Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Let’s just call this a Cluster #%$^

Sorry for the delays, it’s finally here and it’s not even the full show.


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  1. Scott J. says:

    Sorry to here there will not be a TAI spokesman contest. I am old (46), overweight (260 lbs.), and rather average looking. Would have had a great shot.

  2. cb says:

    Google has a new map feature called ‘street view’ where you can enter an address in Vegas (around the strip) and actually zoom in and look around like you were standing on the street. It’s worth checking out.


    Click on the ‘street view’ button, and then click on the yellow person icon.

  3. Slashdogx says:

    Thanks for sending the link CB. It is cool. Although the motion makes me dizzy a bit, I was able to find Double Down Saloon at the corner of Swenson and Naples without a problem (my test case).

    I am not sure when they captured the video, but a couple of other subtle things I noticed:

    * If you move the little figure in front of the Ballagio, the response time becomes real slow because a lot of the other users are stopped there bringing up video of the foutains.

    * If you move to the corner of Flamingo and 15, hit the “zoom” key, you can see a pair of Tommy Dutch’s shoes that appear to have been abandoned there.

    * If you move the figure near Ceasars, it automatically generates a voice clip that says “TRAINFAN CHECKING IN!”.

    I also spent some time using this tool to search for the final 20 minutes of Monday’s show, but came up with zilch.

  4. Dutch says:

    cool link cb, noticed the Stardust still there, good to see.

    I’m on record with the Mets tonight. Oliver Perez against the weak Giants lineup minus Bonds. Lincecum has been impressive but let’s see how he fares against these left-handed bats.

    Play is Mets -145 (Hilton)
    Season Total -118

  5. So is there going to be a Friday show on June 1? If so, I’ll record the comp segment and send it over.

  6. e_karros says:

    In lieu of any other contenders, Scott J, why not just declare you the winner? Unless, that is, someone else wants to throw his hat in the ring…

    Also, in cb’s “streetview” website, if you move it to the garage at Binion’s you can see brian leaving broke from the 2/4 limit tables.

  7. Dutch says:


    Were going to give it a run. Things should be fine but there’s no promises. Send it over regardless.


  8. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Hilarious episode so far, and I’m only 20 minutes in!

    Tony: I know these window lickin’ hosts keep you busy enough, but I think a TAI blooper reel show would be hilarious. There’s got to be some funny shit you edit out of there. But then again, the whole show is kind of a blooper real in itself…

  9. Chris Duhon's Nemesis says:


    With a decent machine, what kind of bank roll range would make diamond in a day reasonably feasible? Obviously, this would vary greatly based on luck, but what are we talking about if you want a realistic chance?

    Thanks for the comps segments!


  10. Scott J. says:

    Carlos Delgado!

  11. Chris Duhon,

    That answer ranges so much it’s unreal.

    I’ll give you my answer from personal experience. When I take trips to the casino I bring $1,000 for gambling for the weekend. I typically play $1 video poker or if there’s no good video poker machines I play $1 slots. There’s been nights where I’ve made Diamond ($15k played in slots or $30k video poker played) and there’s others where I’m broke in 4 hours! But regardless I still bring $1k for the weekend when I go because every month or two this is what I can afford to lose.

    If you wanted a GOOD chance to hit Diamond in one night I’d bring at least $1k but never bring so much that you’re seriously hurting yourself financially if you lose it all.

  12. Dutch says:

    Amen Scott!

    On the Mets yesterday, against them today. He burned me a couple starts ago but I still like Zito against the Mets great left-handed lineup. New York has cushed lefties this year but not the caliber of Zito. I’m looking for him to throw 7 innings and give up 2 runs.

    Play is San Franncisco Run Line -155 (Palms)
    Season Total: -18

  13. Straight Outta Fennville says:



  14. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I don’t care what you chumps say. This place rocks!

    $36 for 2

    Here is to Google never changing this image.

  15. Steve in West Palm says:

    I think you should end all future shows just like this one.
    It was pretty funny how the show ended mid-sentence… kind of like a joke with no punchline. However, I think the best part was when Brian said

  16. chris duhon's nemesis says:

    Thanks Peanut!

    I know it’s stupid to chase comps with money you don’t have, but I was curious to see if I am even in the ballpark bankroll wise (which I am) so I will keep listening to your stuff so I at least play “smart”.


  17. Slashdogx says:

    Nice finds Fennville.

  18. Steve in West Palm says:

    I think it’s safe to say that Fennville got nothing accomplished at work today.

  19. Trainfan John says:

    I’d say Fennville got plenty accomplished at work today.

  20. cb says:

    slashdogx – funny commentary up on post #3
    fenn fenn – nice google tour, i tried to walk past Binion’s on google maps, but the nerds at google weren’t man enough to drive down fremont illegally or at least get off their Segweys with the cameras…

  21. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    That’s funny TF. I actually did get a ton accomplished.

    I had to teach Street View to fifth graders. Google only has 5 cities set up so the kids had to pick one and then navigate to a cool spot. They took a screen shot of the view from the street and then had to import the image into their paint program. They dropped some clipart and text around the edges and boom they had all made postcards.

    The absolutely hilarious thing is that at least half the kids dropped right into Vegas…most were pissed because by default it drops you into a dirt lot behind the Plaza. So of course I helped direct them to someplace more interesting like Slots A Fun. I wonder what the moms in my very Dutch community thought when all of their kids pulled postcards of Treasure Island and Caesars Palace out of their backpacks.

    Pretty sweet job I have Train Fan…and guess what braaah….4 days of it left!

  22. Trainfan John says:

    Fennville – I don’t even want to think about what you are going to be like with some time on your hands.

  23. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I have something pretty big planned. After I return from the Dominican Republic in a couple weeks, the official launch of the Intelligent Degenerate Book Club will occur. All of you Ning members can get a head start at http://vegasbook.ning.com . Much more to follow.

  24. Yzerman says:

    Tommy and Brian both got it right, if you are in vegas, you have to make sure that mofobes comes out. They left after a couple of hours and we drank until about 2am, which was followed by mofobes sleeping in his car for a while.

    Great time and totally worth the ass whipping that i took in tournament.

  25. Good to see ya posting Yzerman! I had other obligations that night w/ my friends/family but I did get in a pretty nice dinner at Nero’s Steakhouse w/ Brian and Shaun.

  26. Just sent over the casino comp segment for this week. Just as a heads up… Next week will be the last of the casino comp segments but I’ll answer any questions on here at any time.

  27. bigbadbob says:

    Come on BM & TD, you didn’t scare me off! I’m starting to realize that being engaged actually means becoming your future wife’s slave and doing wedding planning 24/7 🙁

    But at least you guys keep amusing me, especially when you release shows like this one. Keep them coming!

    p_enut, thanks for all the tips. I’m not a particularly big gambler by nature, but it’s nice to see that you can get rewarded for your wagers if you play properly. On a totally different note, what sort of engineering are you involved with?

  28. bigbadbob, you’re welcome for the tips. My thoughts are if you’re going to lose your money at the casino you might as well take whatever you can get from them in return. It’s nice to go down for a trip and only have to bring gambling money. The rest is covered by comps! 😀

    As to my job, I’m an outside plant engineer with Verizon. I mainly deal with expanding their new fiber network. http://www.verizon.net/fios

  29. brian says:

    You gotta love how half of the show was lost, and it was still 45 mins long. Sorry about that. It may go down as a crazy conspiracy, like the missing Kennedy tapes. We apologize and I’m happy to say the new show should be out today, and it’s chock full of hookers. I’m also happy to say I’ll be back in Vegas on Sunday, because the east coast blows.

  30. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    What? Kennedy tapes are missing too? I bet they are with the NIXON tapes somewhere.

  31. JimInTX says:

    Hey Guys,

    Although it might be hard, with 3 times a week coming up(i’ll believe it when I see it), but I’d like to see all of steve’s comp segments rolled into one bonus podcast.

  32. JimInTX, good idea! I can create that and send it over to Tony who can put it up on the feed if they agree.

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