Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Katie Reese Is Big-timing Us

It’s another weekend in Vegas full of big musical guests, hilarious comedians, and of course child pornographers.

Topics of the day include an old west shootout in the Big Apple, the heat slowing down travelers, midgets in a box, an update on Miss TAI, recommendations on where to get a great meal and a Super Squishy, and the #17 property in Vegas revealed.

Take a look at post 71 from the last show to findout why this show is late.

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100 Responses to Katie Reese Is Big-timing Us

  1. brian says:

    You can probably count the number of times we’ve gotten political on the show on one hand. That’s not the point of the show. On the same account, if there’s something political we want to discuss, we’ll get it off our chest. As for being more well informed before getting political, you’re listening to the wrong show. I did 2 years of a poker podcast before I realized a full house beat a flush.

    Emotions run high when you talk politics and religion. We reserve the right to give our opinions on both and encourage everyone else to do the same.

    And Red, I realize that not everyone down south is a Redneck, but we break balls on this show and do it with everyone.

  2. slashdogx says:

    Trainfan, Your two posts above were the perfect intervention to the stem cell debate. Excellent unintended hilarity.

  3. Brian – when do you think that your CD will be in the store?

  4. patch406 says:

    WSOP Main Event Final Table Today Ladies.
    My pick…Lee Watkinson of Cheney, WA home of the IAA Big Sky Conference Eastern Washington Eagles. Go for it Lee.

  5. Always going for the cheap laugh – and most of the ones I get are completely unintential. Actually, I was just trying to figure out the controls to the site – seems like it will except some html but not all.

  6. Steve in West Palm says:

    you’ve been excessively using the phrase “right in my wheelhouse” lately. Are you big timing us with that high-brow speak?

  7. brian says:

    As a southerner I wouldn’t expect you to understand a fancy term like “wheelhouse”. You’re right, I’ve noticed I’ve been saying that way too much. I think it’s because of all the baseball I watch for work, I’m picking up the terminology. From now on I will refer to strippers as “pinch runners”.


    We are thinking about doing a Midwest Meetup of TAI listeners on Saturday August 4th. The current plan is to meet at the Blue Chip casino in Michigan City, IN for a few drinks and a little gambling.

    If you think you might be interested – please let me know via email trainfan_john@hotmail.com or the message board and we’ll set a final date / time and meeting spot and see if any car pooling makes sense.

    Michigan City is about 60 Miles from the Chicago Loop in Northwest IN.

    Casino Web Site: http://www.bluechipcasino.com/

    There is a hotel with the Casino but pricy for NW Indiana at 175.00. There’s other hotels in the area for 50 – 75.

  9. patch406 says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Dutch for his efforts to deliberately go out of his way to ignore my posts. I really appreciate the support you show the fans and contributors to the show.

  10. Hiya patch – hope all is well. I wouldn’t worry too much about Dutch – when he does read the posts he usually misunderstands them anyhow.

  11. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Trainfan: I wish I could make it to the midwest meeting since it’s only 4 hrs away, but my parents are throwing us a wedding reception in my hometown that day.

    BMo & Dutch: I think that as long as you’re not getting paid to do the show, and nobody is paying anything to listen to it, you can say whatever you feel like with no justification at all for why you say it. It’s your baby. That being said, listeners reserve the right to make fun of anything and everything you say, too. And we will.

  12. brian says:

    Here here Brad. That’s so perfect we should put it on our next t shirt

  13. Here’s a political hot potato for a rainy day discussion.

    All month the Las Vegas Review Journal has been running a series on the cost of illigal immigration. http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/immigration/

    Given TD’s strong takes on Health Care costs and Brian’s comments regarding the state of Nevada’s education system – I’d love to hear your take on Immigration given the direct impact on those two areas of Las Vegas living.

    I doubt we’ll hear this on a podcast – but it’s on my list of things to talk about over 8 pints when the nation of Man comes to town.. 🙂

  14. cb says:

    It’s not “carrying a football, drinking a beer”
    It’s “carrying and drinking a football beer”
    There’s a difference.

  15. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    I reeled off 27 straight losses with the mighty Saugatuck Indians and haven’t been on the sidelines since my daughter was born. Can’t say I miss it. I’m a Hawkeye at heart (not iowa though) and if I get back in the game, it will be with Hamilton. The Saugatuck experience wasn’t all bad. We rescued the program that the community had left for dead by co-oping with Holland Christian before the Maroons had an official varsity program. I have never seen kids have more fun getting beat 42-0 every Friday night. Saugatuck kids had a lot of pride and the Holland Christian kids were great athletes but not much football sense. I’d rather get smoked with good kids than to win with a bunch of hoods or primadonnas.

  16. Dutch says:

    You’ve been one of the best and most consistent contributors since the beginning and your importance to the show should be obvious to anyone who listens. However, your sarcasm seems a bit sensitive for someone who dishes it out with the best of them.

    I apologize for not comprehending the rocket science dialogue you often contribute. I’d appreciate it if you only discussed baseball, beer and the S. side of Chicago. The N. side is too
    advanced for my simple mind.

    Wow, I’ve been out of the area for over a decade now but I’m thinking we have to know a lot of the same folk. Is Bill Dunn still coaching Saugatuck?

  17. No Trouble TD – I was just testing to see if you were still reading my posts. 🙂

  18. Dutch says:

    Anyone else watching this final table? Jerry Yang seems to taking over and doing it in the name of Jesus. Commanding lead but I’m really starting to hope he falters.

  19. Roosterman says:

    Dutch, I’m trying to follow it on the net. Start cheering on Raymond Rahme , this is from his bio:

    He happens to have the most loyal railbirds, dressed in matching green shirts that say, “Everybody loves Raymond!” They chant and sing and sway back and forth and yell things like, “Ship it to Africa!”

    Just ship it baby !!

  20. Scott J. says:

    Playing golf at the Revere Lexington course Sunday afternoon at 12:56. Have room for 2 players if anyone is in town and interested.

    I know, it may be a little warm, but plan on staying hydrated by drinking beer.

  21. Hawkeye Brad says:

    I’m putting the TAI support behind Jon Kalmar of the final table. The poster boy of Inner Degenerates. His bio reads:

    Kalmar is a 33-year-old from England who is married with one kid. He’s a professional poker player who had a stint as the lead singer in a punk band. He listed “drinking” as a hobby and his railbirds were definitely partaking in his favorite hobby over the last couple of days. His contingency is definitely a rowdy bunch.

    He learned poker by playing online, which he started to do to curtail his other gambling (sports and casino). He’s been playing for four years and this is his third WSOP. He flew to Vegas to play several preliminary events. He didn’t cash in any of them and had blown through his bankroll. Due to his catastrophic loses he was ready to give up poker for good. He tried to book an earlier flight back home. The cost to England was too high so he decided to stick around and play the last mega-satellite at the Rio. He won his seat to the main event at the last minute. Not only did he cash, he made the final table and is trying to return to England a millionaire.

    When asked about the one thing he wanted the audience to know about him, he wrote, “I’m not really a Britney fan.”

    Kalmar has a sense of humor and is second in chips.

  22. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    Bill took the reigns right after my 3 years of CPR. He has the team above 500 for the first time in 20 or so years. He is now AD and was a tremendously positive infusion to the school and program.

  23. brian says:

    So my new baseball betting endeavor has been shakey so far, but a wise man once told me, when you’re in a hole, you have to bet your way out. And that wise man was every pit boss I’ve ever met.

    Plays for Tuesday:

    Blue Jays +115 over Yankees

    At least I win either way here. This is strictly based on the starting pitchers. Halladay on a down year is still amazing, and as much as I love Andy Pettitte, he should be playing beer league softball at this point.

    Oakland -149 over Texas

    Chad Gaudin had a brief slip up, but he seems to be back to his early season form winning 2 of his last 3 starts. Robinson Tejada’s era is more than double Gaudin’s, and the rest of the Rangers ain’t great either.

    Record: -256

  24. mofobes says:

    hey bmo, i appreciate your support of the A’s, we are on an 8 game slide and really need to win a game. it is starting to get a little late in our normal 2nd half charge.

    yeah, i am following the WSOP online and Jon Kalmar seems like my kind of guy. He gives me hope.

  25. mofobes says:

    scott j, the revere course is about 5 minutes from my place in anthem highlands, but you’d be embarrassed to play with me. i think last time i played there i went through 2 & half sleeves of balls.

  26. Scott J. says:


    I’ve been known to hit a few sideways myself, if you’re up for a round let me know. In town for a couple days with some friends and just 2 of us are playing.

  27. mofobes says:

    wow, jerry yang took his 4th casualty at the final table. he is crushing them. $70 mil in chips.

    scott j, i just remembered i have a friend coming to town this weekend, but i am definitely up for a round next time you’re in town.

  28. Scott J. says:


    I’ll be back this fall for a golf/football gambling trip. Will try to set up a TAI golf outing.

    Just checked my Southwest Airlines confirmation number and it ends in “DOA” I think they could probably find some alternate letters or numbers.

  29. Richie says:

    Why do men have nipples?

  30. slashdogx says:

    I am trying to follow WOSP on line by I am having trouble at all sites (Bluff, Cardplayer, WOSP) with server busy problems. I was hoping for Watkinson, but since he got squashed now Kalmer. His picture on WOSP site has him in a Britney shirt which I guess explains his desire to clarify he is not a fan. I would not expect Patch would have an Avril shirt if he ever made the final table.

  31. Admin says:

    JimInTx thats not tough, this is tough and it took place half a block from where I ended up Saturday.


    TrainFan or anyone else for that matter, if you want some html code added to your post email me podcast@notiowa.com and I can do that for you.

  32. Dutch says:

    There goes Kalmer, first guy who has shown class all day

  33. Paigow Pete says:

    Damn javelin throwers!

    Yea, I was thinking of buying the PPV for the WSOP.

    The $29.95 wasn’t the problem. It was the thought of listening to Phil Gorden whine over and over about some guy ‘going all in for 32 big bets with AQ off-suit’ — while he’s sitting there with ZERO WSOP wins………

  34. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Slashdogx, I’m following it at pokernews.com. At this rate, it should be over by the time I go to bed.

  35. mofobes says:

    dutch, are you watching pay per view at work? i couldn’t bring myself to give harrah’s another $20 and i am getting live via Bluff Radio on Sirius….

    You know you are a poker degenerate…if you listen to poker on the radio. but it is about as informative as watching on tv when you can’t see the hole cards.

  36. Dutch says:

    yep we have it at work, I sure as hell wouldn’t pay for it, but I’ll watch it if it’s in front of me.

    Broadcast has actually been somewhat entertaining, play is aggressive and a couple of the players have acted out.

    He is seriously short stacked but I’m pulling for the Russian now.

  37. slashdogx says:

    Hawkeye Brad – Thanks for the Pokernews suggestion – it is performing well. Much appreciated.

  38. mofobes says:

    robert williamson III’s commentary on bluff radio is very good. i like hearing the pros discuss the hands not knowing what the hole cards are. it is much more informative than the standard post production “know it all” commentary.

  39. slashdogx says:

    I guess that would make BMO a ‘know it all’ guy. He’ll take that as a compliment.

  40. Dutch says:

    I agree fobes, I’m having the same experience watching.

    Russian doubles up, Yang might find a way to blow this.

  41. brian says:

    Are you kidding? I knew nothing ahead of time! I did have an uncanny ability to guess. I which I could guess which closers were going to blow saves on any given night.

  42. mofobes says:

    sorry about the A’s miserable 6 & 7th innings. they are making me hurt inside.

  43. mofobes says:

    i wanted to provide everyone with a little warning. while playing multitables of online poker – stick to a similar game. i almost drove myself nuts playing 3 completely different sit-n-gos by accident. i registered for a pot limit omaha, limit omaha hi/low, and a HORSE game planning on playing the first that filled up – usually the take a while, but before i knew it, they all started before i could unregister. it was crazy trying to figure what i was doing. btw, somehow, i won all 3.

  44. mofobes says:

    man, the first 5 were out of the final table in record time, now is taking forever to get down to 3 players.

  45. RegularGuy says:

    I was away on vacation last week and am just catching up. So far, I only have to listen to last Friday’s show to catch up and should do that today on the ride home from work. After the first two shows of last week I have these comments:

    1. Ripken an oaf? Are you fucking stoned, Dutch? Were you dropped on your head as a child or did you take an accidental blow to the melon growing up? Yes, I am an Orioles fan, but I don’t like Cal that much and even I can’t call him an oaf with a straight face. If all you have to hang it on is that he didn’t steal a lot of bases, that’s just weak, weak, weak. And you go on to say that a player has to be the best of his generation and the only comparisons you make are of current players. Seriously, this is about as ill-informed of an opinion as I have ever seen and I’m full of ill-informed opinions. The fact that you criticize his defense without even mentioning his impeccable positioning and error-less streak that is a product of his absolute knowledge of the game is laughable. And he was a third basemen, but got moved to short early in his career. Thank Earl Weaver for making that Hall of Fame move.

    b. The Coster thing is funny, but so are the million other Cal-Kelly infidelity rumors. I covered the team off and on in the 90s and there was always something, but nothing has ever come of it. I have family who have played on youth league teams with his kids and they are still together so I don’t put credence into those stories much. And to think the Orioles and the City of Baltimore could conspire to do anything successfully is pretty funny too.

    iii. BMo – Don’t understimate DC as a sports city. As a native Baltimorean, that pains me to say it, but the Caps and Wizards are doing much better than you think. Also don’t forget the University of Maryland (hopps and football) and Georgetown basketball. And, this probably goes out of your wheelhouse, but the support of MLS’ DC United is incredible. DC is a pretty damn good sports town.

  46. jimmymac says:

    Hey hey,Scotty J…

    I’d be up for the golf match on Sunday…What name is your group under? I’ll be there around noon to “warm up”…

  47. Scott J. says:


    tee time is at 12:56 under Scott Johnson, we will probably get there close to the tee time, flight comes in at 11:30

  48. Lady Grey says:

    I was glad to see that the Wynn made the top 25 list but wasn’t up in the top 10. I do like it, but it isn’t one of my favs. But one of my oddest Vegas events happened in the Wynn. I was walking through with a female friend of mine, when this guy, who was around my age and was with one other person (I am guessing that it was his dad given the ages of the two of them) bumped into me. He said excuse me and I smiled, and we all kept walking in the same general direction. A few mins later his hand, the palm, bumped the back of my hand, and I was expecting the “excuse me, smile and move on” again, but this time he kinda just held my hand. So for a good 5 seconds we were walking along, his dad, him, me, my friend, having never met before while this guy was holding my hand. Not in the boyfriend/girlfriend kind of hand holding way, but in the mom hanging on to her kid so it doens’t get lost kind of way. My hands we at my sides facing my body and his hand was kind just wraped around mine, his palm to the back of my hand. I kept thinking that he would just move his hand away and applogize and then move away, but after he didn’t I was a little in shock so it took me a little bit to respond. When it hit me that this guy wasn’t letting go and he really was just holding my hand for no reason, I lookied over at him to my left and as soon as I looked at him he says “Oh, sorry about that again” lets go and then him and his dad walk off. It was all really odd, did this guy really just think that I wasn’t going to notice that he was holding my hand or what?

  49. AceRockollaUK says:

    QUICK Lady Gray check your watch!

  50. Lady Grey says:

    Lol….had I been wearing one I would have, but I wasn’t and everything else I had with me stayed with me, no rings or anything were taken. Lol, I won’t called being muged odd, that would fall into the shitty catagory for me.

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