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Kid Rock Pulls Out

Under normal circumstances, a grown man wandering the streets at midnight talking into a phone for an hour would be strange, but when that man is Tommy Dutch, it just feels right.

Topics on this anything goes Wednesday include Harrah’s getting a slap on the wrist, the war for oil takes a chilly turn, television inspired by commercials, the top 5 albums of all time, and a 2 minute reason to not listen to hockey.¬† Fuk U 2!

From a photographer  that bakes her pies with fyre.

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  1. Cebu says:

    well not paul bunyan… young ‘hacksaw’ jim duggan maybe

  2. LONGDUMPS says:

    I agree with cat lady that hockey is the best,Hockey players are the most well conditioned atheletes in the world (maybe?). I cant believe all you blood thirsty Americans have not enbraced the the violence of Hockey. I think the intermissions are so long because that is how long it takes to leave your seat line up for a beer and return.
    Brian, I was pretty sure I was gonna get some main stream musical picks out of you but for some reason I expected more from Dutchboy. I vote pinkfloyd as the most over rated band,I just dont get them.
    Top 5 albums.
    1 Rage against the machine S/T
    2 Operation ivy -energy
    3 Modest Mouse-The Lonsome Crowded West
    4 Pixies-Trompe le Monde
    5 Sublime-anything by them is great.

  3. English Bob says:

    Whit, my picks are on the notes from the Monday show.

  4. Roosterman says:

    Rugby Union:

    I’m 8-8 and looking to go out with a bang.

    I’ve taken France 13+ against England. I think the home crowd will give them the edge, and if they get in front early, they will rack up a score.

    I’m taking Argentina against South Africa. I expect the Argies to niggle SA all day, should be some biffo. Fiji showed in the last game if you can get under the springboks skin, they lose the plot. This should also be a low scoring game.

    France 13+
    Argentina to win

  5. English Bob says:


    Strangely I think the crowd could well work against France. They will expect an easy win and lots of tries, if England can get penalties and get the scoreboard ticking over the crowd could turn. I’m expecting a close game though.

    But for me the crucial game is the Saffers vs the Argies. I’m expecting the pressure to get to the Argies as it appeared to against Scotland and this time they won’t have the dominance in the forwards to rely on. But crucially it’ll decide if I make any money out of the tournament as a whole.

  6. pmac says:

    I dont think I’ll be betting on the Eng v Fra game.

    Prolly wont even bet the Arg v SA game either but for the record my picks would be

    Fra outright but Eng -9 which Bob posted yesterday i think
    SA outright

  7. Roosterman says:


    I hear what your saying about the french crowd, and if it’s a close game, they’re more likely to choke.

    Do you know who the ref’s are for these games ?

  8. English Bob says:

    For the England vs France game it’s Jonathan Kaplan (SA) and for the SA vs Argentia it’s Steve Walsh (NZ)

  9. pmac says:



    SA v Arg: Steve Walsh (New Zealand)
    Eng v Fra: Jonathan Kaplan (SA)

    My opinion: Kaplan should NOT be reffing a semi match. I dont like him in general but they should be from teams not contesting the semifinals. I know refs are unbiased (arguable sometimes) but the best way to ensure it is to have the most neutral refs possible. In this instance, why not have a ref from Aus, Scot or Ireland…

    For the record, an Irishman (Alain Rolland) is reffing the final….

  10. pmac says:

    Bob – ur too quick mate….well done

  11. Roosterman says:


    Thanks guys. I agree about Kaplan. I thought the idea was to have the best neutral referees. if the Irishman’s already been given the final, the powers that be think he’s the best, then he should be reffing one of these games as well.

  12. piercedrugby says:

    Wasn’t Kaplan the ref for the SA vs Fiji game?

    I am hoping for an England vs Tina’s final. Not only because I would win a little money, but I hate France. The French guy that looks like Hacksaw his name is Sebastian Chabal. His real nickname is the animal. He is a beast.

  13. Scott J. says:

    week 6 picks

    Tampa Bay
    New Orleans

  14. pmac says:

    Chabal has two nicknames ‘Caveman’ and ‘Seabass’… he is a monster!!!!

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