Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Ladies, Food And Spoons

Read the title, ’cause that’s what you’re getting

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5 Responses to Ladies, Food And Spoons

  1. Dark 816 says:

    Troy rules yeaaaaa but sucks at call of duty 4

  2. Ninja9119 says:

    i just want to leave a shout out for troy bohunk. He Rules!!!!but sucks at Call of Duty 4 and needs to learn from quite possibly the best player ever Ninja9119!!!!

  3. Troy you brought your 13 year old clan members to the site, that’s cute!

  4. Table_Max says:

    First the history of TAI show, now 4 comments on the show thread over here….I am having flashbacks of the first few weeks of the show.

  5. Grammar-Nazi says:

    Whenever I see comments on this page, I fear that the forums have crashed. I was relieved to see that was not the case.

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