfc says:

    cb – Cheers ‘Buddy’ -after hearing what Americans think a ‘mate’ is I’m calling everyone ‘Buddy’ from now on.

    Slahdogx – Brilliant post Buddy – as funny as the video itself!

    I’m still catching up as well but when I do I will post a trip report of me & my Buddy Joe’s time with BMo,Tommy & the legend A’s fan MoFobes.

    It was a great time!

  21. mofobes says:

    slashdog, great post. i don’t know if i am quite ready to give any real advice or take on the official title of “professional poker player.” i might need another month or so to see if i can make a real go of this and don’t have to resort to getting a real job.

  22. mofobes says:

    steve, i would spend the $7 bucks and take a cab ride to those places rather than walk. that would be a very long walk and there is not much to see there.

  23. Paigow Pete says:

    My list of ‘safe walks’ off the strip:

    Hard Rock to Platinum’s Strip Club

    Gold Coast to the Palms

    Haufbraus House – parking lot to the beer garden…….

    ………ummmm, I think that’s about it. Anything futher, I’m taking a cab or driving……..

  24. Thanks fellas.

    Brian, Tommy D, Mofobes when I’m out there in May we gotta get together for a drink. I’m staying at Caesars this time around but I’m game to go wherever you guys would like.

  25. brian says:

    It’ll be great to see you again man, but if your girlfriend is coming, keep her away from my wife. She’s in full fledged matchmaker mode and she’ll have you at the drive through chapel by midnight.

  26. brian says:

    Play for Thursday:

    Pistons -2 over Magic

    I’m trying to get back in the saddle after 3 straight losses. Detroit won at Orlandotwice this season and they seem to have this series under control.

    Record: 52-36-5
    Playoffs: 3-3-1

  27. YoTime Joe says:

    Hey guys…1st post from me. I don’t agree with dipper bout being home. The guy has rocks in his head. I will leave the styory telling to dipper but was great meeting up with you guys and keep up the good work.

    P.S. Now I’m working on another buddy to head over later this year…

  28. Brian since ya put it that way I’ll be visiting you guys the two days my GF won’t be in Vegas =P

    May 8th & 9th are the two days so if you guys have the time I’d love to meet up again.

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