Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Let The TAI Smack Off Begin

All that begging paid off as a full slate of listeners called in for their chance at winning an exclusve prize package.  You’ll hear congratulations, prepared bits, searing insults and even a musical number or 2, and the winner’s fate lies in your hands.

Other topics include Dutch’s ear wax problems, a medical guide to understanding vagina’s and who the real winner from the first 101 episodes of TAI is.  Did he just say coon?


Email: Brian Mollica brian@notiowa.com and Tommy Dutch tom@notiowa.com Give us a call 206-203-Iowa


101 Responses to Let The TAI Smack Off Begin

  1. bigbadbob says:

    Considering I missed the deadline to call in and congratulate the boys “en voix,” I might as well put this 101st post to good use and do it now…

    ALL THE BEST, GUYS!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how you manage to do it, but you’re enormously entertaining every single episode and I couldn’t stop listening if I tried! Keep it up!

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