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Juicy Piece of Cheesecake

The NCAA talk continues, but we promise this show won’t be like watching paint dry for you non sports bettors. We catch up with two shows worth of posts from the message board. The Stardust gets blown up and Tommy Dutch will get blown up if he calls Bridgette his ex-girlfriend one more time.

A huge week in Vegas showbiz, every one from Jay Leno to Earth Wind and Fire is in town. Speaking of showbiz Cuba Gooding is in town to get his star on. In love it, hate it, one of us is hanging by the pool and the other is hanging out near shitty plywood shacks.

The Green Valley Ranch takes it’s turn under the This Ain’t Iowa spotlight. A nice new modern Casino in a great part of town and one of the softest poker rooms in town. What sets this property is the surrounds, the district has some of the nicest places to eat in town.

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45 Responses to Juicy Piece of Cheesecake

  1. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    A retarded kid tying his shoes on his own? Classic!

    Does that explain Mr. Mai Tai leading the pack after day one?

  2. Dutch says:

    Wow Trainfan! T1 out of over 1.7 million on yahoo, very impressive. I mentioned that a couple people were unbeaten in our group but I stand corrected. The man stands alone unbeaten after day 1.

    Today’s plays

    U.N.L.V +2
    Nevada -1
    Winthrop +4
    Purdue +3

    still waiting to buy purdue as that # keeps getting better and better

    record 28-14-2

  3. brian says:

    I’m gonna give the favorites a run today

    Memphis -18
    Nevada -1
    Arizona -2 (Take that Dutch!)
    Jackson St. +27.5

  4. brian says:

    Record: 32-19-2

  5. devildog says:

    I never liked Duke, but I have to tip my hat to Coach
    ‘She-chef-ski’ and a his mentor “The General” who have over 1600 career wins combined!

  6. Paigow Pete says:

    tommy and bridget sittin’ in a tree………………………

    how cute……..

  7. devildog says:

    Additional kudos to Lute Olson, with 46 tournament wins.

  8. Paigow Pete says:

    …just kidding…..

  9. devildog says:

    Is that Wayne Newton on the Papa John’s pizza commercial? Who ever he is, he certainly is shiny..

  10. brian says:

    Update. Apparently I waited to long to buy my tickets as the lines shifted.

    Nevada -2
    Arizona -2.5

    I bought them anyway because I’m an asshole

  11. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Crap Table U crapping away a nice lead. Pretty entertaining game though. Let’s go Rebs.

  12. devildog says:

    Essengue..Essengue That’s that Rebs victory chant..

  13. devildog says:

    Holy Corpus Christie Batman..The Islanders are blowing out the Badgers 23-7! I knew Daniels was a player,but wow!!

  14. LetsGoHawks says:

    Today’s plays

    U.N.L.V +2
    Nevada -1
    Winthrop +4

    Dutch= showoff

  15. LetsGoHawks says:

    Show recap.

    -All the shmucks in polos and white shoes with team visors had big winning days.

    -BMO and Dutch went 8-3

  16. asterion says:

    Boy, NMSU better not beat Texas or it’ll wreck my whole bracket. (Yes, I am rooting against the school I go to.)

  17. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Up yers Illini! I was born and raised to hate the state of Ohio, but Illinois you are closing fast.

  18. brian says:

    I believe my bracket has been officially busted. At least I have a shot at .500 for the day. If my alma mater is eliminated AND I lose money, I may have to slash Tommy’s tires.

  19. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    “I don’t know when the actual day is but I hear St. Patricks Day is being celebrated on the 17th this year.” -BMo

    Quote of the year!

    The Silverton raffled off a tire…That blows the cool mountain lodge image straight to Hell. Ahh Heck, I am from Fennville so I can’t look down my nose much. Still the best Happy Hour in Vegas at Shady Grove.

  20. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Fall Down Arizona.
    Fall Down Red and Blue.
    Fall Down Arizona. Gotcher ass beat by Purdue.

  21. Slashdogx says:

    Tommy Dutch is in first place. Damn it. Tommy, if you win that Pink Fanilow shirt you guys are probably planning as the prize, you have to wear it to all listener meet ups!!

    Advice of the week from BMO – “Don’t pick too many upsets” in your brackets. Result: The only seeding upsets (excluding 8,9 toss ups) are two 11 seeds (Winthop, VCU) proving Brian’s theory sound.

    Side note: BMO picks two 12 seeds and an 11 seed, all of which crap the bed for his bracket.

  22. Slashdogx says:

    LetsGoHawks – Excellent show recap above.

    Anyone notice how much “Damn Frat boys in my sports book” sounds a lot like “Damn kids get off my lawn”?

  23. ohio dave says:

    Had to love the comment about the NCAA show was like watching paint dry!

  24. brian says:

    That’s hilarious slashdog. You’re so right. It proves that I know better but I make the same damn mistake every year. It’s the Madness I tell you! The Madness!

  25. Dutch says:

    Today’s Plays

    Texas A&M -2
    Indiana +7.5

  26. brian says:

    I’m taking today off to lick my wounds from yesterday. Hopefully I’ll use this time effectively so I can recapture some of day one’s magic for Sunday, but more than likely I’ll pass out drunk at 1:30 pm on my couch.

  27. LetsGoHawks says:

    Did the same as BMO after getting severely backdoored on the Oh St/Drexel game. Took the under 136.5 and had it covered easily in regulation. All Drexel had to do was foul with 10 seconds to go and put OSU on the line! -sigh-

  28. Dutch says:

    one stop shopping at coast casinos for the best #’s on all my plays for sunday

    sunday plays
    U.N.L.V. +6
    Nevada +6
    S. Illinois -1
    Winthrop +3.5


  29. dipperfc says:

    Fuck I can’t wait for the Baseball to start! This basketball stuff is boring me.

  30. Slashdogx says:

    It is just me or does T Dutch’s accounting system seem a bit ‘advantaged’ based on his win record in posts above from 16th to 18 March. Either way he has an incredible string of wins going. Glad to see you are making some good dough on the tournament Tommy!

    Dutch Says:
    March 16th, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    record 28-14-2

    Dutch Says:
    March 18th, 2007 at 5:18 am


  31. brian says:

    Ok. I’ve dried the tears and I’m ready to get back to work.

    Virginia +3
    Southern Illinois -1.5
    Texas -2

  32. brian says:

    Record 33-22-2

  33. Slashdogx says:

    In case you haven’t seen the comments on Yahoo…

    Based on what I see in the standings, there are hundreds of thousands of bracket entries in Yahoo. One of the only five perfect brackets in the ‘overall’ global entries after 40 games is called ‘Bill Sachs picks’. However, the poor bastard forgot to pick the overall winner of the final championship game. Link to his picks below (you have to be signed into yahoo I think).


  34. Dutch says:

    good catch slashdog, not really been what’s on my mind


  35. Dutch says:

    almost had it right

  36. Slashdogx says:

    I’m completely busting laughing about TD!

    The man goes 70% picking against pre-handicapped spreads on events that are based on college aged kid’s skills, emotions, circumstances, health, mindset, and pure luck. To further prove he is the best handicapper, he is pounding all but a couple of us in our own Not Iowa tourney – EVEN AFTER virtually giving us all the answers in last weeks show! Then he has difficulty adding up his own record. The mark of a true focused genius I suspect!

  37. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I Googled “Bill Sach”. Not many out there except a guitar player from some band nobody has ever heard of.

    Are all those in the entertainment field degenerate hoops pickers?

    Know why he forgot to pick a champ and will likely blow an amazing bracket?

    He’s from Tucson.

  38. devildog says:


    Did you catch the piece on Pac Man Jones on ESPN this morning? I think you may have mis-judged him. I found it rather heart-worming.

    PS: Only mention of Las Vegas incident was that he was at a strip-club when a 3 person shooting went down.

  39. mofobes says:

    was i hearing things, or didn’t you make a statement early in the show about not talking about whores and strippers, etc. in deference to Tommy’s mom? then you spent the last 10 minutes of the show talking strippers.

  40. mofobes says:

    if you have ever taken the 9 or 10 pm sunday night flights out from vegas to LAX, you know where all the strippers come from for the weekend.

  41. brian says:

    I actually did see the Pac Man retrospective. You have to love when publicists get involved. Bleieve me, they don’t get much more liberal than me. I would love to attribute his bad behavior to a rough upbringing, but at some point you have to realize that you’ve beat the odds and it’s time to live right.

  42. mofobes says:

    on the fine recommendations of the show, i hung out at the district yesterday. it was very cool. the Whole Foods Market there is one of the most amazing grocery stores i have ever seen. the selections and options were nuts. they even have a station where you can have veggies that you picked up in the produce section grilled/sauteed to your liking.

    the funniest thing was this little fenced in grass area similar to a dog park, but full of kids. it was likes runts gone wild. i was half expecting some mom to come in, strap a leash on one the tykes and drag ’em out of there.

  43. Lady Grey says:

    I think that I just might have to go get some juicy cheesecake now, Tommy D made it sound so so yummy. Oh, and Tommy I am on your page with the lotto and the best places to hang in Vegas. I too have never gotten a lotto ticket of any kind and my three fav places in vegas are Paris, Palms and Rio….the last two I only found because of Grey Fox.

  44. dutch says:

    Lady Grey,

    Glad you’re still enjoying the show and your input is always welcomed. Just a couple quick questions.

    1. Still in contact with Grey Fox?
    2. It’s August where I am, how about you?

  45. Lady Grey says:

    Tommy D, you are far to funny….but yes it is August here, but I was a little busy for a while and missed a show or 12 so I am going back and getting up to date on TAI. As far as Grey Fox, yeah we are still in contact from time to time.

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